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the "i want to lose 50lb by 2011" thread

hello lovely ladies and gentlemen :D

with it being almost exactly 6 months until christmas, i thought it'd be a nice time to start a weight loss countdown for the new year!

of course we won't all lose the same amount in that time, and if you think its too much or too little, then change it to make it right for you- but do share your journey!

all are welcome, new faces and old. any weight loss programme, going it alone, anything goes.

50lb = under 2lb a week. come on wemitts- we can do this! xo
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size 14 here I come
Me me me! :D I am aiming to loose 50lbs in the next 6 months which will take me to 8 stones in the year....:woohoo: we CAN do this :D
8 stone in the year would be AMAZING, i'm going for 4 at a push but even then i'd be happy...


size 14 here I come
well with 4.5 down in the last 6 months I recon I would do another 4 ;)
yeah you've done really well this year, i unfortunately havent ;) so far, anyway!!


From Fat to Fab!
Im definately in. Like gonnagetslim im hoping to make it 8 stone loss by christmas if thats possible with 3 1/2 already gone.. it may be more like 6/7 but I aim high! :D


Ok fellow wemitts you are on, count me in :D

50lbs to lose :eek: my first weigh in of this challenge will be Monday.

Good luck, heres to a slimmer xmas :xmastree:
my first wi will be tonight, it wont be a particularly good 'un cause i aint been too good ;) but i will get back on track...
Im definately in. Like gonnagetslim im hoping to make it 8 stone loss by christmas if thats possible with 3 1/2 already gone.. it may be more like 6/7 but I aim high! :D
8 stone in a year is staggering, absolutely amazing, go you! i have every faith that you'll get there x


size 14 here I come
Good luck :) I am looking forward to WI on Sat morning :D
i did a sneaky boots wi today to see if it was worth showing my face in class ;) and i'm 3lb down according to that, as long as the sw scales are about the same!!


size 14 here I come
3lbs is fantastic! hope the SW ones say the same :D
not so much for a first week :( but i admit i've not been 100%, plus i've had totm, so hopefully the next few weeks will herald good losses too x
I'll join - although I can guarantee you I won't be able to lose 50lb by the new year! So I'll shoot for 60-70% of that, so 30-35lbs, if that's OK. Another 50lb or so is my long, long term goal though - hopefully achievable by this time next year.
the slimming world scales showed 4.5lb!!!! woohoo!

welcome wasted ink, for someone your size 30-35lb sounds like a pretty fab goal, you will be in the "normal" bmi category for christmas if, no WHEN, you hit it! x
Well done Colly Strings, an excellent loss.:D

Can I join you please? I don't have an end of year goal yet so this seems do-able. That will take me to about 9 stone done this year which would be great and heading towards half off. Ooo it seems so much easier thinking of it like that.

My SW weight graph has put me at target for next March which isn't going to happen as far as I can see though it's nice it has that much faith in me haha.

I weigh on Tuesday.


size 14 here I come
well done colly strings FAB loss :D
welcome Lovely Laura :) WOW next March would be fantastic, your doing so well. I would LOVE to be at goal weight this time next year :D 9 stones to go :eek:
good luck everyone, heres to a much slimmer christmas and new year x
Well I don't really believe it, it's a very unreliable graph, if you put on a lb I think it assumes you will carry on and put's your target date back by months. Lose alot one week and suddenly you're at target 3 months earlier. It's just a bit of fun really if you have random losses like me.:sigh: Nice to imagine it's right but I can't see it happening.

If I can do this 50lbs I'll be happy enough though of course I'd like to do better.:D


size 14 here I come
Yeah I do know what you mean. I have random losses too. I was just saying its not totally unrealistic to have that kind of loss, but its also fantastic to come anywhere close....be it 3 months sooner or 3 months later.

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