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tony romas..


Can i just ask a question?

At the min i am 21 points a day, this is my 4th week at ww and in total i have lost 8.5lb, although i didn’t go to class on Monday as i had a really bad week! But drew a line under it and from Monday iv been extra good, done an hours walk mon and wed and a 2hr walk on tues, also have saved around 10 points, i usually have a treat on a sat night, this week its goin to be a tony romas sooooo lookin forward to it but how many points do u reckon i shud eat durin the day in total breakfast and lunch?any advice wud be really appreciated! Xxxx



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I would maybe have a low pointed breakfast and then maybe find a zero point option for lunch? just to be on the safe side, but all depends on the places your going too and what their food is like in terms of points tbh, if you have something with few points then you will be ok to eat normally for breakfast and lunch, but if they are high in points then it's best to be careful on your points for the day even though you've saved up 10 ... thing is it probably would have been best to go WW meeting in my opinion even if you had a bad week because then you would of known exactly what your weight is, in terms of how many points you may need to save this week to stay on track, you never know you might not have gained last week, and therefore able to have treats this week.. it's a difficult one, but i'd stick to eating low pointed things during the day to be on the safe side.
Oh..stay away from the ribs :D

Hi thanks for your reply, i no i really shud have went but i just cudnt face it but i wont be doin it again bad week or not!lol

I will prob be eatin quite high 2moro night as it is tony romas but wont be any alcohol thank god lol..how many points at most do u think i shud have 2mro day?sorry to be pain lol xxx
Ha me too...and their cocktails aint bad either :D

Am..id say stick to as low as possible that day..maybe 3 for breakfast and the zero point soup, or omlette..(one yolk and maybe 3 whites) with zero veg?

But don't stress, enjoy yourself

P.S Maybe get a bit of exercise in before hand?...a walk or a trip to the gym or what ever it is you decide

Thanks very much, not gonna stress im gonna have the night off like i do every sat and enjoy myself (plus its my totm and im cravin everythin!!lol) just hope i dont gain, fingers crossed i wont xx

Yep gonna go on my treadmill tonight as the weather is horrendous plus i walked 2hours on tues night and an hour on mon and an hour on tues night, do u think thatl help?xx

Every little helps..understans about the weather...its got awful dirty again after last weeks sun sun sun :(

Im having a look at the menu now...


starters that look ok'ish...ummm the chicken wings, the grilled seaseme ones. Also the BBQ chicken flatbread thing?? plus loads of salads and stuff. You should be grand really, just check the menu lots and sauces and dressings on the side


Dinners..as u said you'll prob go for ther ribs

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