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Totally off track today


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Day started out fine, until lunch time. I was at a training day today and lunch was provided. Now usually it's sandwiches etc and i planned on having a couple and using my syns for the day. All they had on offer was, half jackets full of butter and cheese, quice (sp) coleslaw, crackers and soft cheese. Only good things were lean ham and grapes, so i confess i ate some quice and coleslaw and grapes. Was starving when i got home so had ham rolls with crisps.
Have since had licorice and cup a soup, also supernoodles and kitkat.

Totally lost control today, its no use. Does anyone get caught out like that? then ruin the rest of the day, thinking, well i've blown it now anyway> wish i hadnt thought that way, feel bad now.

I also think subconciously i know i can't go to WI tomorrow, another training course. So thinking i have an extra week to get it back off. Not a good way to think

Sorry i am waffling on
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OK. Now is the time to plan.

What quick snack meal can you plan for later? I know that you have just eaten something, but depending on how long you are up for, you might still get a little peckish in the next couple of hours.

Tomorrow:- What can you take with you (for an emergency lunch) if you end up in the same situation again? Perhaps a mugshot? You would probably be able to get some hot water - Oh, and take a cup in your bag. Paper/plastic cups probably won't be big enough. If you think that you might be able to eat something, but not enough for a 'proper lunch', how about a couple of alpen lights (hex b). You should be able to eat them throughout the rest of the day (with a drink), and not feel too self-concious.

For tomorrow evening:- Can you make something now, that would be quick to heat up for tomorrow nights tea? If you can't, plan what you are going to 'snack' on when you first walk in the door, whilst tea is cooking.

As for missing group, I take it that there are no other groups near you that you could go to, just for this week? If not, I'm going to let you in on my 'sneaky missing WI night' plan.....

I take 1/2 hour to myself.
I imagine myself at class.
I get on the scales. - Now for the hard part - WITHOUT LOOKING !!!!!
Then I sit down, and with my eyes shut, imagine the rest of my class.
I imagine my consultant saying that I've lost (and everyone clapping)
I imagine my consultant saying that I've stayed the same.
I imagine my consultant saying "So, small gain this week....any reason?..."
I then explain the reasons why, (ie. being caught out, no motivation etc), and then imagine suggestions that the rest of the group might bring up, to help me be prepared for next time. (Having been at group for six months, I pretty much know how my group runs, and who is likely to say what!!!)
I then imagine telling the group my plan for the next week - anything coming up, what I'm going to try that's new etc.

It might sound a bit silly, but I think that it helps me, so that I'm not missing out on the 'group experience'. Also, by not reading what MY scales say, I don't get a 'false reading' that could scupper the rest of my week.

Hope that some of this helps!!!!


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S: 11st2.5lb C: 11st1lb G: 9st4lb Loss: 0st1.5lb(0.96%)
Thanks very much for that. It does help.

I'm going to take fruit and alpen lights tomorrow. I'm taking a chicken casserole out of the freezer tonight, ready for when i get home tomorrow.

There is a another group tomorrow evening but i take my son to Karate, so i can't make that one either. That would be hard getting on the scales and not looking but i will try.

I have exercised alot this last week so i'm hoping that has helped a bit.

Will be back on it tonight. Won't be eating anything else tonight apart from an orange.

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