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Morning All!

Well, what an early start for me this morning! Husband got back from work around 1.30am and woke me up. My little boy was in our bed tossing and turning and I just couldn't get back to sleep after that.

Now my husband and sister in law (who also lives with us) have got up to cook as ramadan starts today.

Wide awake now so will probably just have a shower and get on with some cleaning or something! oh the joy!

Weigh in at 9am so will let you all know how i get on

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Morning folks,

Good luck Jodiejojo on weigh in this morning.

Just about to go and set my neighbours hair for her and then it's a trip to town. Will take tetra and water with me as we usually have to pop in Bakers Oven for a coffee.:rolleyes:

Have a great day everyone :)

Take care
Super busy day here (surprise surprise!)
Am taking youngest daughter to nursery today, then go to town, drop her off with my sister, go to have a set of acrylics, then go to gym, pick up oldest daughter, then go back to sisters to get youngest and they want to go out for their tea! <and breathe!>
I will prob have a SS day seeing as I am not in the house for most of it!
I have a Silver Wedding 'do' tomorrow too... so at some point I need to sort out a gift too!
Good luck weigh ins and have a great day all, see you all later!
Morning all.

Good luck with weigh in Jodiejojo.

Paula - How are you? All psyched up for tomorrow and ready to go? :) We've restarted at almost the same time, so I'll be watching your progress and hope it goes really well for you. We CAN do this!

I hope everyone else has a good day, off to glug the :tear_drop::tear_drop: now and start some work.
Good morning girls,

Jodie good luck with weigh-in babe,

Sarah hope you cope all day at work and manage to stay awake,

Nicky you sound as busy as ever babe enjoy your day,

Sarah have a good sleep sweet dreams,

Good luck to evertone else with weigh-ins.

I actually managed 4ltrs:tear_drop::tear_drop: yippeeee 1st time in ages hope i can do the same today

Sarah M

Getting the hang of this
Morning everyone,

Another boring day for me as im signed off this week, today im going to tackle the cupboard under the stairs, its full of handbags, shoes and lots of other girlie stuff, ive been meaning to sort it for ages but never get round to it on the weekends so nows my chance.

Hope everyone has great days, good luck for those with WI's. xx
Good luck Sarah. I hate the cupboard under the stairs! Spiders live there :sign0137:

Mine needs a good clear out too but there's no way I'm going in there without full body armour :D

Sarah M

Getting the hang of this
it is a scary one, but luckily ive not found any spiders yet, my cat seems to eat any that come in the house so we are a spider free zone (well i hope so anyway!)

Saffron - its a small world isnt it! where abouts was you?

Sarah M

Getting the hang of this
ahhh right, im dreaming of moving away, hopefully that day will come sooner rather than later. Dont get me wrong its not a bad place to live, i would just rather be in the country or near the sea, i'll just keep on dreaming.....
sarah it is really fab, dont get wrong it does take a bit pf getting used to but it is worth it, the pace of life is a LOT slower!!!, but the kiddies have more freedom than when we lived in rayleigh, where i am now they can go play out the front with the other kids and its safe as no road out there just lovely space and just beyond that is a feild but in rayleigh we were on a busy cut through road!!. if i can make a big move anyone can babe,truely have no regrets atall :)

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