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tomato soup


Fighting Demons....
NO FAIR! We haven't got either tomato soup or sunshine orange yet!

I cant wait to get my mits on a tomato soup sachet! I hoping that it doesn't make me feel icky like the other soups do!

B x


Guess who's back...?
Nope, not tried it yet - my LLC told me it should be at there for our next meeting on Sunday night - fingers crossed!! I forgot to order any soups this week, for the second time running - and am really craving some savoury loveliness!!!

The orange water flavour sounds promising - what kind of orangey flavour is it? Fresh orange (real) or orange squashy (tart and synthetic tasting)... I am a bit of a fusspot when it comes to orange stuff!! Hehe.

A x x
it just tastes like normal diluting and is orange in colour too which i think helps somehow, i think it would be quite nice hot on a cold night.
we get the soups in on thurs night i cant believe im this excited about a soup!!
Yes i tried the tomato soup last night, its okish
Its a different flavour i suppose. But cant say i love it!
But try it anyway.
Also comes with a leaflet as you have to add 50ml of cold water first otherwise it tastes powdery.
I found it a bit sickly tho. Not one that i will have all the time, im afraid, i was soo looking forward to it too;(
Yes maybe we was thinking of the terms of Heinz Tomato soup. Mmmm..
I am fussy when it comes to my soup i only like heinz or home made soup, i guess i knew that deep down it was not meant to be..lol
Oh well its only til feb/march i can deal with whatever is thrown at me


Fighting Demons....
I heard the new orange tasted a bit like tango?! Oh if it's orange in colour, I can add it to fizzy water and pretend like I'm back on the Fanta. I miss my Fanta!!

B x
St. Clements

................is oranges and lements!!
...lemons filled with regret.


Fighting Demons....
i might get some st clements tonight.

I haven't tried it yet and I'm almost out of Forest Fruits.

B x

PS: I wish there was a cheaper alternative to the water flavourings!!
Yes i agree about the price
Bit too expensive, but i have to buy it as i wont drink my water!;)


LighterLife Returner
Mmm, I just had my first tomato soup - its lovely!
I gave it a good old dash of tabasco, salt and pepper, and it was very nice indeed! My fav soups in order of preference are: Thai, Veg, Tomato.

Chicken in emergencies.
Mushroom (ergh!) makes me feel sick even while I'm making it!

Looking forward to the orange flavour! I have asked when I will get it...

Mr Mini Me

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