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TOTM? Not for the men, lol.

I realised that I probably wouldn't lose as much when it was coming up to my totm, but I barely lost 1.5lb this week. :sigh:

Normally i put on a few lb before my TOTM, so i suppose losing anything is better than the opposite.

Anyway, i was looking forward to feeling less bloated once it arrived. It came on Thurs night and then just vanished. Then I woke up this morning feeling really bloated. Wasn't at home so couldn't weigh myself like I normally do. Anyway, it's back, but not like it normally would be.

Has anyone else experienced this?
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Here we go again!
I haven't personally but I know others have problems with totm when on LT. It can muck up your times and come and go every few weeks or so. Don't worry it does effect some people like this!

Last week when it was my totm I still lost 2lbs but know that on any other diet I would have put 2lbs on, that's why I was very happy with 2lbs last week.
I'm glad somebody else asked this. It was my TOTM the first week I started this, and so I didn't notice it inhibiting weight loss (lost 10lbs my first week) but then so much of that is water loss anyway I don't think TOTM would make a lot of difference.

However, I am now in my 5th week (week 5 weigh in on Saturday) and I came on today (sorry for too much info :S ) I weighed myself first thing this morning and have put ON 0.2lbs since my weigh in on Friday. Normally in 4 days I'd expect to lose about 2lbs :(

Anything I can do to help shift the weight? I haven't cheated at ALL so it's very frustrating. Oh, and the diet hasn't messed with my cycles at all - I'm on time to the day.
I think totm weight gain is just a fact of life, so many ladies suffer from it but I dont think that its a true gain, it must just be water not fat so I try not to let it worry me. My first totm loss was 3lbs and the second was just 2lbs but I was expecting it. If I try to look at it more positively instead of gaining as I would normally. I actually lost 5lbs during my totm's since starting Lipotrim which is pretty fantastic I think .
im not really sure how lt effects totm but i used to go for months without one and since being on lt iv had 2 the second started on wednesday and at weigh in today i lost 7lb although the chemist said to expect a low loss next week. x x x
I have PCOS and for the whole of my adult life have had very irregular and extremely heavy periods. They had actually been getting worse and until I started LT I had had 2 periods each lasting 12 (extremely heavy) days over the past 6 months and nothing in between! I got my period a few days after starting LT (although I think it had been 'in the post' anyway and it was *almost* normal! I've just had a second one exactly 28 days after the first which also seems to be fairly normal! I'm not sure if this is down to the weight loss or just getting generally the right nutrition into me?

Whatever the reason, long may it continue!
clepottage thats exactly the same as me i also have servere pcos and totm defiatly isnt as bad, i really hope things continue to improve x x

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