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This is the last time .......


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Okay guys;

As of tomorrow, I will be restarting CD, hopefully for the last time. I did decide to go another way a couple of months ago, but that did not really work - many reasons, far too many and personal to go into here. Anyway, everything is sorted out (I hope), and I am ready to go for it again. I am back in a job, and after 5 weeks am now well enough established that I can "calm down" and focus some of my attention back onto myself and what I need. I have also (almost) recovered from a bad pectoral muscle pull, which I can assure anyone who has not had to experience such a thing, is very painful indeed :( For 3 weeks now I have had stabbing pains across my chest, back, down my spine, and in my neck. The problem with such things is that you always tend to favour the painful area, sit in strange ways, and as a result the problem gets worse and spreads ..... Naturally, the fact that I could hardly move without winceing put me out of action exercise wise 100%, just as I was getting into a routine as well. My trainer was all for lightening the exercise regime and "working through it" ..... I told him what he could do with that idea :D. Looking back, it may have been better to follow his advice, but hindsight is a wonderful thing.

Any way, a combination of lack of exercise, continuing to eat as I was, comfort eating because of feeling unwell and wishing I could crawl into a corner and die quietly, meant that the route I had chosen did not work for me at that time. Food very much became my demon again.

I have learnt a lot about myself over the past few weeks, and now have to face the fact that I really do still have a problem with food. In bad times I invariably turn to it to mask the problems that I have. I have done it 2 or 3 times in the past year. I now need to take my own advice that I have given out in this very forum ..... using food to mask a problem is only a temporary solution. Once you have eaten the food, the problem is still there as big, bad, and ugly as it was before, only now you are heavier and feeling bad obout that too. Food has got to me for the last time. This time I will break its hold on me once and for all, and I will not turn to it again. I will get to target, and I will stay there.

Tomorrow is a new day, and a new start.

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Your head sounds like it is in the right place to succeed. Good luck with your restart tomorrow. :)
well done

well done steve for making the step to come back and as you sound so so determined to do it this time you will do it.
sorry to here about your injury and i hope you are back fighting fit very soon
Good on ya Steve !!

2008 will be the year you get (& stay!!!) to goal.....

keep us posted.....

Debz xx


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You are all right - my head is back in the right place, and I will get back to where I was. It all went wrong for me from April when I was made redundant, but that is all behind me. The new company I work for is brilliant, and looking back now I did not realise how low I had sunk staying where I was ..... It feels so great to be happy again, and I actually look forward to going to work .... how sad is that? No more hating Fridays because in a couple of days it will be Monday again!! :)

I start tomorrow, and I will set up my new ticker once I have an official weigh-in with my CDC. The first week's loss will not be massive based on the official weigh-ins as I will already be in ketosis before my first weigh-in .....


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Good Luck with the restart Steve, and ouch! for the muscle pull! New day, new start new life!


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Good luck with your restart tomorrow. I restarted today and it's not been as bad as I imagined! Vx
Well, today is going okay. Not as bad as as I imagined it would be at all. I have just flipped into SS mode, and all is well. 4 litres (almost) of water gone, and only 1 pack so far - so plenty to fill me up later :)

I have had folks around me all day eating, and it has not phased me at all. I even sat in the canteen chatting whilst people ate their lunch.

My head is obviously back in the right place this time, and I mean business. I just hope it stays this way, though I doubt it will :(

I even phoned my CDC and arranged to nip over for a start-up weigh-in which I was not going to bother with, so I now have the starting point, and updated ticker, and a big first week loss to look forward to ...
I have just realised .... today is the 2 year anniversary of me starting LighterLife. That means that 2 years ago to the day I was 18st 5lbs. That makes me happier, as even though I have stupidly put weight back on, at least I am still over 4st lighter than I was ......
Well, day #2 draws to a close without a hitch. Should reach K-Land tomorrow.

Can't help thinking about food all the time though. I just keep thinking to myself "Not long till lunch", or some such craziness. I think it is my devious chatterboxes starting on their de-railing tactics.

They will not win this time though. No breaking for me.
Well done you!

Will watch your progress with interest ;)

Tough day today. Felt hungry for virtually the entire time, and have a pounding headache that nothing can shift (non-medicinal - tried 4-Head etc etc). Just as a matter of interest, what (if anything) can we take for headaches, colds etc whilst SS?? The reason I ask is that I thnk this might keep me awake tonight, and I have the feeling that I may be starting a cold on top of it all ..... or maybe that is just the carb-withdrawal as well ....

Anyway, have still not broken, nor been tempted. My head is definitely in the right place this time, even if it is thudding :)


To infinity and beyond!
S: 23st7lb C: 15st13.5lb G: 14st7lb BMI: 32.1 Loss: 7st7.5lb(32.07%)
Hi Steve,

Hope your head is feeling better today and you managed to get some sleep. :)
Rough night last night (sleep-wise), and am feeling the effects now. Still have a headache, but not so bad, and it was deffo a cold starting :(

Anyway - I had forgotten how much harder the weekends were, with no structure to the day and no work as such to take your mind off stuff. Today is hell. My chatterboxes are working overtime. I am not at all hungry today, which is a good thing (even though still not registering in ketosis), but I so want to eat. I won't, but all I can think about at the moment is what I cannot have. I don't know what is making it so tough this time - I found it so easy on SS when I did it two years ago ..... why so hard now?? Also, last time I was SS I was playing squash, badminton, going up the gym etc etc all the way through. This time I have hardly any energy at all - just walking home with the shopping flaked me out. It was deffo not like this last time. Does anyone know if this diet is just tougher when you start at a lighter weight ???

I have not dared get on any scales, just in case I do not like what I see and it pushes me over the edge.

I am off for a sleep now - I can do no damage whilst I am asleep :)
One day at a time .....

Well, I have made it to day #5 without breaking - that is a bit of an achievement. Still waiting for it to get easier though :)

Still have a pounding headache, had very little sleep, and still not registering in ketosis on the stix. That is all a bit of downer, but I am staying focussed. I suppose I could jump on the scales just to reassure myself that it is worth putting myself through this agony, but then I would be (once again) breaking the advice I have given to others - only get weighed on your CDC's scales!

Luckily, one plus point is that the cold does not seem to have taken a major hold on me and appears to be receeding already. Hopefully it will be gone by the morning and will have taken this damn headache with it. I don't think I could stand another entire day sat in front of a computer screen with a thudding head .... I also hope that the illness is having some effect on me reaching ketosis. Methinks maybe I am putting too many eggs in one basket here :)

Anyhow, onward and downward ......

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