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The only good thing about a stomach bug...

Is that I lost 9.5lb last night! :eek: :eek: :eek:

I also got my 6st award but decided not to take it as I'm sure I will be putting a bit of weight back on this week once I start eating properly again. I've adjusted my ticker (couldn't resist!!!) but not changed my sticker yet til I get my award from class.

Still, wouldn't wish this bug on anyone. Grim stuff! On the mend though and feeling much better today.
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OMG Stacey! That's unbelievable but at least you know that you may put some on next week - look at your ticker though, you have less than a stone to go!!! Wow, If you do put on I bet it will only be a pound or two?
Glad you are feeling better though, good luck for the week. xx
I'm hoping it will be within 3lb if I do have a gain next week - that way I'll be able to keep my 6st award.

The bug was pretty dreadful. Yesterday I managed a bagel in the morning and then half a bowl of soup with some crackers about 12 hrs later and it felt like I ate a brick!
Amazing weight loss this week Hun!! Just wished that the circumstances were different for you. I you eat sensibly this week, you will see a sts or a marginal gain, but nothing major.
I really do hope that you feel better soon.



Nojo on the YoYo
STACE! Lick a cup and send it me in the post so i can do that thing like Phoebe in Friends when Monical catches her cold and she loses her sexy phlegm! :D

PS: KIDDING!! natch!

Well done though, here's hoping you keep your 6 stone award. SIX STONE!!!
Thanks Mrs V, hope you're right! I'm planning on getting back on SW properly tomorrow. Today will be another soup & bagel day. Tomorrow and for a few days it will prob be green and just plain pasta or potatoes.

Vixxster - you're like my friend in class who was trying to french me last night! ;)
Kiss me...KISS ME!!!! LOL!

I hope you don't gain too much back...but more importantly that you are feeling better.


Over half way to target
Ha ha - I just had this and I managed to lose 5lbs in 4 days. But, it al went back on as soon as I started eating again :cry:eek:h well.
Sending "kisses" to all those who would like this bug (but I don't recommend it!)
Yep, I hopped on my scales this morning and I reckon I've put most, if not all, back on!!! :cry::rolleyes:
oohh how strange - I thought i had got my upset tummy from Egypt cos i got it on the wednesday night before we came home and and it is only sort of righting itself now - but a lot of the staff at sons school have got it !!
I fear my weigh in on wednesday !!
Sorry to hear you've been so unwell. Hope you're feeling better soon.
I've been lucky enough not to have had a tummy bug for over a year now ( I work in a school, so it's a hazard of the job!). Last time I had one... I managed to gain weight :eek:...only me!

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