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going to do it!!!!
hi has anybody had problems with totm whilst on cd? im currently on day 5 and did a week of ss 2 weeks ago missed a week and started again on monday ss.
my period not due until 26th but it came on tuesday nearly 10 days early . does cd affect totm or is it just me??

also have really bad tummy pain and dont normally:cry:
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Hi, cd definitely can change the monthly pattern of your totm. Some people have reported coming on more than once a month. Guess its due to vld diets. Hope it settles down for you once your body adjusts.


going to do it!!!!
i hope they settle down too have just had mirena coil to try and calm them as they so bad i hope im not adding to totm probs by doing cd as i may have to recon sider doing diet and dont want to :cry:


Cambridge Consultant
Yes I definatley have had a few totm issues whilst on cd.. but I have always had problems as have PCOS so never been on a normal cycle.
I hope that it does get better for you.
I was going to say I have friends that have had the mirena coil and have had bleeding irregularly at the beginning and that it has settled..
I was thinking of getting it to as do get really heavy nightmare ones.
Hope it all works out for you its worth sticking with cd as its a fab diet..
Good luck x
My periods used to be a regular 30-31 days but since the beginning of CD they have been about 26 days apart-most times. Sometimes it's been less. They've also got heavier and much more painful than they used to be.
Don't know about you ladies but my pmt has been a nightmare since cd.....I am moody, then tearful, then plain *****y....then all of a sudden ok again.....I agree with the pains and the heaviness and then irregularity too sigh, the things us girls put up with ....going to docs on monday to see if the pill will help xx

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