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Time to get serious


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S: 14st7lb G: 9st7lb
Hi everyone,
i'm new to the site, signed up today.
I've been doing slim fast for the last month and have lost about 4 pounds, should be more when i have about 5 stone to lose but i've been a bit hmm (mega) lapse about it.:(
So today i decided to get into serious mode and do it properly, i've restocked my special slim fast cupboard, with shakes, smoothies, soups, bars, cereal and snacks.
while online i stumbled across this site, i read the forums and it seems so friendly and a great support to its members, so here i am. i hope i can do as well as you all are doing :)
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This is definately the place to get support, encouragement and information.Not to mention a good giggle sometimes!

Your head sounds like it's in the right place, so good luck!!!
Hi Icemagic
Welcome! Us SlimFasters aren't the biggest group but everyone is really helpful and encouraging. Everyone is genuine and supportive of everyone else. We have our own April Challenge and we all weigh in once a week and post our losses (if any). We all weigh on various days so there tends to be new posts most days.

You can join our April Challenge if you want? We tend to pledge a target loss for the month. I expect we will have a May Challenge so you can always join that if you would rather wait.

Good luck!


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G: 11st0lb
Hi Icemagic.

We will definitely have a May challange - it helps to keep me motivated. I will start it probably next Monday (28th). I find the website very helpful and there is always someone around to keep you on the straight and narrow!

Good luck and looking to hear re your losses.

Take care



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S: 15st7lb G: 10st0lb
:welcome:welcome, you sound like your doing as well as me, I bought 140 bottles of slim fast and have put weight on, lol. :cry: Mainly due to steroid medication though for my arthritis. :hide: Anyway I'm off on holiday in 5 weeks, so I too am gonna knuckle down, I also need to lose 5 stone, so lets see how it goes, the sites great and everyone is helpful, I find it very inspiring, and just wish I had the willpower that some of these folk have.

all the best Bev xx
Yep. I'm back on the straight and narrow after a few lapses. I've got my head together and the right mind frame at long last. As you can see, the first 3 weeks have had a good result. I'm taking the flab off a chunk at a time, so as not to get downhearted. When my ticker gets down to zero, I'll tackel another couple of stones.
This is a lovely forum loads of support, laughs and advice. Welcome, and the very best of luck to you.


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S: 14st7lb G: 9st7lb
Thank you all for the welcome.
Ive not had a chance to get on much since i 1st posted due to being short staffed at work, the last thing i want to do after a 14 hr shift is go online, thankfully it's settled down now.
anyway its been 3 weeks and im 9 pounds down so im slowly getting there.
Does anyone else have the wii fit? it's brilliant ive started doing 30 mins to an hr a day this week, mainly concentrating on the aerobics section so hopefully the weight loss will continue.
Hope your all well and continuing to lose :)
Hi icemagic and welcome, i have a wii ordered just waiting for it to be delivered, r they really good


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S: 14st7lb G: 9st7lb
Thanks Louise,
The wii is a must for anyone who wants to exercise but dosent like the thought of the gym(me).
Its great , weighs you, works out your BMI and adjusts your mii to your stats, i look like a purple beach ball lol. as you progress you unlock more activities which gives you the incentive to work harder too also trying to get 1st place against the family makes you work too. i mainly stick to the fat burning activities, step , jogging and hula hooping, but the yoga and muscle exercises are good too, there is something to suit everyone.
Believe me you WILL be addicted, good luck and enjoy x


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hi ice magic i havent got a wii fit but i do rosemary conleys dvd 3 times a week (starting this week of course to match my new diet) and its a really good work out. Im hoping that this along with Slim Fast will help me shed the 2 stone 7lbs i need to get rid of!
Hi Icemagic
Its good to see you back! Oooh really want a wii fit now. Sounds super fab. I do go to the gym and exercise a lot though. Dont know if I'd use it?!?! Took my doggie on a really long walk today (about 13miles) and she literally collapsed in a heap. I mentioned taking her on another walkies and shes run upstairs! I'll get her out again before the night is up hehe!
BL x


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S: 14st7lb G: 9st7lb
I'm sure you would use the fit even if its for the fun factor. Maybe i need a doggy as can't see my grumpy old moggy letting me take him for a walk :eek:
I tried to drag mine out tonight and shes limping. I'm sure shes putting it on so she doesn't have to go hehe! Had to go on my own while she slept on my bed GRRRR!