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Tortilla Wrap Alternative

Hey everyone!

Sorry if this is in the wrong section of the forum, feel free to move if so.

I have a huge craving for some fajitas for my lunch and I know that the chicken, fajita spice, peppers, cucumber and fat free yoghurt will all be ok, but the wraps are always so many syns and I like to have at least 3!

Anyone know of any particular brand or alternative which is better?

Thanks! XxXxX
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None are particularly good I'm afraid. The lowest I've found are 8 syns, the Tesco ones
There was once a recipe in the SW mag which makes wraps with eggs, a bit like thin omelettes. Eggs, milk, seasoning and herbs.
Never tried it but it's worth a go!
I was thinking about something like a thin omelette, but I was worried about it breaking when I roll up the fajita. Hummmm.

I've been looking at the syns online and they say that Old El Paso's Soft Flour Tortillas are 7 syns each. and their corn tortillas are 6 syns each. They are the best I've found.

I may just have to break the syn barrier. lol unless someone else can think of something. :D
Why not do EE and have the fajita filling with some spicy potato wedges in stead of the bread?

If you really need the fajitas, use flexible syns and have them- this plan doesn't say 'no' to anything
the nicest one's I use are any of the discovery range, either plain or garlic and coriander which are 5 1/2 syns each, they're notmally next to all of the old el paso items :)
i have to say i have a similar dilema tonight i love enchiladas but dont want to waste syns so i have the mince in the sauce (dried packet one not the jar) and have savory rice therefore having 3 syns for sauce not 14 for 2 tortillas

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