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the ketosis experience


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So, I've restarted extane TS (end of day 2) and just used my ketostix out of curiosity and it was pale pink!! I only managed one day TS previously and have never made it into ketosis before so have no idea what it feels like. I don't feel hungry but have a raging headache and feel very tired... Hence my confusion. I thought ketosis = no headaches/fuzzy head and more energy? Or is it just too soon and I'm not fully there yet?

I can't tell you how excited I was when I saw the pink on the stick lol (i'm a fat burning machine!). Had to dip one in water just to check it wasn't lying to me :p
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I got into ketosis by day 2 and felt great, day 3 was the worst for me, feeling tired and headachy etc, keep going it will soon stop it just takes a while for the body to adjust. Take some paracetemol and drink plenty of water. I've found having a few early nights help as well, I'm on day 11 and haven't started exercising yet to ensure my body has fully adapted, so be careful your not over doing it during the day. X
Does dark purple mean ur dehydrated? Mine is showing this, but I've been drinking plenty


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hahaha Starlight don't be so cruel :D


I will do this!!!
once your in ketosis there's no need to keep checking as you will always be in it.....unless you cheat of course!
I don't understand whats wrong with checking if your in ketosis? X
Its fine in the first week to see if youre there but to check every day is pointless. Like pizzle says once youre in ketosis youre in. You dont drift in and out of it.

People get totally obsessed with what colour of pink theyre getting and its pointless, you cant change it lol
Thanks for the replies all. Still slightly headachy today but have a bit more energy and haven't been hungry which is a nice change! I also have developing dog breath which is a good or bad sign depending on how you look at it... Am hoping I'll feel like myself again in the next few days, my head has been really fuzzy. Carb withdrawal is a beeacth :D

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