The Things People Say?

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  1. lass321

    lass321 Gold Member

    Please add to if you think of any:-

    It's easy, eat less exercise more.

    It's basic arithmetic use more calories than you eat you're bound to lose weight.

    At least fat people are always happy.

    You must be really greedy to get that big!
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  3. CatCrazy

    CatCrazy Gold Member

    The one i've heard a couple of times, when I was first trying to lose weight was "eat fewer calories, follow a 1800 cal diet and you'll see the difference soon" This was from my practise nurse and one of the GP's. They didn't bother looking at the fact that i'd easily maintained an 11 stone weight for 20 years. I was still gaining 3lb a month on 1800 cals but they look at you like you're bs'ing. I also had one practise nurse tell me "Never saw any fatties come out of Belsen did you" That was extremely offensive in my opinion.

    It is easy to come out with crap like that if you've never been both sides. I had an extremely slim friend who was constantly being told to eat more to put on weight. She was 5ft5 and had trouble keeping her weight above 7 1/2 stone. If she didn't shovel the food in like a "fattie" she could go as low as 6 stone. She ate for England, decent food, junk and did no exercise but just couldn't put any weight on oh and she HATED being called skinny. She used to rant that how come it was not politically correct to call large people fatties but it was fine to call very slim people skinnies.
  4. lass321

    lass321 Gold Member

    I agree some professionals do not like to admit they are wrong. I could not lose weight on 1800 either. I have heard the Belsen comment a few times too - and you are right very offensive.

    I agree being extremely slim must be just as frustrating, I'm sure people thought your slim friend with the good appetite was anorexic.
  5. lindseydodd408

    lindseydodd408 Gold Member

    Most of my mini friends are really supporting me on my journey, but they keep saying stupid things like if you lose 5 more stone there will be nothing left of you... er yes there will... in fact there will still be 10 1/2 stone left of me, you weigh 8 stone and clearly you still exist.

    Or another fav is "you must be a size 14 by now"... no clearly still a fatty attempting to squeeze into a very tight size 18.

    I did bite off the head of a really annoying skinny woman at work "I don't know how you can keep going to the gym, it all sounds so exhausting"... Not all of us can have the metabolism of a 12 year old, now sod off and eat your chips!!!

    Phew.. I like this, made me feel great, lol!!! x
  6. CatCrazy

    CatCrazy Gold Member

    Yes they did but i was with her from 8am til 6pm most days and believe me she ate!

    Dr's say there is no such thing as a high metabolic rate but she was the proof as far as i'm concerned
  7. CatCrazy

    CatCrazy Gold Member

    loving it :8855:
  8. lass321

    lass321 Gold Member

    Ha ha Lindsey, you really got your teeth into that lol! One of my friends keeps saying now don't lose too much. I don't want you to get ill. Obviously I am going to be really healthy if I stay obese!!
  9. stacy87

    stacy87 Silver Member

    One from my mum:

    "just coz it's there doesn't mean you have to eat it" Of course not mum, but if it's there and my willpower crumbles, I know I'm gonna go for the crap!

    And the typical "don't be silly, you're fine you don't need to lose weight" grrrrrrr
  10. lass321

    lass321 Gold Member

    One time a friend, without prior discussion about weight, handed me a 14 day diet sheet and said ' I thought you might be interested in this'.
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  11. CatCrazy

    CatCrazy Gold Member

    and you still call her a're goooood! :D
  12. lass321

    lass321 Gold Member

    Ha ha - it was actually a friend of my ex husband, now they are both 'ex'.
  13. gemmm

    gemmm Full Member

    I've had a few naturally slim people say to me "Oooh if you just do abit more walking you can still be able to eat what you like and lose weight. I don't believe in diets!!" Umm doesn't work like that for everyone. About a year ago I bumped into a girl I hadn't seen since I was at 6th form, so hadn't saw her for 6 years "Umm I don't know how to tell you this but you've gained some weight..." Really? I hadn't noticed I've gone up 3 dress sizes :rolleyes:
  14. CatCrazy

    CatCrazy Gold Member

    did you actually say that to her and if so did she appreciate your sarcasm.

    It really is stupid how people mention you wouldnt have noticed! I was with a bloke a couple of years ago when a female friend he hadnt seen in years turned up his words of greeting to her "blimey Jo you've piled on the timber girl" he earned a kicked ankle from me and the deadliest of stares from her
  15. gemmm

    gemmm Full Member

    No I didn't, I just mumbled "I know".
  16. Stellasmammy

    Stellasmammy Full Member

    Re: What skinny people say?

    "there's not a pickin' on you" Oh well sorry I beg to differ with about 40lb of pickin's to spare!!!
  17. treasureBelle

    treasureBelle Member

    From a tall skinny (but strong) male friend: "There's no way on earth you can be about 18 stone, because I can only lift my own bodyweight, and I can pick you up." [Said friend is about 11stone.] Told him that he's welcome to come along to the WW meeting with me to prove it, as he's convinced their scales must be wrong! :p

    Skinny female friend - harping on about her "love handles" and how "fat/huge" she is. :rolleyes: Shut up, you're nothing of the sort, stop showing off for attention! :mad:

    How it's always used in an argument - so predictable. "Rant rant rant, you fat _______, rant rant rant."
  18. Lynn_

    Lynn_ On A Mission!

    My husband would never say to me, 'you need to go on a diet'. He would say 'we need to go on a diet'

    Then he would promptly go to bed with bars of chocolates, bags of sweets and packet of peanuts and eat them next to me.

    However, he has taken to saying to me recently 'you need to stop buying clothes'

    hahahaha...................well what did he expect the result to be.
  19. Lulu22

    Lulu22 Member

    I guess they can only empathise to a certain extent if they haven't experienced it themselves. Also, as friends they have to push the whole 'oh it doesn't matter what size you are, it's all just superficial', but really it can have a massive impact on the way we think and feel
  20. PhoenixsHonour

    PhoenixsHonour Full Member

    My favourite skinny person saying: "I need to lose weight!" It's a favourite of my 5'5'', 9 stone sister who is incredibly pretty. And she's actually very very supportive, but grrrrrr.

    Also my mam (who isn't that thin) saying that I'll be too thin if I lost another six and a half stone. No, mam, I'll -just- be healthy.
  21. LVLLM

    LVLLM Gold Member

    that is disgusting.

    oh dont you hate people like that. My friend is majorly skinny, lovely thin legs but moans about her 'muffin top' people like that drive me mad!

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