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Today is a struggle

Been out all morning at bowling party, platters of food brought out, looked amazing, I had a coffee, no cake. Out this afternoon at shopping centre birthday party, dd2 won competition £120 debenhams clothes, will model on catwalk show and cut the cake, again food, food, food. I've felt fairly strong up till now and although I've stayed strong, it has taken every bit of willpower I've got and now I'm dreading going out this afternoon.
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Aww i know exactly how you feel. I have started to resent everyone who eats!!! I How dare they enjoy food when im going without!! However while people are busy scoffing our lbs are burning away and thats the main thing! Just think how bad you would feel if you ate anything!

My Oh had a chinese last night I was very angry as I think the last couple of days have been such a struggle for me so I told him I hope he chokes on it and took myself to bed to read to a book.

Today and for the moment (my moods are chnging ALOT right now) I am back to being postive and feeling very strong.

Once you get thru today just think how amazing you will feel!!
ive found it hard being at my parents esp. when my 18 yr brother being an idiot but im cooking everyone dinner before i go out tonight i feel like i have more control over it, im happlier if i do cook its weird
ah, Mini, hope it gets easier today. Its really challenging when you have to continuosly face food. Just glug glug glugh that water - that always helps.

You are doing so well, and I know you have it in you to resist.....but it does make it an effort, days like that.

Be strong hon - you can do it!!!

Oh hun (hugs)! Sorry you are feeling like that. it is getting difficult for me too, but I just keep thinking that Im in my 3rd week, then it will be a month and then just 2 months till I finish development. I have gone quite far and just dont want to throw away it.
Have you tried the savory drink? It helps me a lot:)

Minxy Mummy

Going, going, ........
That's great MM - I had a similar day yesterday, I had a "Strictly Chocolate" party to attend where there were free samples!! But you know what, it didn't even register with me to have any - I was sooooooooooo pleased and then in the afternoon I was at Mum's as my Uncle was visiting and she had plates of cakes on offer! I followed the advice from ladies on here and just drank glass after glass of water - it really is the answer, I drank 12 pints yesterday - so tomorrow's weigh in had better be impressive! :D:D
Thanks MM, its funny how once you are past it you think, what was the problem. I'm hoping to lose 3lbs at my weigh in to take me to my first stone in 2 weeks. Good luck for yours.
Hey mini -good luck at WI

I know how you feel. i've been abstinent from food since last February.
Last night we went to friends to play board games, just a few of us. Lovely different cheeses, fresh french bread,BUTTER, olives, CREAM CHOCOLATE CAKES, wine, etc, etc,
I started thinking, "has all this been put here to torture me!" Then I realised, it's always like that, before I would have been at the front of the queue all evening and chosen the biggest cake(s).
I had black coffee and water, felt like a saint and won a game ahead of a guy who thought he'd got it in the bag!
You should have seen his face.RESULT*********:wow:
Well done you. I wish I had all the willpower and inspiration that some of these wonderful people have - have been on hols and made an adult decision to eat while I was away, but then struggled to get back on the programme, especially as now on week 13. However, went back and only gained 4lbs in two weeks - I think the major stress was that I'd regain it all just as fast as I'd lost it, but now feel fantastic, and am back in ketosis! Keep looking at all the smaller clothes and trying them on - that's enough to keep me motivated.:)

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