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Thinking of doing Lipotrim but scared!

Hi all

I am debating starting lipotrim, have various issues with foods and struggling with all other 'diets' so feel cutting food out might be the way to go.

Have read all your posts and you all seem so positive (which is fab!).

I have a few questions if you don't mind...

Are the drinks really pallatable? Am worrying about starting and then finding I hate every single drink lol

How hungry do you get over the first few days?

How rough did you feel over the first days?

My brother and I work together and we are thinking about doing it together as he has weight to lose too.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Sarah xx

(oh and please ignore the weigh in signature I can't work out how to get rid of it)
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The shakes are quite nice actually, you will get hungry but sort that with drinking loads of water. Yes you will feel a little rough, how rough can depend, everyone is different.
Try one week and see how you go. I think if you contact LT they may send you some samples of shakes but that may be just the refeed ones, give them a call and see what they say. Maybe chemist could sell you one pack to try, no harm in asking hth


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Hi Sarah, welcome to the forum :)
Well first thing is first you really have to want it because that thought will get you thru the first few days. Everyone of course is different and you might find you breeze thru...there are a few things you can do to make the transition easier, firstly cut out the carbs for a few days before, it is the carb withdrawal that makes you feel rough. Start drinking more water than usual cos this is what you will have to get used to on Lt, and the fact that you may be doing this with your brother is fab especially as you are working together.
The first weigh in will be the inspiration that you need to keep you going to the next week and so on...no other diet gives you the same results as quickly and if your anything like me the thought of losing 2 lbs here and there just doesn't keep me on the straight and narrow...this is most certainly the best time of year to begin, think spring and summer you could be stones lighter :)
You will get all the help and support you need here, good luck hun xx


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Last year, I lost two stone 2 pounds on Lt. I went on to lose another stone with healthy eating. Yes I put a few pounds on at christmas, but I am tackling that. I found this diet great, it took me 8 weeks to lose the weight and I felt much better on holiday. I found the first couple of weeks hard, but its worth it. Drink plenty of water, I liked sparkling water, come on this forum for support. Keep yourself busy, a little light exercise is ok, but let your body get used to LT first.
Positives you see the weight drop off, My skin improved, and felt much healthier after first week or two.
Negatives can be hard,
you may get constipated so be prepared for this.
People may say you are crazy, dont listen do what you want
People will say you will put it all back on. Well I have been off LT nearly year now and it has not happened. 'It will though if you go back to your old ways'. Shakes soups and bars are personal taste so you will just have to try them.
Good luck xx
I will admit the first few days I found the shakes very hard to get down ... you will not believe me but after tabout a week you will actually enjoy them !! When you first start your taste bubs are used to sugar and carbs and all the things the shakes dont have !! so it takes a while but I love them now !! You will also find the best way for you .. like I have specific amounts of water I use in the different shakes .. and I hate them with ice .. which is how some people like them ... find your own preferences :)
The first week is tough .. although I didnt find it is hard as I expected ... the feeling of not giving in to that craving is amazing and kept me going .. I have never felt in control of my eating before .. and it is an amazing feeling :)
Get past the first week and it flies .. i feel like I have only just started .. but I am on week 14 already .. you can do it and it works :)
Good luck to you both and keep comingon here for support and motivation
I didn't realise it was carb withdrawal that made you feel rough, generally don't eat a huge amount of carbs anyway but will cut down.

Another question... if I go to the pharmacy to hopefully enrol do you start there and then or does it take a while?

You all seem a lovely bunch of people :eek:) thank you for helping me!


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Hi Sparklycat

I am glad you are asking lots of questions and even worried, because it means you are taking the time to really get your head around the diet and not mess around.

I was a bit like you a few years ago when I wanted to start. I have to admit I couldnt stomach the shakes....I had to hold my nose and down them in one! Although, at that time I was mixing exactly 240ml of water and it was just gross. I gave up! It took another year and about a good few stone heavier before I tried again.

This time around my head and heart were in allignment and I didnt find the shakes repulsive! I enjoyed them :) I do adapt them..only by chopping up icecubes (around 16) into almost soft snow, then pop in the choc shake, and around 300-400ml of cold water and blitz!! It has the consistancy of a McD's and I am known to call them that! My shakes are better I think! I really look forward to them and not just because this is all I am having..I enjoy the taste.

The soup is an acquired taste and I blitz this with around 500ml of hot water and it is much better and thinner than the recommended 240ml of water.

To be honest, it is trial and error at the beginning.....I would ask the pharmacist for a few samples. Some give, some dont; just depends.

When you go to the pharmacist, they should give you a DVD that you must watch before embarking on LT; I took mine back the next day and started right there and then.

The best advice I can give is be positive.....dont look back and keep focussed with your ultimate goal in mind as you will get days where you are struggling.

You will feel a bit rough, and I got through that by starting on a Friday, and then the sat and Sun I had a few naps in the day as I felt really lightheaded and just plain knackered with no energy whatsoever.

I feel hungry most of the time, but I honestly dont mind this because I hate the feeling of fullness and bloatedness so the hunger is ok. It isnt painful hunger, just empty hunger and I drink sparkly water (what I all my champagne) to keep the real hunger feelings at bay.

You sound as though you are ready to tackle your weight and food issues head on! Go for it, but do use this time wisely. I am now attending an Eating disorder course alongside LT as I have issues too.

Keep coming onto the forum; this is a great place to get help and to help!

Look forward to hearing how you get on but dont expect the worst, just keep thinking how much weight you are going to lose in the long run.....

Take care


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hey i cant really add any more to what everybody else has said,,especially scotsmist!...all i can say is that this is where all the lipotrimmers are hiding, this is where its at and this is where you must come if you need support, theres so much bad press and not enough good press about this diet.. what you have to realise is it does work . what gp and chemist and nhs would do it if it harms you. you could say theyre in for the money but then sure why dont they support every other diet. this does work and with determination to get where you want to be you will get there. its great you have somebody to do it with too when times get tough.
its a little hard in the beginning mainly around week 3/4 most people feel like theyre being tested as the novelty has worn off but theyre still losing weight. jsut wait till your first weigh in..
keep asking us questions this is where youll find out everything you need to know! best of luck on what you decide...x


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1st week is tough but 1st weigh in is so rewarding, the rest just take day by day and look forward to the new slimmer you,good luck:)


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I cant add anything other than whats already been said, except good luck :) Its the best thing i have ever done :) xxx


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Hiya and welcome. I can only echo what all have said above. Biggest advice - come on here to get inspiration, have a moan or just a general old chit chat and before your know it you will be at goal and a happier healthier you.



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Hello Sarah!!

I cant add much more than what has already been said!

Best of luck to you and your brother what ever you guys decide to do! xxx


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Don't be scared! If you stick to the rules LT works! Like Summergurl it is the best thing I have ever done!
Good luck - we'll all be here to give you help/encouragement when you need it.