The last stone mission......ROLL UP!!!!


Hey there....I'm not really much of a poster, but I've figured what the hey! My name is Nicole, I'm 20, a 4th Year Psychology Student, Customer Service Advisor and a CDC.

Currently I weigh 11st 1lb. Original Weight was 16st, and got down to 11 before on LL, then put 3 back on (my LLC couldn't accommodate me in the management class), so was 14st 2lbs when I started CD and have been messing about for ages and got back on track.

So I am left with 1 stone to lose and this is where I completely lose the plot.:(

I fit in to size 10 trousers in some places, but mostly a 12. I am content with the size I am...but it's about actually reaching the goal I set myself and being well within a nice healthy BMI.

It's my 21st at the end of this month and I want to be as near my goal as possible....2 and a bit weeks....I would like to be 10st 6lbs, the lightest I've ever been!!

Just wondering if there is anyone out there who has about a stone to lose and would like to join me in shifting that last bit!!!

Nicole xx
Hi Nicole,

I've mucked about with the last stone since January. Got to within 10lb then put some back then lost it, then put some back then lost it........

Currently 11st9lb (again!!!) Love to join you for the final push!
Im with you , Im at 11 1//2 goal 10
Im already a size 12 [ maybe smaller on top , I very small bones for my height , very thin face] people are starting to tell me to stop
I still have legs and tum, no fat on my upper body , no butt .
people dont like "the fat girl'"being slimmer then them.that I know.........
lets get the rest of this weight off and show them all we are better than alright.
Day 1 -10.40am

Hey 10stonesize 10 and Cheb!! Thanks for joining me!! :D

Right!!! day 1 of mission!!! I have till Tuesday to SS then I have to start eating cause of BMI but I will not nibble before then!!!

So far so good. 1 pack down, hate having it so early but had to go into Uni early and I was hungry!!. Not very much water. I'm in Uni till 1 so can't really do much until after then. I want to do 4 litres a day like I did on LL. EEK!! 4 litres. gee whizz....that seems like loads!

Must go, dissertation to get on with and then lectures. How you getting on girlies?

Nicole xx
I weighed 10 stone 4 last week, hopefully down a couple of lbs tonight at weigh in although has all gone a bit wrong recently (and I was being so good until now) so may not have lost any. I am fitting into size 12s mostly but want to be 9 stone and a size 10. Most of me looks OK now (mum wants me to stop) but I still have a lot of weight to lose on my tummy/waist. I understand completely what you mean by wanting to reach the goal you set yourself. I may get down to 9 and then decide 9 and a half is better but I'd like to have the option of choosing. It appears a lot of people have a problem with the last stone (I think there are a couple of threads re this) - hopefully we can all support each other. Good luck everyone!!
I'm with you guys!!

I've lost 98 lbs to date, with another 17 lbs left to go to get to my target weight (although I may decide to extend that by a few more pounds once I get there and see what I look like).

I know how tough it is to maintain focus when you're so close to goal and it'll be great to have the support of you lot for the 'last push' to target.

Let's go and do it! :D
Day 1 - 22.28

Wahey!! Hello Sharon!! Here I am talking away like I know you. I was a bit of a lurker on the DH Boards, have been on there for coming up to 3 years since I was 18. I was there when you first have been following you!

You are looking amazing I must say!!:eek:

Glad all went well with the new clients tonight! talk about being thrown in at the deep end...5 in one go on your first day! sheesh!!

A bit of a strange day for me today...hrm...cottage cheese was calling me but have resisted! here is to another few days of SS!! yey!!

Hope everyone is ok.:)
Wow! Thanks Nicole :D

I always wonder who reads my rubbish - and now I know at least you do *lol*

It was a bit of a baptism by fire .. but I seem to have come through it relatively unscathed :)

I think you could do a lot worse than cottage cheese, but well done you for resisting just the same!!

Here's to the last stone coming off eh? ;)
Just wondering if there is anyone out there who has about a stone to lose and would like to join me in shifting that last bit!!!

Nicole xx

Count me in Nicole.. I'm coming up to my first anniversary of VLC dieting and really need to get to my goal!!!!! I've faffed around for months now and it's about time I got stuck in and finished what I started!!!

love xxxx:)
Ooh lost 3lbs last night. Now I have 1 stone and 1lb to go before my target of 9 stone (although I have put 8 stone 13 on my ticker to 'round it up' to a 50lb loss). My CDC told me to stay on AAM this week although my BMI is in the 23s I think. She also said I should just go straight from that to 1000 as I don't think I can afford 790, with the 3 packs and food as well :( What programme is everyone else on that it trying to lose that last stone and what kind of BMIs are you? I set myself a target of a low BMI as I didn't want to set a target and then reset it (works for some I know but not for me), but now I'm getting so confused over introducing food!!
Hi Jubbly, great loss this week BTW:):):) my BMI is 25 at the moment and I have a low target too... around BMI 20.5.. I am small framed and still have loads of lower body fat!!!!!!
Food wise I've been struggling big time lately.. really I should be on the 1000 plan but It's been more like the 1500 - 2000 plan!!!!!:eek: I eat a combination of CD packs and low carb foods. I'm losing slowly the weight I gained on my hols at the moment and am still 6lbs heavier than my lowest weight of 11.09!!!
I'm hoping to be near my target of 10 stones for Xmas.. I've been messing for too long now!!!!

love xxx:)
Well done Jubbly! Great going honey! :)

Mandy - we can do this last bit together, honey. I know how tough you find it and I'll do everything I can to get to to your target .. even if it kills me *lol*. You're doing great at the moment and I can't wait to see you when you get to your 10 stone goal xxx

I've lost 1 lb since my last 'official 'weigh-in before I went on holiday - but as I put on 7 lbs while I was away, and lost that plus 1 lb I'm pretty pleased all told :D .

I'm still a 26.5 BMI so can maintain sole-sourcing for a while longer .. probably another 9/10 lbs I reckon .. and then start the maintenance steps. How weird will that be?! :rolleyes:
Cheers babes, it's great to just go on here and get all these 'well dones' from everyone who is going through the same thing. My BMI is actually in the 23s I think (not sure of height) but I, like you Mandy, still have a lot of lower body fat and know I need to get rid of this as it is unhealthy. CDC says there is only so much a diet can do and I need to do target exercise on my tummy to get it flatter (bummer). She is fine for me to still be on AAM though and suggests I move up to 1000 in a week or so (gah - real food!!). Really hope I don't go mad serving myself carbs and can keep to the portion sizes (potential downfall) but not feeling very well today, really shaky and 'jittery' and anxious (been a bit like this on and off since start of diet) so consider it time to think about reintroducing normal food. Good luck everyone with that last stone!!
Oooooo can I join in?

Although I do still have a stone and a half to go, I've started moving up through the CD levels as I've been doing SS since January and was ready to move up. I'm not too worried about losing it slowly just so long as its going in the right direction, but am doing CDC training in a couple of weeks so want to keep things shifting relatively well.
Day 2 - 16.56

Hello all!!! Everyone is welcome....this is the hard bit (apart from week 1 and THE LAST STONE WE WILL EVER LOSE. I'm going to get me one of those lovely ticker thingies for this last 15 lbs. Was far too scared to have one for the whole million stone!!!:rolleyes:

How are we all doing? Surviving? or has the chatterbox starting talking again? I'm ok.....mushrooms are singing at me....fecken mushrooms.

Off to find ticker...hrm....
Hi Coley

I am now at about 11st 6lbs (according to this mornings weigh in), I want to try to get to 10st 7lbs by bonfire night but am increasingly struggling to get there.

I started a year ago on vitaline diet at a top weight of 15st 10lbs. I lost about a stone and a half but couldn't maintain the diet due to my lifestyle.

I started LL on June 26th this year at 15 st 1lb. I have consistent losses but have struggled all the way through to stay abstinent.

I don't want to go any lower than 10 1/2 stone, my original goal was to be a size 14 which I now am but want to give myself that leway of being a bit lower than my personal ideal in case I put a bit on.

I am here to support you all the way - maybe we can get through this last stone together?
Hi All, I'd love to join you, I too am on the last stone, but due to health issues need to swap to SW. My BMI is 27 but I carry a lot of muscle, left over from being a fitness freak. Currently I am a size 14 bottoms and an 18:eek: top. Yes, I have finally discovered that I am still going to have boobs even at the end of this.
I have found this last stone hard going, been here twice before, this time I want this soooo much. I'm 40 on the 15th November, so wanted to be there by then, obviously it may take a bit longer, but I will get there. Just wait till christmas, I WILL WEAR MY BLUE DRESS TO THE BALL!! (Promise to self).
100 lbs gone now in just 7.5 months - just 15 lbs left to go to get to target (which I might reduce by a further 7 lbs once I get there .... are we never satisfied? :rolleyes: )

Cheb - if I counted how many times I've taken 'diet breaks' (a night, a weekend or even a whole week while I was on holiday) since I started CD and got back into it afterwards I'd run out of fingers and toes *lol*. The important thing is getting back onto the wagon straight away to minimise any damage.

Coley - well done on sorting out your Ticker .. and I luurve mushrooms too! :p

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!