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Tired, is it just me?

Im not a big sweet/cake/biscuit person and i dont take sugar in anything. I am however of alate always feeling tired and weak at work and in the evenings, and im wondering if this could have any link to my diet. Does one need to include sugar type foods or drink, could really do with some advise if im on the right track or not?
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i feel it sometimes too. One time i felt sooo weak like i was going to faint and didnt feel right at all. It was a saturday ngiht so we ordered a pizza hut and i had some full fat coke and i was fine straight away! I had to listen to my body, that was my excuse anyway... :p
yea this is not a short term tiredness, ive took the steps to go get some tests but im looking at all channels and maybe thought the diet could be the reason.
I quite often feel like this if I leave it too long between eating. I call it running out of fuel. Eating fixes it almost straight away. Try bananas when you feel like this. If you're worried, then of course get it checked out by the doc


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I can sometimes go " shakey" late in an afternoon if I haven't had enough to eat. Doesn't happen often and I usualy have a biscuit to correct it.


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tiredness like that can be caused by several reasons. Variations in blood sugar can make you feel tires but any starchy food including fruits will give you a more sustained blood sugar. Things that have sugar added will give you a quick lift but then a sudden drop again. I would also think about getting your haemoglobin checked as you may be anaemic. Tha other possible reason is if you have an underactive thyroid. you would not be wasting the GPs time if you popped along and had a chat to him. Healthy people shouldn't be long term affected by changes in blood sugar levels. Go get it checked but best wishesxx
You need to up your fluid and carbs on green. You will feel better quickly. If this doent help it could be a numebr of things TOTM, the weather ( heat), general down and may be coming down with somthing.

I hope this helps
Phil x
i get dizzy and blurred vision & a pressure in my head lasting for a few seconds somtimes if i stand up too quickly or been rushing around, i think this could be a lack of suger too.. as im not a sweet person and most of my syns go on sauces etc. . but im finding myself quite tired recently too? x
got some blood tests next tuesday, it may just be an age thing who knows.
Im getting ready for the knackers yard as our lass would say, lol.

Some folk say lack of water, but i drink tea all day
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