Tipperary wobbles into 2024

Well that didnt last long. Off the wagon and sick again, very bad cough... Not covid. In week 3 now and not letting up. On all sorts of meds.
Anyway not here to moan, came in to see if anyone is using a weighted hula hoop and have you had any results with it.
Hope your feeling better soon, no, not used a weighted hula hoop but have considered it after seeing some YouTube adverts…. Will follow this incase some responds to you who has, if that’s ok.
Back again. Cough still with me. It is easing but I just decided on Friday night that while it had a genuine reason for starting that my overall health and lack of fitness is causing it to linger. And a lot of it may be diet related. So I'm on a gentle detox since yesterday. Lots of water and herbal diet, mainly vegetables both raw and cooked. No cheese and limiting the dairy.
I'm so unfit now that walking from the car to the office has me out of breath. With my hip I hadn't been walking at all and was parking in the accessible space. I promised myself once it was sorted I would be flying around but a lack of time and mostly sheer laziness I haven't done anything, no walking,no swimming, no chasing kids no dancing in front of the TV.
SO for some reason something just clicked on Friday night . I normally have a few glasses of wine and takeaway. I had a baked potato, a mars babe cake and a pack of crisps. I was halfway through a glass of white wine and I realized how uncomfortable I felt and had been feeling. Totally bloated, liverish and finding sitting on a regular dining chair uncomfortable. Never mind the walking issues already mentioned. Decided I'd had enough and need to sort myself quick.
I've also been so tired lately and have no energy at all. Home from work about 6pm, having dinner and falling asleep on the couch watching TV. Can't even make it to 9pm. Go to bed and probably then awake from midnight to 4pm. And then drowsy sleep to about 7am.
Anyway got up 7am yesterday and brought the dog for a walk. Did a slow 2km, wasn't in a hurry and preferred to go a bit further rather than get out of breath hurrying. Got a good bit of housework done and had breakfast at 1130. Wilted spinach and a two egg omelette with just parsley in it. Then I had some Greek yogurt with blueberries and chia seed. That was my most substantial meal of the day. 2pm I had some cauliflower soup and 7pm had tomato, cucumber and lettuce salad and a grilled burger. I possibly didn't need it but didn't want to be hungry this morning. Was dozing a bit watching TV so at 10pm I brought the dog out again for a 1km walk, then watched TV to about midnight and went to bed. Didn't wake up till 0630. It wasn't a deep sleep but better than I've had in a while.
Up at 0730 this morning, did a bit of food prep for lunch and then out with the dog again. About 2km again but on green lanes rather than the road so was more effort. Haven't had anything to eat yet but lots of water and tea. It's. Father's Day so we planned in lunch in the garden but the weather isn't cooperating. I've steak/burgers and 3 salads prepared and then some fruit crumbles (which I won't have). I think I will have yogurt and berries again in a hour and then have lunch as my main meal today. Will try to get another short walk this evening,I know if I do little bits regularly it helps better.
Off to catch up,be back later.
I'm still looking at the weighted hoops, My backs a bit sore at the moment (just trying to carry too much of me around I think)
Morning, back again. Well day two yesterday and already fell of the wagon, I did end up eating the crumble and having rice salad and having wine. Ah well, just keep trying.
Been out for a walk already, the usual 2km and feeling refreshed from it. I like getting air in my lungs before work. My office is tiny, it's actually a storeroom with no window and two of us are sharing it. We have a skylight that we can open but it closes if it rains.
I have salad packed for lunch and a chicken burger. Going to pack some cauliflower soup too.
Nearly a litre of water already drunk, 500ml with chia seeds.

And I ordered the weighted hula hoop, the one that clips on and the hoop stays put and the weight swings around.
I have a week off work in a few weeks and am going to London with my daughter for a few days...it's been long planned and postponed a good few times over the past 4 years. This means I need to get fitter than I currently am as probably lots of walking involved. I've started walking again and need to build it up and once I finally get rid of this cough can go swimming again.
As usual with me with trips away I want to do more than time will allow and I also want to get some relaxation in too. Anyway, I'm open to suggestions from any of you familiar with London about what I really shouldn't miss...or hidden treasures not normally on the tourist trail.
First meal today was1230 cauliflower soup, chicken burger, and salad.
Dinner 1800 was chicken steak, grilled courgette and peppers and wilted spinach.
Back in from another early 2km walk...the dog is loving this. Have the last of the soup packed and going to stop at a deli counter and get salad with egg and ham to go with it.
Lunch was at 1300 as planned. Drinking water now with chia seeds in it
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Morning, trying to convince myself to get up for a short walk now so I have time for a shower too before I go to work. Also need to make lunch. Soup all gone and I have the last of the chicken burgers to cook. Need to make some sort of a salad or grilled vegetables.

Dinner last night at 6pm was a two eggs omelette with a sprinkling of cheese and pesto and fried spinach. Water consumption was 2.5l and I felt like I was drinking water non stop.
Went for the walk, 2km and one minute faster than yesterday. Im not teying to speed up but glad it was more of a walk than a plod. And even after walking for only 5 days im feeling the difference already. Not out of breath now on stairs or getting from car park to the car. I just need to keep it up now.
Wednesday lunch at work was a chicken burger, lettuce, cucumber and tomato. Then at home I had two more chicken!n burgers (butcher patties not breaded) with green beans. Not a great variety I know but they would have gone off, it's so hot out.

Didn't go for an walk this morning, surprisingly I didn't properly wake up until 0745 so had to jump up for work. Lunch was green beans, a slice of ham and a soup made with veggies, chorizo and skinny noodles. I had two squares of dark chocolate.
Dinner was a chicken Kiev and the last of the green beans with grilled peppers. I also has some blueberries with Greek yogurt and chia seed.

No walk this evening as I had to complete a job application. I had a small glass of white wine in the garden with husband watching the sun go down.
In bed now,I'm off work tomorrow and going to Dublin to see my Mam, her dementia is very severe now and she is in long term care. I have to finalise the job application and submit it before I go.
I've a parcel due tomorrow, maybe it's my hula hoop
Morning, just had Friday weigh in and the scales was good to me. I started the week at 88.3kg and today am 86.1kg so a loss of just over 2kg which is good. But I was at 82kg last weigh in beginning of March so a ridiculous increase over over 6kg to start with. Stats and ticker updated to reflect this.
Morning Saturday and I've just finished a late breakfast or lunch or whatever, I've just finished my first meal of the day.
Drove to Dublin yesterday and stopped to do some shopping on the way. Had breakfast out of scrambled egg, bacon and rocket, didn't want the toast. Had tea with Mam and absent mindlessly ate two gluten free oat cookies with her, oh they were sooooo sweet. Then brought Dad out for early dinner and he choose Thai food. We had spicy cauliflower and edamame to share. Then I had sticky chicken with peppers and onions, it came with rice but I didn't eat any of it. The chicken did have a tempura batter on it though...still a decent choice.
Got home late, was driving 2.5 hours through thunder and lightening and had two glasses of wine.

Up this morning and a bit of housework done. Gone out for an adventure walk with the dog and Oscar, a nice 2km on green lanes and fields and found some honeysuckle to bring home. Just eaten now with some nibbles I picked up in M&S yesterday, we had crustless quiche and Cumberland bites. Had it with fried spinach and a salad of lettuce, cucumber,mint and lime. Followed by blueberries, chia seed and Greek yogurt. Full now but not uncomfortable with it.