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The passage of time - will you use it?


Surgically happy.
I wrote this for another section of the forum, and have asked permission to post a variation here as this may be useful to some people who struggle or restart. Like many of you, I have successfully failed time and time again.

I'm almost 37 - and have watched the last 20 years disappear into a black hole, not completely wasted but large chunks of it certainly.

Every year I was thinking "next year". Every month I was thinking "next month".

I was thinking "when" I lose weight.

And the time just passed me by.

I tried pretty much every diet going. And always gave up because of the time it was taking, or going to take. It is so easy to think "it's going to take a year. That's so long. I can't do it" and the moment you utter those words, or think those thoughts you are doomed to failure.

All those plans, all that hope, it's gone because time is such a large, immovable object.

Only it isn't.

It's a constantly moving, forever changing, fast and furious ride - where your whole life can pass you by and leave you wondering what the hell happened.

Think about every year - how on earth did it get to be Christmas again already? It flies by.

So it's the end of March now and there are 9 months between now and Christmas. If you can get it in your head solidly, that Christmas is coming regardless of whether you're your current starting weight, or whether you're your current target weight.

I chose last september to say goodbye to "Fat Andy". I became "Losing Weight Andy". I'm not "Healthy weight Andy". And yet, it could have been so different. I could have STILL been "Fat Andy", because time waits for no man, no woman, no person - it flies by.

So which person do you want to be? As you are now, or who you could be? Whether you lose the weight or not, you'll be there - so might as well lose it, eh?

It's hard I know, but if the time is going to pass anyway....

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Gone fishing
It's a brilliant post :clap: So true. Time will pass whatever.

Thanks for posting this Andy and what a fab job you've done of making good use of this year :cool:

Love your piccie too. Can I just ask what you are looking for down there though? ;)


Gone fishing
:lol: There is a caption competition going on (sort of). So far, it's my knees, and my car keys lol.
LOL. I haven't seen that comp. Assume it's in LL forum?

You're the guy with the rats aren't you? Are they all accounted for?
:wow: what a great post, very inspirational. I reckon should be stickied if not already. :) Can I ask how you got to the point where you knew that finally 'this time' was really it, that you were going to succeed?
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Thanks for the post, just what I needed today, have been struggling for a little while and need something to feed my focus and motivation! This just sums it up, and makes me feel determined again... and in control, if that makes any sense. Well done on your weight loss journey, too.


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thank you for sharing...its what i needed "hear" today!

no more fat nina, rather its i will be a healthier losing weight to feel gr8t nina
Hi Andy, I am on week 4 of CD and struggling for the first time today. I came on here looking for some inspiration and your post has done the trick.

I was so close to 'cheating' and thanks to you now I'm determined not to.



wants to get super fit!
Great post Andy! Nicely worded and never a truer word spoken. I think all us dieters have put off losing weight until we finally get our heads straight and get round to doing something about it. It's now May and yes, Christmas is just around the corner! Hopefully it will be a thiner one for me and loads of other minimins this time round!


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I have read this 3 times now. Realistically when I start LT tomorrow I could have 7st off by December and be 13st 11lbs... and maybe a size 18-20.:eek:


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Brilliant post!

That was such a wonderful post. Every year I berate myself, why did I not just get this weight off last year???? Summer is here again and I'm still fat, fatter than I would have been years ago when I felt it couldn't get any worse. :rolleyes:

Anyway, you expressed perfectly what I've been trying to put into words for ages. Thank you! :D
an excellent and timely post for me. been a bit up and down lately and have been pondering 'will i ever be the person that i want to be?' I'm almost 46 and still not there.

and so i guess every day i ask myself that is another day away from 'being'!!


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