The learn to love yourself thread

A lot of us people who are bigger (not all) struggle to find things in ourselves that we love; and often find it really difficult, even impossible to acknowledge/admit that we love ourselves.

The point of this thread.. is to encourage us all to look at ourselves in a positive light; to learn to love ourselves.

We often find that we help other people every day of our lives... helping others is easier, and it is nice to know that you are doing good and helping the people you care about... but we often neglect ourselves due to to our unselfish natures.

So.. I am asking people to post on here weekly one thing that they love about themselves... and as time progresses, hopefully so will our self appreciation! :)

Each week add a new thing that you love about yourself... and include the previous week/s... you will soon build up a long list of reasons to feel good about yourself.

I hope this thread will be useful to some (maybe not all) and I wish you luck on your journeys...

Things to love about myself:
1) That I am an extremely compassionate person

Things to love about myself:
I have a kind heart
For me, it is hard to love anything, physically, about myself-especially at this weight but, I do love the round part of my shoulders! Not the fat arms but, just the shoulder bit-so lovely and round and smooth!!

I love the fact that I am a thoroughly nice woman. Oooh hard to say that out 'loud'.

The thing i love about myself is:
That i love my son so much and try to give him the best life i am capable off !!
Fantastic thread.....hope you guys don't mind but I am gonna move this into the Bring Your Head Inside Forum so that those on other programmes will also get a chance to join in as well....
The things I love about myself.

1) I don't flap in a crisis.
Things I love about myself
I am a great listener
Okay... so one week ago I set up this thread... So it is now time for me to add the second reason I should love myself:

Things to love about myself:
1) That I am an extremely compassionate person
2) That I have far more determination than I realised

Hope you all return to continue with your resons!

What I like about myself... (when sat wondering what one thing I'd put I found that the 'what I don't like about myself' ideas came forth in a rush....)

I don't wanna always be thinking over the 'heavy' stuff so start with something simple but nice...

1) I like that I'm so devoted and caring to my dog.