Today I will mostly be wearing...

chicken on a mission

Restarting to lose 4stone
Size 12 trousers :D

Having been down last night over my 1 lb gain I decided to try on the size 12's I bought last week and they fit beautifully with no tightness at all so I am wearing them today for a glorious day of housework :rolleyes:

I didn't fair so well with the size 12 t-shirts though. Being stretchy they fit ok but I would like to lose another 4lbs or so before I am happy to wear them without too much stretch as this shows the lumps, rolls and bumps. :)

My body has definately changed shape since the last time I was slim. I used to be athletic and was a sprinter so my legs were powerfully muscled hense I always thought I was bigger at the bottom than the top as I have no chest.

Having done my measurements my bust and waist are in proportion and my hips are a size smaller :eek:

My thighs despite being bigger proportionally than I would prefer (see my progress shots which illustrate this perfectly) have definately shrunk a bit. Although I'll never be a skinny fit jeans gal I can now do straight legged trousers which wouldn't have been possible the last time I was thin.

If I could just ensure that any weightlost in future came off my tummy and thighs then I would be very happy indeed. I have come to the conclusing that once my weight has been lost and I start eating again then the hardwork will really begin as will need to start 'sculpting' my body into the shape I want by doing some major toning exercises. I am now trying to concentrate on sit ups at the moment which I have been neclectingbadly in the past couple of weeks.

The start of development has given me the impetus to consider what I haveleft to do and changemy daily challenges to match my new aims. :)

Given that the fashion is for low waisted trousers I need to buy 12's now although despite the size charts the few pairs of high waisted trousers I have found also 'fitted' me in the same way as when I speculatively bought the size 12's I am wearing today. :D
Well done Chicken. I'm a 14 and have been for several weeks...I long to be a 12.
Well done Chicken. I'm a 14 and have been for several weeks...I long to be a 12.

It won't be long then. Just keep trying on loads of clothes because before you realise it you'll be a comfortable size 12 and missed out on the time when you could have been a bit of an uncomfortable 12 :D
Oh dear, I am reading this and thinking' I'll never be a size 12'. Sorry, what a miserable thing to post, just how I feel today I guess.
Anyway well done COAM, you rock! Love
Size 12 !!!

Hi Chicken On A Mission,

Congratulations on fitting into a size 12!!! O! how I long to be there...

I have all the different sizes in jeans down to a size 12!!!

It is lovely to see you doing so well and your progress just spurs me on.

I do feel exercise will go along way to sculpting your body the way you want.

Love Mini xxx
Size 12, absolutely fantastic ( i wish i could get into a pair that size)
I'm still wearing them and none of the button have pinged off and killed any of the cats or chickens yet :rolleyes:

Mind you tha might be because they have poppers and a zip :D

But the poppers haven't popped either so they must be ok. I think that when my daughter goes to school the week after next I will have to do another trip to West Quay Southampton to the 12 or 14 (I forget now and can't be bother to check in my blog) shops I went in when I affirmed that I was in fact a size 14.

I really recommend doing this. The trick is that you 'free' yourself by leaving your purse at home (except for parking money) at that way you are free to browse without pressure of having buy anything, that way you can enjoy the experience for what it is :D