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This dieting business is costing me a fortune!


Rebel without a calorie
I've just had to go shopping to buy a new handbag - to go shopping with!
Now this may seem silly (probably mainly to the men!) but as I'm going to be out for a full day next Friday I needed a new bigger bag with a long, cross the body strap to allow for carrying all those girly essentials plus a bar and a bottle of water :)
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lol!!! I can see with you totally!x
Shopping shopping shopping, a swear word in any mans vocab.

I have one pair of work shoes, 1 pair of going out shoes and a pair of flip flops. 2 pairs of jeans, a few shirts and thats about it really.
Thanks Calli, no, I am not for fancy clothes and new shoes, etc etc.
I walk around in shorts at home, even in the winter, if I go to the shop it is in shorts and flip flops. I am very very easy to shop for. You will not find me shopping for clothes other than work clothes.
You go girl lol

I love shopping.....but im not a bad shopper, i know what i want and i go get it lol.

Mark get treatin yourself at least to some nice new shorts....ur gonna need them once ur done!
No, everyone would run a mile, even with the new bod. I have 6 pairs of rugby shorts and they might have to be replaced by new ones but that will it, other than work clothes
I will treat Arlene, of course, but no I will stay with what I have got. I still have a pair of my old jeans that I have not worn for 4 years, size 36's, so they should be OK. That is my goal size so hopefully they will fit. I have to admit though that for the 1st time I am seriously battling today, had a dodgy tummy earlier and am now bloody hungry.
Hi Calli, I will be fine, I have serious will power and I have my missus telling me to hang in there, I also do want to let anyone down and do not want to have that guilty feeling.


is slowly shrinking
like i say mark, u have more than me, i take my hat off to ya. I find each day hard lately and don;t know how much longer i can keep this up for, to be honest. I am trying believe me, god i want this so much, but the cravings are so intense.
wish i could have your mindset, yr so strong. A big well done to you xxx