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*** thrilling tuesday daily thread***

Good morning all

I must be heading into ketosis as I have had a strange burst of energy, or maybe I am just strange ha ha!
We have previously had a terrific Tuesday and probably a thinning Thursday, so today has been unilaterally declared to be thrilling?!
My thrill will hopefully be to complete day 3 of my restart - once that happens I will feel confident that I am totally back on track.
Hope that everyone has a very good 'blip-free' day:devilangel:x
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Ohhhh daily thread...think ill be stalking this all day lol!

2nd day of restart for me, and im at work...have pre-made shakes in the fridge at work, you think thats ok? got vanilla and chocolate mint!
Im working 7am-7pm so will have a nice warm soup before i go to bed! I hope i stick to this cos work is where i munch!

question: does any1 drink a fizzy drink (diet) for a burst of energy? x


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Morning all! I'm feeling positive about today, felt a bit munchy yesterday but managed to fight it. I've got my gym induction this afternoon, I'm actually really looking forward to getting back to it. I signed up a week ago but have had to wait this long for the induction, annoyingly. I think you should be able to sign a form that says I've previously had an induction, I know how to use the equipment, I don't want an induction and accept any liability for personal injury that comes from misuse of the equipment. But nevermind. Going to try and go 3-4 mornings a week, it's also a 20 min walk there and a 20 min walk back. So all in all, should do me good. Hopefully will boost my losses, even if it's more the inches than the pounds!


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Morning all! Sounds like you all have busy days planned!

I'm back on SS today (well gonna try) my CDC has banned me eating meat because 'I abused the permission to!' She gave me the good kick up the arse that I needed, so I know I'll be fine at work, but I'll be around lots this evening for a nice distraction!!!

Wish me luck and have a great day!! xx


Slimming down the aisle
2nd day of restart for me, and im at work...have pre-made shakes in the fridge at work, you think thats ok?
You're meant to drink them within 15 minutes of making them. The problem is that after 15 minutes, the nutrients in them start breaking down. So you can't really pre-make them. Personally I used to use a sports shaker... Maximuscle Shaker 700ml: Amazon.co.uk: Sports & Leisure That way, just take it with the water in, when you're about to have it, add the powder, give it a good shake and it's fine. Personally I had no problems with one of them, didn't get lumps or anything.

question: does any1 drink a fizzy drink (diet) for a burst of energy? x
You're not really meant to have diet drinks because the citric acid in them can kick you out of ketosis. While ketosis doesn't effect your losses at all, it does help in that it stops you feeling hungry. So it's up to you what you decide really. I know some people are fine with having them, and some people say it's a no no. So it's your personal decision. I had them personally and it was fine, but then I'm not sensitive to being kicked out of ketosis, and I'm not all that fussed about ketosis anyway as long as I'm losing.


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Good luck Clare!!
Morning all :) sounds like everyone's raring to go this Thrilling Tuesday morning!

Caroline - good luck with the induction, with all that exercise AND the walking there and back, you'll be fading away!

Hoping - last time I did CD I was told that I could have one can of Coke Zero a day because it's different acid than Diet Coke. However, I spoke to my CDC last night and that's no longer the case grrr. I'm gutted because I don't drink tea or coffee so it was a nice change from the water (don't think much of the flavourings). Might have one on a Saturday night as a treat as I know it doesn't knock me out of ketosis.

Have a great day all xxxxx
Yeah thats what i was thinking, because im on a 12 hour shift and as its a day shift its not to bad but im on nights thurs n fri so i know i will need a lil sumthin to get me thru id rather that than crisps lol!

Oh ill have my shakes and hope they keep me satisfied and my bro has a sports shaker thingy so ill grab that off him tonight! Didnt want to bring in a blender or whisk and have to explain what im doing then have few people talkin behind my back as had it b4...she will put it back on etc lol


Can hug her knees :)
Morning everyone. Well here I am and raring to go on day 1 of my restart after an unplanned wobble yesterday, I'm off work for the rest of this week was looking forward to getting my nails and stuff done but my son is poorly today and is off nursery so that plan is out of the window, although he seems to of perked up no end since 9 lol if he wasn't too young I'd be convinced he was faking first thing lol
hope everyone has a great day xx


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Morning all! Good luck today everyone. I had a massive craving for ham last night and resisted so am feeling very smug this morning.
morning ladies

I am here 1 shake down and the water is a flowing so lets hope it stays that way. I have been wii fitting all week I am still madly in love with it so I hope that feeling stays.
morning my lovelies! day one of re-start went well for me, sneeked on to the scales this morning and i'm umpteen lb's less than i was before the weekend of doom so i may have had a very lucky escape methinks! learnt my lesson though, xmas is racing towards us and i cant afford to go off plan again. not if i want to look hot in the wee black number i've got hanging up behind the bedroom door ;) i may have to carry the dress around with me for added determination, hmm....
hope you all have a fantastical day! my wee one's being entertained with a dvd so i'm off for a shower and some fake tanning, de-fuzzing, nail-doing pampering etc. good luck with the gym caroline, wish i had the motivation to work out! have a good 12 hour shift hoping2losebig, guru - well done for resisting the pig parts, blingbabe, rudles, penguin and kat - have an ace fat fighting day! xx
Minx my CDC told me to take a photo of my xmas dress and put it on my water bottle, fridge, work desk and on my phone for extra motivation.
Fab rainbows in Swansea this morning - that kinda cheered me up!
I've forgotten my 2litre bottle of fizzy water today - grrrrr - v. annoyed with myself. We have a brita water filter thingy in the office, so that will have to do today.
Had a bit of a picky day yesterday - didn't go over the top, but I was far from perfect. Hoping for better today.
Have a great day everyone!
I'm having an identity crisis re: clothes, especially "party" clothes. I've worn black this and black that for sooooo long, i really don't know what I should - or could - be wearing.

And whether I should actually put my legs on show. Oh what a dilemma!

LV30 go shopping pick out lots of thing you wouldn't normally wear and try them on you may be surprised. My sister and I play this game when we are shopping where you have to find an outfit you wouldn't wear or are scared to wear and we have to try it on with our safe clothes and just see how it looks some were horrible but some we took home. Remember it doesn't cost anthing to try it on.


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Definitely bring out the legs! If you feel uncomfortable in bright colours for now, how about a black dress, and jazz it up with brighter accessories etc?
Friend of mine went to the personal shopper at Next - apparently the shopper doesn't actually cost anything :)

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