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TMI - toilet trouble

hey I'm in week 3 and I've started having trouble going number 2...it started off I didn't have 2, then I felt the need 2 all the time I went to the throne and my people stayed loyal not wanting to leave...if I stay on the toilet I can eventually go, but this can't go on...I brought a seditive and hopefully things will go back to normal...but its been throughout so I don't know what normal is for this kind of thing...has this happened to anyone else? or I can't believe I'm asking this how regular are other people?
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I am having no issues so far as in it is what I expected some days I go others I don't although I did feel a bit like you over the weekend as in needing to go but couldn't so I had a mild laxative but lets just say there wasn't much to work with lol - I do have ulcerative colitis though so I am not exactly normal in that department! Hope you can get sorted out ;)
hopefully! i can handle not going for a couple of days but having the feeling and not being able to is annoying lol:sigh:
Hi, I'm unable to go without a laxative, which is effective, but I'm worried about long term damage. I asked this a few wejs ago and people were suggesting movicol which you can buy over the counter as a mild laxative. I haven't used it yet as last wk I was on aamw, and didn't need it, but 2 days into TS and I'm going to have to take something again!

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try flaxseed caplets from holland and barrett. you have to take ALL the caplets they recommend (for me it's 4 caps twice a day) for it to work, and you have to drink an entire shakes' worth of water when you take them. it makes me feel pretty sick because my stomach is sooooo full of water and expanding flax seeds! BLECH! But it works.


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I use Psyllium Husks capsules from Holland & Barrett. The directions say "take two capsules three times a day with minimum of 250ml of water, 30-60 minutes before meals."
I take 2 x 2 every day, morning and evening, plus 300ml of water (a big mug). It feels okay, and no problems in the toilet at all.
At the moment PS is on penny sale, you buy one, and get the second one for 1p.

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