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The flapjacks have changed! :o


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Before you all get excited, I think it's only the shape and packaging that has changed lol :D

Haven't tasted them yet, so unsure if the flavour has changed any!

They now come in little transparent wrappers, and they are round, rather than little blocks in the white packaging, they do look alot more appetising now ^^
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Size 14 here i come!
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Oooo aaron you little tease!lol
I bet everyone reads this thinking they are getting great news about the flapjacks possibly being edible.
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I thought I'd give the peanut one a try but ..yuck yuck yuck! Will stick to shakes I think! Although do have a 'chicken soup' to try this week.. any suggestions on how to take it?

Heard on the grapevine that if you break up the flapjack and add hot water then microwave it it turns into a granola/musili type thing or is this a complete myth?!?!


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I hope to goodness they taste better. Even smell better would be a bonus!!!
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Hi all, I can tell you all now thay don't taste any better than they did before so don't get too excited.

In answer to Gilo's question, I have previously broken them up into very small pieces and mixed them with very hot water and a couple of hermesetas to disguise the taste and taken in this way they aren't too bad. Add the water gradually though because if you overdo it, you can end up with a very unappetising gruel. Although it has to be said that they are very dry and do take quite a while to dissolve.

I gave up with them because I found it too much trouble for very little benefit. I stick to the shakes now as they are so much easier. The only thing I do now is add a spoon and a half of coffee to the vanilla as I find them disgustingly sweet otherwise.

Hope this helps Gilo.

Cheers, Pat.

xx Cathy xx

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I've had some of the new ones and I really like them, I have one every day. I take a small bite, have a sip of water and eat them like that or theyre too dry for me and if you do that you can taste the peanut/coconut more x


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S: 241.8lb C: 212.1lb G: 175lb BMI: 28.8 Loss: 29.7lb(12.28%)
Yeah I agree Cathy, I like to have them too :) They make a nice change from the shakes!

Can't really say they taste any different than the 'old' ones, but they look cooler anywho! lol

xx Cathy xx

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I can't remember the old ones as much as last time I had them was 2 yrs ago but these seem to be a big improvement. I like them cos they leave a nice nutty taste afterwards and seem to fend off the dog breath and furry tongue for a little while...... plus best of all its something to chew!!!


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I had one of each for the first time this week. Normally I can eat most things but they were AWFUL!! I ended up putting the first one in my cup of earl grey that I was drinking with it as it was so dry and rank tasting. The second one I split into 2 and had with half a packet of vanilla shake like someone else has suggested. It was MARGINALLY better but I haven't ordered anymore this week.

As for the soup, I put curry powder into mine and make it with alot of water and it's not too bad. Not sure if the curry powder is allowed but hasn't affected me.

Sticking with the chocolate and vanilla shakes this week!
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I didn't mind the peanut flapjacks before, but I do think the new ones do taste slightly better, I have one every day for lunch, like others have said, its nice to have something to chew!!

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