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The RD Story: My ups and downs!

Tues May 8th

My CD journey should have been over by now. In fact, if I'd stuck to the plan then I'd have been at goal by November last year but after an initial six saintly months, I went into a speed wobble and tripped up a few times. That delayed my progress somewhat.

By Christmas, I was 12st 7lb ... the lightest I'd been in 20 years. So although I wasn't at goal, I was pretty darned close and quite pleased with myself. Complacency set in over the festive period though and I greeted the New Year at 14st 2lb. :(

No biggie .... I got back on plan and by Feb 8th I was back down to 13st. Then my doctor recommended a Depo Provera contraceptive injection which, for those of you who might not know, is three months worth of progesterone in one shot.
Three awful months later and I've gained 2st 9lb (70% of women gain weight on DP - a fact my doctor 'forgot' to tell me). :mad:

After a few recent 'false starts' with half-hearted attempts at 790, 1000 and a CD plan of my very own design (basically, no plan at all), I've come to the conclusion that, for ME, SS is the only way to go.

So I embarked upon a new start this morning. I'm refusing to call it a REstart and I've even asked my CDC to begin a new sheet for me, as if I've come to her for the first time.

I have to stop focussing on 'how much I've gained since XYZ' and look forward. So I have a new tracker, a new weght loss sheet at my CDC's house and (hopefully) a fresh new attitude.

Today has been a challenge (much as I expected). Breakfast was easy - a Toffee & Walnut shake with 2 tsp of psyllium husks - yum!
At about 2pm, I had a very unfortunate encounter with a mint choc shake, a bottle of mineral water and a Rosemary Conley water container in a layby off the A3. Suffice to say that by the time I got round to drinking the lumpy concoction from the container, I looked like I'd been involved in an explosion in a chocolate milkshake factory!
Dinner was another experiment ... strawberry semolina (well, a hot strawberry shake with some PH in it).
Edible is about the best I can say for it but you have to give these things a whirl!

Day one almost over .... bring on day two! :)
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hey chick... i'm paddling right here beside ya.... i'm only a day away.. as annie once sang lol

starting tomorrow and its for real this time...

good luck for the rest of the day... and well done for getting back on track...

i'm gonna be keeping me eye on ya :D :D :D :D and please feel free to whip my ass when i'm talking rubbish lol

take care
Good for you, Debbie!!!

We CAN beat this bluddy weight! It might take us a bit of time, but we WILL do it.

I'm with you, hun!

Thanks for the encouragement you angels! :)

... and Gen - we need to make sure we're in a suitable position to give each other mutual butt kickings if needed! ;)


Happily on CD
Hiya Debbie,

You and me both restarted afresh hunny. I'm on day 37 now and in my 'danger zone' ie; the weight I usually reach when I just disappear into the abyss - not this time though. This time I am going to stick it out and if I have a bad day or a bad week then so be it. I will repair that rung in my ladder and start climbing again ;)

Whizzy Issy is my complete inspiration - we started together the first time round and she's been at goal over a year now (? I think) - I'm still plodding along :rolleyes: .

Whatever happens Debbie, i will stay here this time and I will keep going on CD so you've got my support hunny and I will keep checking in on you :hug99:

I got some of those Healthspan PH's too and can't believe how yummy they are compared to the others - I don't even have to mix water flavouring in with them :D xx
Hey RD, great to have the master back. Hope the exams have gone ok for you, and you get what you want.

Ok, so SS is the way down for you, and guess what, this is your time! So head down eyes on the prize and lets get you through that lowest ever weight, onwards and downwards
Hey RD great to see you, I think we all need a good kick up the a**e. We should make a pact.
I so agree! Feel free to plant a well-placed boot if I go off track! (Wishful thinking about the bum in the picture by the way! Mine's a MUCH bigger target!)

Flipping eck look at that bum! LOL!!!!!

Hi RD.



Gold Member

I don't think I've actually posted to you before, but I'd like you to know, that when I first stumbled across Minimins on my pc one fateful night in February, my first stop was the gallery. The photos you'd posted were a great inspiration to me and helped me to decide that CD was the diet for me.

So thank you for being an inspiration and I'm so pleased that you are back on track.


I don't think I've actually posted to you before, but I'd like you to know, that when I first stumbled across Minimins on my pc one fateful night in February, my first stop was the gallery. The photos you'd posted were a great inspiration to me and helped me to decide that CD was the diet for me.

So thank you for being an inspiration and I'm so pleased that you are back on track.

Thank you so much for posting that Tracey - I really appreciate it and it's given me a real boost to stick with the diet this time until I get to goal! :)


Minimins gal x
Morning Debbie just popped by to day hello and to say well done for geting back on track.
Day 2 for u soon the ketosis fairy will be with ya and the rest will be plain sailing for u as we all know.
U r a strong and motivated lady and u will get to goal on no time at all.
How is uni going. Have a good day hun and take care x


jelly belly
hi debbie
well done for starting the cd again
your pics showed this diet works and definetly made me mor edetermioned to stick to it
good luck
all i can say thank god for minimins, at lesat we dont have to do this on our own

we can beat this together
kaz xxxx


Gold Member
Hi Debbie

Welcome back hun!

Good idea to start anew. What's done is done, and should be put behind you, but it can be changed - and that's the main thing. You are changing it.

Get the first week out of the way (as you know) and you'll be flying hun.
Thanks everyone for your kind comments :)

Roch - I've finished Uni for this year; I can hardly believe I've got the first year under my belt! I'm just waiting for the results of my exams & final essays to see what level I'm at ... should know at the end of the month. I think I've done enough to move onto the second level though (but being the person I am, I'm hoping to have done MORE than 'enough' :p )
It was a tough year and a steep learning curve but SO worth it - I've really enjoyed the experience so far.

Eclipse - You're always so positive and inspiring. You're right though ... events from the past (as far as weight gain is concerned) should be put behind us as there's nothing we can do about what has already happened. We can only strive to put it right.
We live our lives moving forward - we learn from looking back at the past: but we definitely shouldn't dwell there :)

Issy - Day 2 ... baby steps! I'm trying not to think 'only another 5 months to go ...' but instead am thinking about getting through today.
And TODAY I'm choosing to SS faultlessly - I know I can do that for just today :)

Brekkie was a large, hot toffee & walnut shake with a tsp of coffee added and a tsp of PH. The result was a big mug of something tasty and filling. Can't really compare it to anything in the 'real' world but it was yummy nonetheless.

I'm off to the Fort near me this morning to spend a few hours at my education volunteer job. We're still at the foundation stage, putting packages together to offer local schools.
More later ....
Heres to day to RD, course you can do it, you are so right with those baby steps, one at a time.

Have a great day today x
Wed 9th May

Day 2 is almost at an end and I'm doing 'ok'. It's a bit tough as hubby is away and we just hate being apart :( . Last night I had to resort to wearing socks in bed as my human hot water-bottle wasn't there: it made for a restless and uncomfortable night. Tonight I'm pinching my 11 year old's Winnie-the-pooh hot water bottle to keep my tootsies warm!

I'm pretty darned hungry - to be expected on day 2 with ketosis having not kicked in yet. Just a couple more days and hopefully things will ease. I managed 4L of water today which is good ... especially so as it's so darned cold here. Typically, my gas boiler is playing up and we have no heating: not usually a problem because hubby is a gas engineer but as I just said ... he's away til Friday. I didn't think I was going to need the heating again until the Autumn and turned it off weeks ago - now the darned thing won't turn on again! BAHH!!

I had my hot T&W shake with PH and coffee this morning, a hot chocolate at lunch and a big bowl of thick chicken and mushroom soup for dinner. I don't know what I'd do without PH!!
I'm getting serious cottage cheese withdrawals - don't laugh: I'm addicted to the stuff! :) Until I started on SS yesterday, I was having low-fat cottage cheese with sunflower seeds THREE TIMES A DAY!

Just goes to show that, eaten in copious amounts, even healthy food will cause weight gain. <sigh!>
Feast or famine - that's me! ;)

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