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To Exercise or Not To Exercise



Dear All
I wonder if you have any words of wisdom - I am at the end of my tether!
To cut a long story short - I have been doing SW since February and have done OK since then up until about 5 weeks ago when I started introducing "exercise". This week I have been great food wise but last night gained 1 1/2 lbs - I was mortified and to be honest since exercising I have had more gains than losses even though food diary has been OK.
Has anyone else been through this - it feels as though I am the only one:cry: My leader last night said it was quite common and soon it should all start levelling out - I hope so.
Also I have started to gain a little water on the ankles - have been to the docs and she said it looks like a bit of fluid retention has given me tablets to take for a month to see if they help!
Any advice would be much appreciated.
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Have u measured ur inches, as sometimes u can gain muscle mass but lose inches?


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You said that the doctor told you that you had fluid retention = that's where the weight gain comes from :) Once you sort that out you should be fine.

Remember that exercising makes you retain water as your body needs extra water to repair it's muscles, your C is right, the weight should level out soon :)



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Your weight will balance out. Don't ever stop doing exercise just because the numbers a a bit squiffy for a few weeks. Weight loss and health is about the big picture not just the numbers week to week. Introducing exercise into your daily life will lead to a healthier happier you and when you come to maintaining it will be sooooo much easier if you already have a high level of fitness. Your metabolism will be much faster and you will feel better. Keep at it! xx


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My mum has had fluid retention for a month now, and the doctor put her on tablets as well. The fluid has now gone down and her weight is coming off again. I really would put your gain down to the fluid retention. Exercise is good for you and will help increase your weight and inch loss.


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Maybe you aren't eating enough now for the amount of energy you are burning with exercise or drinking enough to account for the amount you are losing in sweating. I know that I find the more I drink and the more I eat the more I lose. Guess you could work out the number of calories you are taking in a day just to see how low the numbers are. I know that I lose weight on slimming world because it forces me to eat and drink more than I was doing before, I have gone from barely bothering to eat one meal at day to at least trying my hardest to eat 3 meals a day, my 2 year old still eats more a day than I do but I call it progress lol can't be bad since I have lost over a stone since joining and being pregnant at the same time, good luck. Hugs Crystal xx


Thanks huns for your words of wisdom - I do feel so much better for the exercise - just a little cheesed off with the water retention but I will stick with it!
Thanks again hunnies x


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I think it has more to do with the water retention rather than exercise. I think the two things are independent of one another. The medication your doctor has given you will help, but a few things to watch is your salt intake as well as your water intake. As back to front as it sounds, drinking more water will actually help with the problem!