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The last stone mission......ROLL UP!!!!

I'm sure cutting down on coffee does help with the old biscuit dunking mania... (it just doesn't work as well in Diet Coke!)

How exciting going to see a show... when I lived in London, I went regularly with a friend. We had totally different tastes, so one time my choice, next hers etc. So thanks to her I got to see things I'd never have dreamt of going to (like Rowan Atkinson's one man show!) and she saw several musicals she could probably have done without ever seeing!!

I do so hate pantos, mind you... but if you're dancing, but NOT involved in the organisation thereof, it won't be as time consuming as the last one you did (would it?).

You MUST let me know when you come this way... ABSOLUTELY! I rarely bother going to see *those* windows any more, as the kids won't let me through to get close and press my nose on the glass, but they are lovely... you'd have to come here to see the lights anyway, so... just not too late in December, else I'll be gone!

Did I tell you we're planning a trip to Alsace to a couple of Christmas markets? That will be fun!

Speak soon
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Off to work in a minute but thought I'd pop in quickly first. I go to London this afternoon, nearly organised for it, going to be a seriously busy weekend.

I love the theatre and didn't get to go nearly often enough when I was so busy rehearsing. So I've decided to make the effort to see more. I love musicals, interesting plays, one man shows and offbeat comedy, and modern dance. Not so keen on classical ballet and opera. Not a lot of choice around here though, we get what arrives. Being in a show is nothing like as time consuming as directing one, that won't happen again for a very long time.

The Christmas markets in Alsace should be lovely, a cross between French and German - which ones are you going to? I love Alsace, it's so pretty, I first went there as a teenager and then went back with D a few years ago. We haven't set a date for the France trip yet, probably mid December as I will be busy at work in the first week, so from the 11th I guess.

Have a great weekend, speak to you on Monday.
I hope your weekend in London was nice... I'm off in 10 mins to the house for my weekend in the country where it's going to be lovely and sunny but chilly apparently!

We'll be going to Obernai the first day (already booked a hotel there to stay overnight) and Strasbourg the second, unless you have anything else to recommend... as we have never been over there. Just the one night in a hotel mind you as we'll be leaving the cats lots of food and they'll probably have eaten it all before we get out of the village, knowing them!

Funnily enough I have friends from Cambs coming in the 12th weekend - not staying with us mind you... the cats make it difficult for us now to have overnight guests...

Claire - I was wondering - wouldn't we be better moving to email these days? It's not as if anyone joins us any more... and I always "hold back" on what I say for ID purposes, duh!!

Speak next week anyway
Hi Joanne, hope you had a great weekend. Mine was so busy it was untrue. I drove down to London on Friday evening, hit ghastly traffic jams and it took three hours, so had a relaxed evening with my sister and her BF and a bottle of wine - regretted the wine in the morning. Saturday was the first day of the glass course, and in the evening I went straight out to meet them for dinner at a restaurant (just had time to change quickly at someone's house), then Sunday was the course again plus meeting an online friend for lunch. Only took 2hrs 15m to drive home. I was utterly exhausted, couldn't believe how relaxed work was today.

The scales were downright rude to me today, too much eating out and being fed by others. I'm hoping tomorrow will be better as I'll be back in the routine again.

We didn't visit Strasbourg when we were in Alsace, it was summer and we camped at Orbey, just West of Colmar. It's a beautiful area, I imagine there's quite a bit of snow in winter so it will be properly seasonal. I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time. I haven't booked our holiday dates yet, probably try to sort it out this Friday when my boss gets back.

I think you may be right about email, we seem to be drifting further away from the purpose of the forum and thread as time goes on. I take it your address is still the same?
Yes indeed - no change on the old email.

Never ever get on the scales the morning after the weekend before. Or, at least, if you're brave enough to face them, don't make any drastic changes to your eating plan for a couple of days... pounds tend to vanish pretty quickly once back to eating healthily and drinking water again...

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