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The Joy of being thin

I think I may have posted this before, but this was something I wrote when I reached maint

I walk everywhere.
I don’t need the lift, I use the stairs.
I can buy clothes off the peg and not have to have my suits made to measure or go to the fat mans clothes shop.
I control my body and what I eat.
I can ride my bike again.
I can socialise with my friends and go to Twickenham and stuff
I can use public transport and not need the whole damn seat.
I can fly in planes and fit in the seat and not need the extender belt.
I don’t have to look for places with “armless” chairs as I fit in a normal chair now.
I don’t get breathless anymore
I don’t snore anymore, (unless I’ve had a drink *SHE* says)
I don’t feel tired in the afternoon anymore
I feel good
I am really healthy, and my annual medical confirms it. Good BP, low Cholesterol, excellent liver and kidney tests

There isn’t an hour of the day when I don’t think to myself, god it feels good to be thin.
None of that was true 9 years ago.
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Great post! I love your pics. They are very motivating as our start weights and goal weights are very similar.

I like the change of mindset that comes with losing weight. I was in a packed Waterstones recently and about to step on the escalator before remembering I was trying to lose weight, side stepping and sprinting up the stairs. Got a few funny looks :) Can't wait until I reach goal and get all of those benefits. The fat man's clothes shop...i've refused to go to the one in town since it opened!
So so true Jim, but it is nice to remind ourselves from time to time - especially at this time of year.

Re the stairs - I was in some big shop in Manchester last week and it is escalators alllllllllll the way, every bloody floor - not a single stair! I never use them these days and it annoyed me immensely!
That's a lovely post Jim. What made you dig it up and post it again?
That's a lovely post Jim. What made you dig it up and post it again?
I was sorting out a lot of old stuff on my laptop WW, deleting old files and stuff and there it was in a word document. I'm pretty sure I have posted it on here before, but probably a long time ago. I wrote it as a motivational aid when I was going into maintenance. I was so scared I'd put it all on again.
I was lifting some boxes of paper yesterday that weighed about 15kg each. It made me realise that I've lost a box of paper in weight! Vanity aside, it got me thinking about all the extra stress all the extra weight must have been putting on my joints.

Also, it makes you feel sexier doesn't it! (Blush!) I'm loving being able to go shopping for lots of different clothes I wouldn't have been able to wear before (I'm looking at you Topman!)

Congrats all on your losses - it really is worth all the effort.

:party0019: Dr Atkins! :party0019:
Amen to that Michael! ;)
i keep thinking about that when i move something heavy too!

don't feel sexier yet, but will soon hopefully.....and well, that side of life is a bit easier now too!


Clean green leafy machine
LOL Marty :)
I thought of this the other day. When I was packing my luggage for the cruise, I had a limit of 20kg per bag. And one of them weighed in at 23kg. And they felt HEAVY!

And that's what I lost. I put down a bag that weighed about 23kg!! Whew! No wonder I was so tired all the time! A few more pounds, and it will be like putting my 5 year old and my 19 month old down.


Clean green leafy machine
This is such encouraging stuff, guys, thx for putting our weight loss in perspective!


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