today is the rest of my life


:) hello everyone today is the day i start lipotrim again after putting all weight i lost a few years ago back on :mad: well this is the last time i torture myself by stuffing crap food and not having any willpower,i will lose this weight for once and all,and im off on holiday the end of june and i want to fit on a plane seat !!!!!! last time i had to have the seat belt expander and im not havin the embarressment of that again :( so its day on my second black coffee and once ive done the school run i will be having my first shake :eek: which will be chocolate cause last time i was on lipotrim thats the only flavour i could stomach :D .so feel free to msn me or post or whatever cause im gonna need all the support i can get :) how lovely it is to have this forum its a great boost to the willpower to know im not alone :D :) :p
Congratulations on day one and taking the first step towards thindom. You have done it before so it will be an absolute doddle!! Your holiday in June is a real focus point. You sound like you are in the zone and strong. Keep posting on here!!
Lots of slimming luck!!
first shake

:D well im drinking my first shake right now which i mixed in the smoothie maker (i used to use a hand whisk all them years ago ! ) what a difference it makes its actually not that bad in fact quite nice with a few icecubes chucked in i think this is gonna be a doddle !:)
Hi Emma

Good luck with your journey.

Have you tried your shake with a bit of instant coffee in. I always add some to my Vanilla and Chocolate, it gives them a bit of a kick!

:D well thanks for the tip i will try that,its amazing just how much better it tastes mixed in the blender with a few ice-cubes ! looking forward to dinner time
Hello again Emma im surprised your not in bed if you were working late. Good luck on your weight loss journey.
sleep is for light weights lol

:D hi sonkie , i have to get up for the school run :( and im working again now also ! i work alot of hours lol !!!! my mouth is dry and im thinking about food dont know why cause idont normally eat at this time of day
Good luck Emma, you can and you will do it. I have a mantra, pinched from someones signature. Everytime I feel a bit weak I say to myself "Nothing tastes as good as being slim feels"

Sending you lots of cyber good luck wishes xx
Good luck Emma
Hope your first day was ok - best of luck & you're in the best place for support xxx
Blimey you are a workaholic......hope the rest of your first day goes smoothly. Sam is fine this morning she still feeling hungry but she will be in ketosis soon.....bless her
maybe u r thinking about food because u know u cant have it?

i dont like chocolate or sweets but when im dieting i crave anything chocolatey. but then i am rather odd!

i dont suppose theres anything wrong with thinking about food as long as it wont lead to u acting on it. I feel the same way about one of my postmen. have managed to not rugby tackle him to the floor and accost him (yet) but have thought about it plenty of times lol.

good luck (tho u wont need it ;) )
how about a bacon and egg flavour shake !

:p well im gonna try another black coffee see if that works although not the same as a full english somehow lol
You will succeed this time and when you sit on that plane seat you will have plenty of room in that seat.

I have not had to get an expander, but have had to suffer that awkward shuffle of the person sitting to me because my arms are taking up their armrest and space. I no longer have to try and make myself small. I still have 5st to lose, but losing almost 3 stones makes so much difference.

I wish you all the best on your journey.
so thin i may fall through the gap in chairs !

:) well im off to costa almeria in june and its a flight with seats 3 each side so the good thing was me my hubbyand daughter were sat alone and i didnt suffer the indignity of anyone next to me moaning but it was still embarressing so this time i plan on having to make the seat belt smaller because im so thin lol[/img]
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Nice one Emma , glad you have gone all out and started right away , first few days seem hard but you will be thru them very soon , then soon enough on the one seat flying off to sunny spain !!!
:) Nice one Emma , glad you have gone all out and started right away , first few days seem hard but you will be thru them very soon , then soon enough on the one seat flying off to sunny spain !!!:)
torture and its gonna get worse

:eek: 2 shakes down and im hungry,got a headache coming and fed up drinking water already lol , no-one said it was suppose to be fun right !!!! :D