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things that motivate us on our journey :D

hey guys i was just adding a comment on a post about trousers being loose and i thought it would be lovely to have a little thread about thinks that motivate us like getting into smaller trousers, moving down a buckle on a belt etc whos got some..

i love when i take a pic and dont have a obvious chin in it ha
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Must agree! Photos are becoming less painful to look at :)

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Last week I was moaning that i couldnt go out cos i had nothing to wear , my sis in law said , sure just run up and have a look in my wardrobe for something - i nearly took off in exitement !! I'm small enough to borrow other people's clothes now :)


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I've keep a pair of trousers I had bought for my mum's funeral :( because I was too fat for any others. It was January 8th 2010. I put them on yesterday & they fell off. It really felt as if I had lost nearly 3 stone :) I will get a photo of me in them :D
I have a couple of really major goals that are motivating me - firstly I was chosen to model for the Help for Heroes 2012 calendar, and oh boy, I need to get in shape for that one - the shoot is in August *yelp*, and I just cannot let anyone down by being too podgy :(

Secondly, my OH is currently on tour in Afghanistan, and when he gets back (late November) we are off on holiday to Madeira... I need to be able to wear a *gorgeous* bikini, and I have to look my best for him after all he is going through.
Some powerful motivations here. My main one right now is that I'm getting fitted for my wedding dress in mid-August. But the other motivations - aside from the vanity of just wanting to look good and wear the clothes I actually like - is the increase in confidence I hope it brings, and the need to be a good role model for my kids. If they developed weight issues because of watching me yo-yo diet and binge I would never forgive myself and it is time to start practising what I preach.
I went to a swimming pool a few weeks ago, and it had a jacuzzi as part of the main pool. I got in and enjoyed the lovely bubbles, but as I got out I was aware that a group of teenage boys were laughing at me. Just thinking of that spurs me on :-(


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I've been on a self-destruct mode for the last 5 years and just couldn't pull myself out of it - but, something just clicked in May and for the first time dieting seems possible. Over those 5 years I've developed the body of a 90yr old in terms of health, stamina and arthritis. I am now sick of the pain - and having a pain-free life is my MOTIVATION!!!
great motivations there everyone. i have quite a lot of old clothes i havent fit into in ages. as for the self distruction i totally get that but no longer ay. i really want to start wearing lovely short dresses again i have great legs but the pot belly is a bit of a attention grabber so i want that gone


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I have a few designer clothes that i bought over 10 years ago when i was flush, young and skinny. Once i fit into those i have to stop losing to make the most of them:D


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I too have kept a pair of trousers I had a job interview in last year. They are a size 24, and yesterday I got into a size 18 trouser. It's nice to see that visibility, it makes it so worthwhile. Also looking at photo's from last summer (that I daren't post on Facebook), compared to my latest ones on Facebook, I actually like seeing myself on photo's now

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