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The New 'Electronic' group set up?

I have my new smart card now - no more getting away with missed weeks (boo!) but it must make the consultants job so much easier and save a TONNE of paper work (and a few trees!) each week! (Although the quotes on the smart card are a tad gag inducing!)

Once our consultant gets the hang of the new PDA-thingamabob think its going to be great. She was giving us all our statistics - like what our average weight loss is, our percentage weight loss, BMI etc all at the tap of the screen. She was like a kid with a new toy lol!

What did everyone think of it? Yay or Nay?

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ours has yet to happen but i iknow she has been keying stuff in ready to go so i'll see next weeki think it's a good idea though.
Our system was set up 2 mondays ago & has gone ok so far but my consultant hasn't mentioned anything about average losses etc....we book in, weigh-in & thats it!


Nojo on the YoYo
ours has been going for 2 weeks and it's pretty good, i thought the gag inducing slogans were a bit much too, I think i said on my blog today that i'd rather have a picture of Marjorie Dawes stuffing a cake down her gob with the slogan 'you're not going to eat THAT are you?' - but that's just me! :p
We were one of the first groups to go on this, probably about a year ago and it is a great system.......when it works!

It does save paperwork and trees which is a good thing in my book but when it freezes up, gosh it's a pain! The C has to ring the helpline and get them to sort it out and when you have a queue it is such a pest.....

However, like you say it makes the C life better, especially for the reporting side of things (which we don't see) and there's no getting away with anything - you must ring if you want to miss a week, and I know some C's used to let you have more than 6 weeks hols, not on the new system, oh no!

So, in answer to your question.... yay (when it works, like all technology!!)


Nojo on the YoYo
ha ha ha the slogan is a bit barf. But I guess it's all 'brand identity'

You know, I bet there was a big scratchy beard meeting that took about three days to come up with it too.
I've been with my group now for a year, and have been on the digital system all the time. It does occasionally 'go haywire' but our C. can always sort it out herself, so maybe once it's bedded in, you won't all have these teething problems?

It seems a great system to me, but as with everything we All hate change (easy for me to say!), but I'm sure that you'll see the advantages in a few weeks time. Good Luck.


Lover of Extra Easy
Having read about the new system here I asked my consultant when we were going to go on it. She said they have to do a course first, and that they are fully booked up right now. She said she'll go on the first available one, so we will get it but when, she has no idea.


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Not got this system yet but looking forward to it!

Our C is already really good at figuring out our average weekly losses and extras like that - but I think having it electronically would be awesome!

I doubt we'll get it anytime soon - we're a teeny group in a teeny town lol - and if the Cs have to pay for it that may delay it further (due to being a smaller group etc).
We got it a couple of weeks ago. It's ok although our c is taking her time getting used to it. I'm a little irritated by the fact that if you buy 6 or 12 weeks you have to say when your holidays are going to be. Who knows that far in advance? And it's not like it would be hard to program it so it can allow it so it must be a commercial decision. Anyway, it's great apart from that :D
We haven't gone electronic yet... and no mention of it either... :(
ha ha ha the slogan is a bit barf. But I guess it's all 'brand identity'

You know, I bet there was a big scratchy beard meeting that took about three days to come up with it too.
MMB has a beard?! :eek: :whistle: :rotflmao:
we have it in our group in Cardiff, and our simone can always sort out the little issues that arrive, they have had it since January, it makes it easier you dont have to carry your book with you, just the card if you are going straight out after or come straight from work,
i think it is good xx
We went digital this week (first class out my consultants five), and no problems (yet). We didn't get average weight losses or anything just the usual lost or put on.

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