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To bin or not to bin ??!!!

Clothes that is!

In four weeks on CD I have gone from a Size 18 on top and 16 on bottom to a Size 14/16 on top and 14 on bottom :D:D

I've just been through my wardrobe and realised just how many of my clothes are way too big (some of the trousers I can take off without undoing them!).

So - do I bin them or keep them? Binning them seems like a commitment to long term slimness, but also perhaps a bit too soon? Keeping them seems like letting myself down already but could be a practical move...

What do you guys do?
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When I have lost weight before I always throw away my big clothes but when I get bigger I keep the skinny ones.

I would throw them, are you ever going back?! :D

Well done on your weight loss!


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You have already committed to long term slimness by doing this plan... why hang onto something that reminds you of how you once were, if you do not intend going back there ?

You don't keep your hair when you have it cut .. just in case...

I think that having clothes that fit you when you were bigger is just too much like temptation..

as soon as something does not fit me anymore i give it to the charity shop. keeping them would be like setting myself up to fail x x
bin or give away burn destroy there's no going back

if you keep them it will be easier to not realise if you start putting on weight again

good luck and well done with your loss x


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Bin! (or ebay, they sell well)

No looking back!


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charity shop or ebay! i got rid of all mine, cost me a fortune in new clothes but nothing fit me any more. and like other have said, i am commited to long term slim ness so never ever want to get back up to that size again. even when i'm pregnant, i hope to not put on a massive amount. goodbye size 22 trousers once and for all! but i did keep one pair of huge trousers to put on when i'm feeling down, to remind myself of how far i have come.


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OR if you have the space keep them and burn them in aceremony when you get to goal!!


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I know a lot of people who are the size that I was so I am going to have a big clothes party and sell them (not for much tho). It will also help recouperate some of the money to spend on smaller clothes.

If you don't have anyone to sell them to, I would take them to a local charity shop. I'm sure a lot of bigger people that have problems finding clothes will trawl the charity shops for some bargins, especially in the credit crunch.

Good luck with the rest of your journey x


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Charity shop or ebay! I just sold a bunch of bits and got £110 for it all. About 12/13 bits. So worth it!


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Most of my wardrobe has either gone on ebay or to the charity shop. I see this as a long term plan and there is no way I am ever going to fit into those clothes again!!


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EBay or chairty shop :) Or if you sew cut all the buttons off them and the biggest part of the fabric so you can make other things.

p.s. love the comment about you don't keep hair after a hair cut



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I debated turning them into a patchwork quilt!

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Hiya and well done on your CD journey so far :)

There is absolutly no room left in your wardrobe for your big clothes. Def give them to charity and then there's no going back :) It's downwards from here on lol xxx
Thanks for all the replies!

Putting some on Ebay as we speak!

I liked the idea of burning them in a ceremony though!:D
Charity shop! I'm keeping one item in each size though just for a visual reminder of how far I've come :)
no doubt about it
bin bin bin your already commited next month you'll be down another size brill !!!!


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i have kept the largest pair of trousers, the trousers that made me diet in the first place....and that is it! i am ruthless re my clothes....if i get into 1 size 12, i no longer buy a 14....and i start to get rid of all my other 14's....!
It is such an insentive to me to be able to get into that smaller size once, that i stick to it even more making sure i fit into even more of them!
So do 3 piles....1 = Ebay and 1 = Charity shops 1 = Bin!

DO IT, its a great feeling having those bigger sizes on the floor in front of you rather than waiting to be worn!



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Its really liberating to go through and ditch everything that no longer fits! I regularly put something on in the morning, take it off again and put in a charity bag! I'm loving seeing my wardrobe shrink as I do.

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