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Tinned Superfree?

So my OH isn't really into veg, but I can't always be bothered making loads just for me. Plus you always get big packs so I end up eating the same green beans all week.

Are there any tinned superfree. It all seems to be green day stuff, e.g. butter beans, baked beans, peas, sweetcorn etc...

(I do muy frozen veg too but get sick of the carrots, broccoli, cauliflower mix)
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They would still be free, I don't find the tinned green beans very nice but tins of mushrooms are good with omelettes etc. I'm not keen on tinned carrots either, they're very carrotty! Tinned spinach is good too.

I buy Butternut Squash and cut it all up at once and keep in the fridge, You can do the same with peppers, and swede and carrots.


Nojo on the YoYo
tinned carrots, tinned mushrooms, tinned beansprouts, tinned spinach are all superfree. Thnk you can get tinned artichokes in water or brine too but I'm not an artichoke fan. Tinned mushies and carrots go well to bulk out a bolognese or a chili. xx
Never thought of mushrooms or beansprouts. Carrots would be ok too.

Frozen ones are good, just very limited in what you can get and the mixed veg always has peas and/or sweetcorn in.

I prefer not to cut up veg and leave in the fridge as it goes funny round the edges. Can you freeze fresh veg yourself?


Nojo on the YoYo
yeah you can, I know my BF's grandad gets his carrots and swedes and dices them up and bags them in portions in his freezer!

Oh, green beans are superfree! You can get them tinned too! I know they are called 'beans' - but they're a legume not a pulse! xx


Always trying!
My hubby doesn't eat veg at all and I mean at all! I do buy fresh veg however I try and plan my meals. If I end up with some sad looking veg I generally chuck it in a big pan and make some free soup!

It's tricky having a fussy eater in the house however 11 weeks in and I'm 22.5lbs down x
i been growing my own this year and when i have had extra i just prepare and pop in freezer in individual portions. they then just go straight into a pot to cook quick and easy.
will be back to strict sw when i home from holiday on 3rd oct....work night out on the 2nd Dec!!!
Frozen ones are good, just very limited in what you can get and the mixed veg always has peas and/or sweetcorn in.

Can you freeze fresh veg yourself?
You get as huge range of frozen veggies - onions, peppers, mushrooms, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, courgette, carrots, baby corn, french beans, asparagus, sprouts, leeks.

You can freeze your own fresh vegetables - just blanch them and freeze them on a tray in a single layer before bagging them up.

Or I got special bags from Lakeland that keep veg fresh for a good couple of weeks if not more.

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