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The Mini pill

Ok i went back on this in september at which point i was just over 14st I know it's causing me really bad mood swings :cry: But i also read it can cause weight gain aswell!!!!! I'm just wondering is it going to slow my weight loss down? Anyone have any ideas on this ?:thankyou:

(Hope i posted this in the right section. sorry if i didn't :sign0007: )
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What hormone is in the mini pill? Reason I ask is that I know from bitter, bitter experience that progesterone can cause many adverse effects - weight gain being one.

I was down to 13st in Feb 2007 and had a Depo Provera injection then a mirena coil (with progesteron collar) inserted in September. I am now 5st heavier.
I found out later that over 70% of women experience weight gain on Depo (thanks doc!!)

My moods were horrendous, I was a carb monster and the depression was downright scary ... I felt suicidal on several occasions. Add to that the fact my libido hit the floor you can begin to see that progesterone and me did not get on at all well!

I had my mirena coil removed in early November and feel 100% better - I guess the demon hormone has finally GONE.

You're wise to do some research ... I think hormones are far more responsible for weight issues than we realise.
Yep the Mini pill is progesterone only :( I was told i was to heavy to take the combined pill. I did wonder as i was on the injection for a while and i turn in to a bi*** queen from hell and i feel i'm going down that road again :cry:
Progesterone - it's the spawn of the bloody devil that stuff!!
Isn't there ANY other form of contraception you could consider?

Look at my weight loss / gain record on progesterone.

1995 - had youngest daughter; I weighed 16st. Had mirena coil with progesterone collar fitted (lasts 5 years). By 2001, I weighed 22st.

2001 - Progesterone ran out in Mirena coil. I went to Rosemary Conley. Lost 6st by the end of 2001. Had mirena replaced - by 2005 I was 19st 4lb.

2006 - Mirena had run out again. Started CD - lost 7st by December.

2007 - Had Depo jab in Feb weighing 13st. Had mirena replaced in September. I am now over 18st.

Do we see a pattern emerging here??

I'd never, ever recommend progesterone to anyone with a weight problem.
All i can say is I'm binning the lot!
Oooh - mind you don't get pregnant though! Make sure you have an alternative 'to hand' IYKWIM whilst you sort out a long term solution.

Do you have kids?
Oooh - mind you don't get pregnant though! Make sure you have an alternative 'to hand' IYKWIM whilst you sort out a long term solution.

Do you have kids?
Yep 4!!!!!!! Daarling hubby said it's about time he had the chop :giggle: so i'm back down the family planning clinic for me tomorrow.
I'm in the same boat as you Fay ... I have 4 daughters, 2 granddaughters and a grandson due in Feb. At nearly 46 years old, I'm not having any more so hubby has suggested the snip - seems the best solution all round!

I'm up to the back teeth with being pumped full of synthetic hormones!


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I did the same thing 3 months ago...since an operation in May for an ovarian cyst I have been on every single brand of pill there is, each one with god awful side effects. I don't blame the pill entirely for my 3 stones weight gain, but I think it had a HUGE part to play....it is entirely responsible for severe mood swings though.

We are doing the 'if we do we do, if we don't we don't' method of birth control...we want a second child but I would ideally like to lose all my weight and maintain for a while first.

You can get a little device from the chemist (can't remember exact name of it) which you can pee on and it tells you if it is okay for you to have sex safely, and it has the same protection rate as the pill. It's a faff as you have to pee on it every day as it's a learning thing and it predicts ovulation etc, but after 6 months you'll know your cycle so it would only be 6 months of effort. It's certainly something we will use if we decide we definitely don't want to conceive.

We have also learned that if I do get more cysts (the reason for the pill) then they will try to laser them off next time (!) quite why they couldn't do that the last two times instead of cutting me open I don't know - grrrr.

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