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This is the time of day I struggle...


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My little boy won't go to bed (school hols), i'm resentful cos this is supposed to be Mummy time. I WANT to chill with a glass of wine (did I say glass? I meant bottle). I'm tired and grumpy and I want to go to the fridge.

I'm a habitual re starter, forever falling off the wagon, over eating to cope with any emotion that comes over me. I've got a lot of work to do.

How do you all cope with times like these?

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Oh hun, I feel for you, I really do. As a mother of a 2 yr old I know what you mean about mummy time! But know that you WILL get your mummy time - it might not be tonight but hopefully tomorrow. Is your son old enough to give you a bit of space so you can have some 'me' time?


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Yes he is old enough, he is 5, but then I feel guilty i'm not 'doing' things with him as he is an only child. But then he should be in bed!

Thank goodness he is asleep now, but I hate having stern words at bedtime.

It is easier than when he was two though:D.

Still trying to get my head around EE, seem to still reach for the quorn when doing curries etc, its like I've got a pathological fear of combining red and green lol x
normally instead of eating i play the piano but at night i cant do that as people dont like being woken up by it suprisingly.and im a bit of a night owl and get hungry at night a lot.so normally i make myself something sweet with fruit.maybe add in a mullerlight and a mini merangue.its lovely and sweet and only 1 syn.after that i feel happy i didnt binge and then i can move on.


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Oh Huney! Yes I have the t-shirt for turning to food and wine when I'm stressed. It's taken a long time, but finally something clicked and I realised that doing it a) didn't solve the problem and b) left me feeling disgusted at my lack of control and miserable. It was a cycle that had to be broken. Now if I come home from work seething I get into my workout gear and burn my frustrations with exercising. It lifts my mood and it's making inroads into my fat! Now this is easy for me to do without a child (my baby is 33!), but during the hols could you go for a brisk walk with him, play football, if you have a wii there are now exercise games, and basically tire him out! Yes you need "you" time. Does he have a bedtime? Do you stick to it? Bath, story and then he has to either go to sleep, or they have cd's of childrens meditations that could be played to him. 30 years ago there was no negotiation with children like there is today! My word was law! Old fashioned, but it worked.
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I feel for you hun, I hate the school holidays cos I feel like "my space/me time"has been encroached on big time. I have 3 chiddiwinks 19, 16 & 14, and they are just constantly around. Not all 3 together most of the time, but at least one of them from the time they get up till after I have gone to bed. I have learned to just gritt my teeth and wait for the hols to pass and get back to normal routine, but it is soo hard not to get stressed and comfort eat. You will get your time, but make sure that you give your baby the time first cos they will only pick up on the vibes that you are stressed and it goes round in a vicious circle then. Better to sit on the sofa with your baby having a cuddle and watching telly, and drinking your wine than trying to get them to bed when they just won't go lol.

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