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The Wardrobe Paradox


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So whist being a little bored at work and keeping everything crossed that i will be going on a date with Mr Wonderful tomorrow night I started going through my wardrobe figuring out what to wear in my mind (i went through my wardrobe in real life at the weekend so that only clothes that i fit into were hanging up) and i noticed something,

I have clothes ranging from size 22 to size 14 in my wardrobe. All of which fit me well. I have things from the same shop in there too which may be different sizes but fit me equally well!

I was wondering what other people's wardrobes are like. Is this something that people who have never been as big as i was have found? Those of you who have done so wonderfully and reached goal, do you still find you fit into a million and one sizes too? Or have you shunned all the big sizes to Oxfam?

I'm just curious as at this rate if i get my date i will be wearing size 16 trousers, a size 22 top and a size 14 blazer....... :D

Kate x
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I have clothes ranging from a size 10 - 16 which I wear regularly! I don't think I'll ever be one size in every shop!
It's rubbish for ordering online as I still don't know what size I truly am!!
I have all sorts... mainly because I don't care what size the label says, I try everything on. I have size 20 H&M work trousers that are the same size as size 16 New Look ones... I have medium tops from Urban Outfitters where a large is a size 14!! A Topshop size 16 is easily a 12/14 in M&S or Dorothy Perkins!! Gah!
I have clothes from size 10 to 24, I started at a size 10 obviously and then gained alot of weight and ended up size 24, now I am now working my way back down again and at the moment I am an 18


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I've got two tops from M&Co in a medium..One fits the other is a little tight!!!! Weird
Lol I threw out everything bigger than a 14 just for the principal of the thing :) and I'm refusing to buy anything from the 5/6 stores that claim I'm a 16/18 haha. I'm actually a 12 in some shops and a 14 in the majority but I have had problems getting into a 16 in some places!!!

To be fair tho I've mostly been shopping at asda coz it's cheap an cheerful and I don't mind so much when it gets too big!!

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I have dumped the majority of my size 16/18 stuff at the local charity shop on principle but have kept a few size 16 tops that still fit (though they looked better when I was bigger to be honest). Most of the bigger stuff is horribly stretched out of shape far beyond it's actual size. I am a size 10/12 in bottoms now but still sometimes a 14 on top so my wardrobe is all over the shop!
I currently buy size 20 for pretty much everything except tops that have no stretch in then I go for a 22, usually works for me

But it's def true that you can fit into allsorts of sizes depending where you shop :)
I find I've bought allsorts in sales that are the wrong sizing. Instead of looking for my own size I look at how big the clothes are and if I think they might fit, I try them on.

The stuff I bought last week is lovely but the dress that says 'size 10' would drown someone who was really that size. So I've got nice new clothes and because I haven't paid a fortune for them when I lose weight I won't mind if they end up too big for me.



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i have clothes ranging from a xsmall to large, size 4's to 10's....

all different shops.
Hello I was a lot bigger in 2009 wore size 16-18 clothing now I'm in size 12 I 'no' longer have any old clothes all my clothes are 10-12 so heading back into my 10,s for sure. I refuse to buy any bigger than a 12!!

Good luck everyone x
I have three sizes of clothes in my wardrobe - 10, 12 and 16.

I was a 16 and dropped to a 10/12 for a few years. Then I started gaining weight. I finally realised that I was not a 12 anymore, when nothing fitted - I went shopping, I realised that I really needed a 16/18.

Now I am losing weight, I have found I still have no size 14 clothes. My size 16 trousers are too big, the 12's are really tight, but I will keep wearing the 12's as hopefully they will fit better in a month or two.

I intend to give all my size 16's to charity. Lets hope I am not buying more in a few years time!

Kate has inspired me to clear out my wardrobe. It only contains 20% of clothes which fit. Half the clothes I will never wear, so I should donate them.