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Can anyone please advise if I can eat my third super free after my meal? For example, can I have a Batchelors tomato & herb pasta and sauce (free) then eat a couple of portions of super free fruit afterwards?

I don’t normally have probs incorporating the third super free with my evening meal, I just find it hard on occasional days when I haven’t made my lunch the night before.

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I think this is generally accepted as a way of incorporating superfree foods! It's the only way I can do it because I don't really like many veg :)


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You wont go far wrong if you aim to make 1/3 of your overall daily food intake super free. I often have meals that I can't really include 1/3 SF with, but in the course of a day I generally hit 1/2 - 2/3 SF, in total.
Q:Is a third of a plate of Superfree Food mandatory?

A: No, we'd never insist you eat in a way that might not suit you. However, we encourage you to include a third of a plate of Superfree Food to keep Extra Easy extra low energy density (low calorie), extra satisfying and extra healthy to optimise weight loss.

(I interpret that to mean try your best with the 3rd superfree but on occasion when it is just impractical, there is no point in forcing it if you do it most of the time)


Will be thin god dammit!!
As Cp says - if you can then do but the times it isnt practical i always eat lots of superfree after or during the day and its working x


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Thanks, Cocktail Princess. I would rep you, but have to spread it about a bit.
Thanks guys, just one more question, do I have to have 1 third meat and 1 third carb or can I have just the pasta and sauce with super free fruit? x
But if I didn't have meat would that not make it a green day, therefore I'd have to keep the whole day green?? Confused.com!!
The only difference between a Green day and having an Extra Easy day but not having any meat is that on a Green day you get two Healthy Extras on A and B lists, whereas on an EE day you have one of each. I started doing EE all the time at first, but because I don't eat a lot of meat I was basically doing Green with 2 Healthy Extras - which is why I switched to Green so I can have more! Yes I'm greedy!
thanks everyone, I'm finding it a bit tought to get me head around EE. I'm normally red and green girl but thought I would try and shake things up. I just thought that you had to have 1 third meat and carbs then super free, that's the advice given by my C anyway. I haven't brought lunch today so thought I'd grab a pasta and sauce for ease but panicked as I'm not following the third rule. Done green anyway I'll try again tomorrow!


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No, I think you've maybe misunderstood what she means, or maybe she was 'suggesting' that's how an EE plate might look. If you have 1/3 SF you could have 2/3 carbs (I often do!) or 2/3 meat, if that's what floats your boat.

Don't get too bogged down by figures and portions/proportions. Just eat as 'normally' as possible [you're not on a diet, you're on SW], being sure to incoorporate 1/3 SF into your days.
Ahhh I see! So you can have pretty much any free food be it red/green or both as long as you have a third super free be it veg or fruit with every meal - I think it's finally clicked! lol x


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well thats made it much clearer for me, i was struggling getting my head around the ee, thanks x


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For the first time in my life I think I had over half a plate of veg for tea tonight. I had Carrots, Peas, Brocolli and Cauliflower - and ate the lot! MIRACLE. So much for my comment about not eating veg... xxx


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Glad it's clicked. It's not as complicated as some descriptions would make you think! lol


shrinking granny
you see, this is where I get totally confused.

s = speed

ss = super speed

whats superfree :confused::confused::confused:

and...... where would you find a list of them

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