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the journey of colly...no longer vlcd-ing.

hello all!

i'm going to try and make this a bit of a "food diary" so to speak. everything that passes my lips is accountable and i hope this will keep me on track.

so yes, i'm here to finally try and lose my excess weight once and for all.
i'm 23 but i live the life of someone much older cause i'm so ashamed of my body.
i've never ever been slim, as long as i can remember i've been bigger than most, i am almost 6ft though so this probably accounts for some of that. being big runs in my family, all the women are big girls. they all say i can't fight the genetics, but i will. i don't want to be a size 8. a size 12 would be absolutely amazing for me. even a 14.
my birthday is summer next year and i can't face another year of being too ashamed of my body to really go out and enjoy myself. i want to have lost 8/9/10 stone by then, depending on how my body looks.

i'm on here a lot of the time so feel free anyone to come in and speak at me about whatever takes your fancy- diet or no diet- always good to have distractions!

my exante packs are due tomorrow but today i am having cambridge packs + a low carb meal (probably a boiled egg) in preparation.

so this morning i have cambridge porridge with a little bit of strawberry shake sprinkled in. if i close my eyes and swallow it really fast it almost feels like the real deal ;)
i'm also having a nice big glass of iced water. :)
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Good luck with your plan, I'm sure you can do it if you stay focused and stick to the plan.

I also wanted to thank you for discussing Exante in the Cambridge section and alerting me to the price. I placed an order for 2 months worth of Exante shakes last night, which will save me £100 over the next 2 months, instead of doing Cambridge. I start on the 9th, when my Cambridge stock will be used by then. :)
thanks! and no problem. i hope it goes well for you!

so this afternoon i had a cambridge tomato soup with loads of pepper. and for tea i had a tin of tuna. been drinking loads of water and not feeling very well, booo. must push through it!

packs should be here tomorrow :)
i keep clicking on my tracking for the parcel cause the e-mail said that i would get a 1 hour timeslot online this morning, it's not up yet, hurry upppp!! i want my packs!

i've not had anything this morning yet. i'm dying to try a bar as soon as my pack arrives but i'll regret it if i eat one too early, i'll try save it and have something to look forward to later.

o/h is off work sick today. bah! i was hoping to have a temptation free day but it wont happen now. i'll manage though!

i bought some super fancy scales from argos yesterday, they track your weight/body fat/bmi etc and they come with a usb memory stick, and you can put it into your computer and it can do a graph of your weight loss! i'm so impressed with it! simple things for simple minds and that...
Confirmed at depot
Your parcel is going out for delivery

yaaaay :D
thank you lovely.
i'm not sure whether i'm going to follow total or working solution yet. i shall wait and see how it goes.x

short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
Good luck and a rather belated welcome xx
thank you to both xx
thanks coley, your weight loss is amazing by the way and not far off what i'm aiming for.

well my packs only just arrived! i hoped they'd be here earlier so i could have a fresh start today, needless to say i've not had the best of days pacing around waiting for them. i am ridiculously easily disheartened when things dont go my way...

i start a new college course tomorrow and have decided to start *properly properly* on saturday as i don't want to be going through the aches and pains of ketosis while trying to fit in in a new environment. i'm just going to cut back the carbs and up the water, maybe have a pack for breakfast too to start getting into the swing of things. if i start on sat, i'll be in ketosis (going by previous efforts) by monday night, so i should be home and dry for next time i'm in college which is next wed. i am about to try a bar though- lets see how this goes!!
choc orange bar- it's not bad! i see what people mean about the texture, but i really think if it was microwaved for a few sec it would be looovely, well, as lovely as vlcd gets!!
i think it'll go a long way to satisfying my constant craving for dessert hehe x
oh my god how amazing is banana shake?! wwwoooowww!!!


Guess who's back...?
Ooh, I wasn't that keen... but then I have a really sweet tooth, and find all the shakes a bit powdery and soyary (?!)... glad you like it though, makes things so much more enjoyable :)

A x
hmm, well, if you wanted to pm me any time to discuss our favourite and least favourite packs, that'd be fine by me. ;) :)
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No no!! Ill pm you ;)

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