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Morning girls thought I would start this as I have internet access yippee!!!!!!!

Mia Im so proud of you sticking to it for the rest of the week and 8 1/4 is amazing WELL DONE:D:D:D

Abz I hope your throat is better and your sleep pattern.

Well done everyone else for being 100%.

Good luck to all the newbies in their first week for getting into ketosis ASAP

Ive been 100% and need it to stay that way adn thanks for all the vibes for TOTM as I have lower back pain and the low dull ache at the front so fingers xed its on its way today and I can start my pill again (long story will fill you all in later after work)

Will chat later when Im back from work
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Def wants to be slim!!!
Day 3 for me and I woke up to my tongue being wrapped in wat felt like a flippin blanket - ewwwwwwwwwww! Thank goodness for Listerine & tongue scrapers!!!!
Well I am back to work today so wont be posting til this evening! I'm lucky that we have chilled filtered water on tap at work so I can just take in my bottle & re-fill it! I've got a blender at work so all sorted there and spare packs in my bag! Decided, if I get hungry as I work long hours better to have an extra pack & follow a mixture of SS+ and SS.
Well hope you all have a gr8 day! xx


Stubborn tortoise
Hi Jessica & Watermelon... sunny here in Scotland today, have my weigh in and sadly expect to sts or even put on... really struggled this week. So near and yet so far! Still, I will get there in the end. Hope everyone else is good!



likes to post
morning all I'd like to join in if thats ok, I need to stay 100% and get back into gear, I messed around with cd for too long.
Morning all.

Sat here slurping my banana shake and savouring every mouthful (while the kids are watching Tom & Jerry!).

Hoping today will be a better day than yesterday - I was so close to quitting. We drove all the way from Birmingham to Cardiff to go to the Dr Who Exhibition and honestly, Cardiff must be the restaurant capital of the world - we passed so many eateries and buffets - my hubby said I looked like I was going to cry and I honestly thought I was too!

Got awful heartburn for the first time last night which sucked....and of course my scales showed that I'd put on 1/2lb this morning so felt really bitter.... - saying that, I don't know if I will be able to resist weighing myself again tomorrow. Sucker for punishment. Got it in my mind to lost 10lb in the first week as that's what my friend lost, but I know that as long as I stick to the diet, there's nothing else I can do so if I don't lose that much I shouldn't be too depressed...

Wishing you all good days (so relieved I've found this board - no longer feel so alone!)



Skinny girl in a fat body
First of all thank you to all the girls who have sent me messages congratulating me on my weight loss. You know, its a incentive to get the messages becasue even if I wanted to eat now (which I don't), I wouldn't becasue I would feel as if I was letting you all down. It's good I feel like that I think becasue it is more reason to keep going. I only had 2 packs last night becasue the mousse I made filled me so much. It was gorgeous too so I'm having it again tonight. I'm ready for another 100% day - hope you are all good today, if I can do it anyone can.


Silver Member
Morning all, it's my weigh in tomorrow morning so have to have another good day today. Wish Id got some bars for next week but i guess I'll manage another week without them. Anyway I probably would have had one by now if they had been in the house!

vix- I loved the banana but only got one as I wasn't sure if I would, looking forward to getting more next week, apparently its nice hot too.

Katy-good look with WI and remember its been the easter weekend so don't feel bad if you put on or sts, you're so close, you will get there!
Good morning ladies!

Grey and dull day in Dublin. First day of cambridge for me. Really trying to keep a positive mental attitude! Youve probably read already but my porridge experience this morning wasnt the best and I have 6 more porridge sachets! Lovely :jelous:

Not being weighed until day 10 :eek: I really will need everyones help to stay on track for so long. Im worried about failing but really cant afford to fail....not too long till my wedding now!


Silver Member
Ohh send those porridge to me Mary- I lurrrrve them but I've run out for this week :( Its my WI tomorrow night though, so I'm gunna have one shake split before, and then 2 porridge when I get home! I'm addicted. Keep popping on here today, it really helps to keep you motivated.

Katy- you might suprise you self at WI and have a small loss. And if not, I'm sure it'll kick you back into gear for next week. A good week could get you to target- keep thinking about being there and you'll get through.

Angela, we must have started at the same time- looks like after all my picking last week you're ahead of me though. I'm really going to have to step it up to catch up with you ;) My scales are telling me I've sts this week even though I've been 100%. I'll be heartbroken if I don't lose this week- bloody TOTM!

Going to have a PJ and duvet day as my little girl has caught another stomach bug so its snuggles and DVDs for us! Yay


Absolutely Determined!
Morning everyone :)
I survived day 1 and am now on day 2. I had the most awful nightmares last night.. I kept dreaming about pizza and chocolate and that I'd cheated. I woke up in a cold sweat trying to figure out if i really had cheated or it was just a dream. Thankfully, t'was just a dream :D
Good luck for 100% today people...remember, we're worth it :)


Say it in Dr Evil style!!
morning all,
day 3 for me.....
Woken up the the headache from hell, and my lovely totm ..and the smell of my husbands b'day curry he cudda cleaned up b4 he left grrrhhh.......im really feeling very pants today ;-(

godd luck tp everyone for 100% days xxx


Silver Member
Awww Jo- this is the worst part. Stay strong, keep checking in here and get as early a night as possible tonight. By tomorrow it'll be gone and you'll be feeling pretty amazing!


Stubborn tortoise
Lisa & Angela, thanks for the pep talks. I will be a reformed character, I promise. And maybe those gentle kicks to the behind will shift a lb, too!!!

Hang on in there, everyone.



Going for Goal!
Morning guys!!

Hope you're all doing well today and feeling positive!

I've just enjoyed my 1st shake of the day - I had cappucino - quite enjoyed being able to have my usual morning coffee. I felt like I was having a treat from the norm nescafe gold blend! ha ha!!! :)

Abz - How are you feelingg today hun? I hope you're feeling better after a sleep?

Watermelon - LOL !! I went through a short phase of having an awful dry mouth in the morning. Try having chewing gum throughout the day (sugar free!) - i found that helped! Good luck with it! x x x

katycakes - Try and stay positive - you have done so well with a whopping 45lbs!!!! YOU GO GIRL! Hopefully very soon i'll be right behind you! x x x

trisha - WELCOME! Your in the best place for support when times are tough. Have you looked at the inspiration pictures on this site? I found them really motivational! x x x

vixhicks - Don't worry hun! I've done the diet before and the same thing happened to me that time, and now this time. The reason you're weighing more right now is all the water. But once you reach ketosis you loose that and the weight runs off!!! When is your next WI? They usually say it takes 4 days to reach ketosis so on days 5,6 and 7 (just before weigh in) you'll see the pounds drop!
Also be careful if you are also being weighed by CDC, your scales could be different.
Hope the heartburn has eased now x x x

Scarymary - Think of your wedding dress!!!!!! Get a picture of it in your purse or something, and everytime you think of food, open that purse! You're going to look beautiful on your Wedding Day, and because you will feel so healthy and well in yourself, your wedding will feel all that bit more magical...I did, I lost 6 stone with CD before my wedding - it was so worth it. Good luck hun x x x ps when's the big day?

Anyway guys, i'm off - I'm still in my bloody pj's! I work in a school and tend to go bonkers cleaning the flat in the first week, then flop into a lazy heap on week 2! I need a hobbie!!! I guess I have mini mins!!!

x x x
Emma wedding is 9th September in Spain. Have my dress etc so I dont need to slim into it but will obviously hope to get it taken in!

Lisa how do you make your porridge? I had the apple and cinnamon one this morning and didnt like it. I am a porridge lover though so I might try the plain one tomorrow. I make it in work though so no whisk or anything??

Its amazing. I obviously only starting today so Im not really hungry yet but all I can think about is food :drool:


Silver Member
Lisa how do you make your porridge? I had the apple and cinnamon one this morning and didnt like it. I am a porridge lover though so I might try the plain one tomorrow. I make it in work though so no whisk or anything??
I'm quite odd really- I love the original porridge but hate the apple and cinnamon. Everyone else seems to rave about it.

I dissolve a sweetener tablet in the water before stirring it into the powder with a fork. I make it a notch runnier than the packet says, normally about 160ml instead of 140ml cause I like it quite runny and very sweet. Then if there are any lumps, I just squash them against the side of the bowl with my fork before I put it in the microwave.


Going for Goal!
Lisa - I might try it 160ml, i found 140ml made it taste powdery, and was the reason i didn't like it. I like the sweetner idea. Do you use tablet sweetner? x x x


Silver Member
Yep, just one tablet. When I first tried it, I found it too sweet, but now I find it quite salty and need the sweetener to eat it. Isn't it funny how our tastes change on this diet?
Morning all!!

Good luck all newbies, you will lose weight so quickly its great!

Katy - fingers crossed for your weigh in, im sure it wont be as bad as you think!

Well, im having my ups and downs with this diet. I still have about 9/10 lbs to lose, yet I still feel quite fat? I think its because Im in the middle of a clothes size at the moment. My size 12s are too baggy, and my size 10s give me BAD muffin top so I am continuously feeling uncomfortable in my figure.

Plus I moved up to SS+ last week and only lost 1lb and since my weigh in the scales havent budged.

I was in such a bad mood yesterday I didnt even have the energy or motivation to make my 200 cal meal and went to bed. Needless to say the scales this morning shows a 0.5 loss which motivated me a bit. Think Im going to be naughty and not have my 200 meal every time as if Im barely going to lose on maintenance I might as well get to goal or close to it till I move up? I know thats not what Im supposed to do its just Im beginning to lose the motivation the determination I had for the last 9 weeks!!

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