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The tyranny of the scales

I used to weigh myself obsessively, every day without fail, first thing in the morning, then I'd weigh myself at night and go mad because I'd gained during the day, well Duh!!

My weigh in was always saturday morning, because I'd put on a bit over the weekend, don't know why really because, I always felt I ate better at the weekend. I'd go mad if I had a week where I didn't lose as well.

I hardly weigh at all these days, my belt buckle tells me how I'm doing.
I hate the damn things I really do. I don't know why I do it to myself.

I can fluctuate 4lb in a day, so maybe the scales are not the best way forward for me.

I'm with Bren and am going to stick with the tape measure.


Recovering chocoholic.
On the scales every morning I'm afraid, I also note down my weight. I know, I know.. In my home, my cat is king - well Queen really, my scales are - Prince & I am the scullery maid - or similar!! I have tried switching them off, taking out the battery, hiding them from myself, to no avail.. So sorry folks I admit it, I'm a scaleaholic!! The peculiar thing is, I am losing very little weight & no inches anywhere that I can see but
today I got out some old trousers that I'd 'grown' out of about a year ago & I can fasten them. Hanging in a wardrobe doesn't stretch them I don't think, so I can only guess I have lost a little girth somehow.
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Note it down. LOL I put it in an excel spreadsheet and had fancy graphs and everything. Jeez!


Recovering chocoholic.
Oh Jim, I'd forgotten about graphs, I used to use them at work but for sales figures, now you've got me going, I've still got some graph paper somewhere!!!
I too jump on them every morning! Damn things, i love to hate them and also hate to love them (i think that makes sense!?)

This morning was showing a 3.8lb loss since mon morning's official wi which is just ridiculous. Must be the bacardi last night doing wierd things.
LOL Laura, another one. PMSL

but it might be a real loss as well Claire.

hey this thread is about the Tyranny of the scales!!
Scales are so fickle and partial, so why do I feel the need to always do a Wednesday check before the proper Friday one? Why do I still feel a little aggrieved when its totm? Why can I jump on feeling slim, and jump off having mentally gained 20lb? Terrible, terrible pieces of machinery which should be relegated to the wheelie bin post haste (after I've weighed myself again)
Well it is quite strange in my household, I weigh everyday and it works well for me, I don't worry about what they say but I learn a lot from them, my Mrs weighs about once every two months lol, she hates weighing herself, btw she just has and she has lost 3 stone since early March :) so proud of her.
Looking great Hellraiser!
Ooh I def agree about the tyrrany of the scales! I use the wii fit for my weigh-ins now, as you have to load it up etc, so I tend not to bother more than twice a week. And it creates a nice graph too!

But mostly, I have a rather lovely black pencil skirt which I can only get into when I'm thin - it's a better motivator and more 'honest' than the scales!
Hey well done to the OH's.

Odd isn't it, I can't believe now how obsessed I was with the scales.
I'll admit sometimes I can get a bit obessed with the scale. i have 2 scales a digital one and just the regualr one. I said I'm going to weigh only once a week but I end up doing it almost everyday but it motivates me.

I'm going to pull out my measuring tape now and write down my measurements

Lady Marmalade

Bad girl warning...
Well my scales are *right there* as I'm getting dressed each morning but I'm pretty good at resisting their lure, and only weigh myself once a week on a Friday morning. Trouble with that is, I start to get increasingly anxious from about Tuesday onwards with the anticipation. By Thursday night I'm really dreading it. Really don't have high (or low?) hopes for this week, there has been some vodka. :break_diet:

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