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The end is in sight....


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Sorry I haven't been around for a while I have some new babies that have been keeping me occupied (guinea pigs! see below). I was 11'3 this morning, 2lbs from BMI 25 (official weigh in on Tuesday), but still have more to lose before I get to a size 12 (my goal), currently size 14. However I'm finding it scary that I'll have to move up to 820 soon, and out of my comfort zone, how did others find the transition back to eating? Is it a lot harder to resist temptation and did you feel hungry as you came out of ketosis and moved up the plans?


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They are STUNNING!
Well done with your weight loss hun, how about a quick browse of some of the goal members diaries - like summerskye, porgeous....
Hiya,havent any advice for you as im really only starting. Just wanted to say congrats on your weight loss and the new guinea pigs are sooooo cute

becky xx


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Thanks Leah and Becky, I will be reading those diaries for tips.I haven't visited the maintenance section very much so I need to get my ass in gear! Having the guineas means I will have lots of green veg and fruit in the house, as they have 2 fresh meals a day, so I can prepare my food whilst I'm doing theirs, I'll pass on the hay and dandelions though :D.

Thanks again Girls!


LOOOVVEE the ickle piggies, so cute! Re moving up the plans... I was really nervous about it but in reality it was fairly painless and simple. I thought I would feel hungry but as you introduce food slowly and have been so used to not eating you feel very satisfied and I personally never felt hungry. You have done brilliantly, enjoy the transition into maintenance hun.



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Thanks for the reassurance Georgie, (love the new pic you look stunning!) I guess it's just leaving a comfort zone, and not wanting to ruin everything by getting carried eating things I shouldn't be eating...it just seems much easier when food isn't allowed at all, I think I need to do lots of planning for the first few months.... I must also say that you have been a true inspirational throughout my time on CD :) ..thanks again

Aww thanks Helen! YES YES YES, planning is the key hun, I plan with military precision. When you move away from the CD plans I can highly recommend weightlossresources, I enter all my daily food plans in there to monitor my calorie intake. It's natural to worry but I am sure you will do grand!

Hi Esmeotto, I am feeling like the end is in sight myself :) I am about a half stone from BMI 25 so I am only doing another 2 weeks max on SS then I am moving up to 810 for a week and 1000 plan for 1 week and 1200 for one week, then I am off on holidays. I know I should do 2 weeks on most of the plans but I have the holliers coming so I need do it a little quicker. When I come back from holidays I expect to have gone over 25 bmi but I am not intending to go back to SS, if its a really big increase I'll do SS+ with a meal for a week or 2 but hopefully when I am back i will be starting back to 810 for one week and moving up the rest of the plans in 2 week phases to ensure that I maintain properly.

I have to say I am really looking forward to moving up now because I am starting to feel the need for food big time, up until now I never felt like I was depriving myself but the last couple of days have me driven demented, if I didnt have the end in sight I would have to take a planned break.

Earlier in the diet I was worried about reintroducing food, but I feel now that while I am craving food, I am craving the 810 menu not any food, I'm not too worried about slowing my losses down, my real goal is to get under 25 BMI anything else is a bonus :) and I had a particularly stressful week last week, which normally would have sent me straight to the junk food and I didnt even think of it, so I know I can separate food from emotions but once I do reintroduce food, I will just have to be more conscious of it.

Best of luck with the 810 plan :)
YES YES YES, planning is the key hun, I plan with military precision.
I totally agree, any diet I ever did only ever fell by the wayside when I got lazy about the planning, it is definitely the key to maintaining and I resolve that I will be organised within an inch of my life when it comes to food in the future.

Dont get me wrong I will have treats, even very bold treats from time to time but as far as possible they will be planned out and savoured because I will be looking forward to them :)

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