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totm sorry every1, just having probs

Just wanted to ask if anyone has had the same problems.

It's totm and I have the marina fitted, so normally it's really light and I have no problems.

For last couple of days it's been alot heavier than normal and today I've flooded (sorry)

I know weight loss and gain can alter them. Just wondered if anyone has had the same.

I'm asking cos in the early part of the year I had gyn surgery and was wondering if something is going a miss. But I feel cos it's timed it's self with the diet it's probably that.

Ta for reading:sign0137:
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some1 posted something similar to this recently.. so hopefully they'll come along and help soon. hope u get it sorted xx
Ta- hopefully
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not 100% but if some1 posted something similar then maybe it does have a link to the LT.


I will do this!!!
iv got the implant fitted and i know my periods have changed, they are heavier now but it is calming down now
Many thanks, thought it might be that but just wanted to check.
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i have seen a lot of people where there totm has changed heavier and never really had one in months and getting them more then once a month i hope it sorts itself out for you and dont be embarrassed about talking about ttotm with us as we wouldnt know unless someone brought the subject up. xx
Hi hun, I have the implant i'v had it for about 7 months now without any problems however when i started lt my periods became heavier and crampy never had this problem before. I'v been on lt for 8 weeks now and bled for 6 weeks the other 2 weeks i didn't bleed i spotted i think its do do with your body releasing oestrogen due to weight loss something like that anyway maybe someone else can tell you in more detail.
p.s well done with the weightloss and good luck for next week x
HI i have had my TOTM for 5 weeks now im on the mini pill and dont usually really have much but it has been constant for past 5 weeks i have another 5 weeks to go so im hoping it will sort itself out
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I also have the Marina fitted and never had a totm with it until 2 weeks into LT and now have them every month!!!!! Freakily they have now scheduled themselves at the same time as my eldests!!! How weird is that! My poor OH now has two women premenstral every month at the same time!!!!

I'm on my third week and my TOTM looked like it was starting on Tuesday evening but since I've only had spotting and the worst belly ache and bloating. I'm drinking loads of water but can't face any shakes. I'm sat in my nightie still and rang in sick today AND I've not lost any weight!
Sorry for my moan and I'm not trying to hijack but I'm offering send a cyber hug!
Take care


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I too have Mirina and still always had regular cycle. But now missed a period! Defo not pregnant! So it does mess with them every which way.
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hi classy76 really glad of the post i have the depo injection and until starting LT had no periods i now find i am having light bleeding not to much to worry about but the OH isnt impressed

cuddlyfairy its ascientific fact females living in the same household will eventually be on at roughly the same time I have two daughters my oh just loves it lol!!!!

Thank you everyone it is really reasuring to find we are all in the same boat.

Hope everyones starts to get more normal!!!!!! eventually:clap::clap:
god i was glad to see your question,,,,,i have the mirena fitted with 5 years,and when i was on lipo last year i had no probs with periods,but this time i got a light period into the first few days of lipo.,seems im not the only one ,so now i know it must be connected to the diet,,,,,,,


My periods are horrendous when on Lighterlife - I looked on their web site and found the following info
Hormones that govern the menstrual cycle in women are mostly found in fat between the waist and the knees. The balance of these hormones can alter slightly whilst losing weight. Due to this, while using a very-low-calorie diet, women may find no change in their periods or that they temporarily become:

  • <LI class=MsoNormal>More or less frequent. <LI class=MsoNormal>Heavier or lighter.
  • Stop.

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