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TODAY - is the day I hit 5 stones GONE FOREVER !!!!


Cambridge Consultant
Today I reached 5 stones gone forever....
On Saturday I would have been on CD for 5 months..

For anyone that has just started... I started CD on the 11 February which seems likes yesterday.. and Saturday 11 July..............will be 5 months...

The time has gone soooo quickly I started at a size 18 and I am now a 10!

Its an amazing diet and I have loved every minute of my journey.. some days are easier than others but it really has changed my life!!!!

Thanks for all your support to as without my friends on minis it wouldnt have been so easy xxxx

PS.. I went on my CDC training course yesterday and it was fab !!!
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You have done a fantastic job and are an inspiration to many including me. I am sure you are going to make a great CDC and I wish you all the best with that and with maintaining. You look absolutely fabulous and should feel very proud of your achievement. I hope I look as good as you one day!


can see the end in sight!
well done darl! You have done amazingly, congrats! X


Full Member
Congratulations on your achievement.......you have lots to be proud of.


Cambridge Consultant
Well done honey. I am so proud of you, you look amazing and I know you're gonna make a fantastic CDC.

Welcome to the club! :D


& thanks to you I am where I am !!! Thank you for all your support on my journey....... and sponsering me too!!
Yay! Well done Curly!!!! This diet is fab isn't it? You will make a wonderful CDC-you will inspire all your clients to do as well as you have.
Can't believe that this is my 17th week on the diet and I have just over 4lbs to go before I've lost my 4th stone! I never want this feeling to go away.:D Good luck with maintenance and glad to hear you enjoyed your CDC training!


WILL be Slim!
You are amazing hun! You are such an inspiration to one and all!!
Well done hun, you have done a super job and will make a super CDC!!!
That gives me such hope and i'm sure many others too. You've done incredible!!
& thanks to you I am where I am !!! Thank you for all your support on my journey....... and sponsering me too!!
You did all the hard work. I was just there to show you the way - and it's been my pleasure :)



Shut up Ethel
Oh wow Curly what fantastic news! Am so, so, SO ridiculously pleased for you - you're such a superstar x
Curly, that's amazing! And you will be a brilliant CDC!

Ellie xx
you are a total and utter STAR :vibes::0clapper:

You not only have done this amazing weight loss but you have helped so many other folk with your kind words and encouragement - you will make an ACE CDC.
Its also encouraging to see you loosing weight as you go up the programs as i think that worries people. Im planning on moving to 810 when i have a stone and a half left to loose (which is in about 2 stone time)
Well done again.
Woohoo, well done curly and hope your new CDC job goes extremely well, your clients will be very lucky to have you as a CDC...
Hi Curly!

Just to add to everyone elses congrats! I have followed your story since I joined this site, and started my journey, and find your pictures and your attitude inspiring.

You are always there with great support and comments for everyone else, so now it is your turn!!

Well done and enjoy every second!



Cambridge Consultant
Awww thanks so much to you all!!
You are all too kind.... when I write things I just want to help others especially to those that have just started there journey as I remember when I started I could never see an end!!! and now I soooooo can!!
Well done to each and everyone one of you too!!! xxx


Silver Member
Hi Curly,

Wow - 5 stone!! You have done so well and you are an inspiration for me! I am so impressed that you have managed it, stayed strong and changed your life!

I am sure you will make a great CDC!!! And hence inspire lots of other people.

I have set my first goal at 4 stone, but I would really like to loose 5 stone! I also started at a size 18, and managed to fit into a size 14 dress today - which I am soooo happy about. However size 14 skirts don't fit yet, but another month - and I should be there.

Please don't disappear from here - your posts are great, and I have got lots from them!!!

I am sooooooooooo happy for you, and I hope you are jumping around with joy!!

Bethan x

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