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ProPoints Tras's food diary


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Back to WW for the third time,really hoping it's third time lucky,have a stone to lose and really want to have it gone for October- have a wedding then,great motivation!
Love the idea if keeping a food diary,might shame me into being good! Joined last Thurs,have been under points all week and haven't used any weekly points-the enthusiasm of week 1! But here 's my diary from yesterday to get me started!

Breakfast: porridge made with blueberries and water 3pp

Lunch: Salad with egg,light Mayo 3 pp
Meringue nest with fruit and 3tsps of ff yogurt: 2 pp

Dinner: Shake and bake chicken (Mediterranean) with 60g rice 12pp

Options hot chocolate and 2 finger kitkat: 4 pp

Tea with skimmed milk during day: 3 pp
Total: 27/29 pp
Did no exercise today but happy out still.
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S: 9st8lb C: 8st13.5lb G: 7st9lb BMI: 24.5 Loss: 0st8.5lb(6.34%)
all sounds good hun ...try to eat all your daily points it helps the weight loss x


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Thanks,will try,no bother if I'm eating out but with fruit free I often find myself with a lot of points at the end of the day. Need to plan a bit more. Used them all today though!

Breakfast: Porridge,blueberries and a drop of apple juice,made with water: 4 pp

Lunch: 2 slices of wholemeal bread:4pm
Half an egg: 1 pp
Low fat butter: 1 pp, lf mayo: 1 pp
Lettuce,tomato; 0 pp. Total: 7 pp

Dinner: chicken breast (4),roast veg(0),pasta (6), philadelphia light (1) and a splash of full fat milk (1): 12 pp

Meringue with fruit: 1 pp
Packet of snax: 2 pp
Alpen light: 2 pp
Tea during day: 1pp (skim milk)

Total: 29/29
Best bit of today- took kids to Mc Donald's for a treat and not a thing passed my lips except a diet coke! Was so proud,would be an awful one for sneaking in a chip or a piece of nugget. Felt so in control!


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Breakfast: porridge,blueberries,made with water: 3 pp

Lunch: 2slices wholemeal bread (4pp), low fat butter (1pp),low fat Mayo (1pp),slice of ham (1 pp)= 7 pp

Dinner: Breast of chicken, (4 pp),roast carrots and parsnips,broccoli 0 pp=4 pp

Meringue,fruit: 1
Rice crispie bar:4
kit Kat:3
30g popcorn :3
Taste of chocolate biscuit cake: 2
Milk: 2 pp

Had sooo much crap today (well,bby WW standards. Was obviously packing away a whole lot more than that before I joined!),had to suffer at dinnertime. Was v pleasantly surprised with how much microwave popcorn I got for the 3 pp!weigh in tomorrow


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S: 9st8lb C: 8st13.5lb G: 7st9lb BMI: 24.5 Loss: 0st8.5lb(6.34%)
well done for resisting McD's hun x


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Had WI last night and was down 4lbs...delighted. Really want to build on that but today was quite hungry. Stayed within points but was hungry all day. Was at SIL's and they decided to order a Chinese,got chicken chow mein but only ate a bit....not out of any great virtue,it just wasn't great. Got a whole carton of noodles and then a big carton of chicken and veg separately...I thought chow mein was noodles,chicken and veg all in one carton and that's why it's low in points?
Anyway,here was my day:

Breakfast: porridge with raspberries and grapes,splash of fat free milk- 4 pp

Milk allowance for day: 4 pp ( had tea in two houses where they only had full fat milk...so annoying! Must learn to drink or black.)

Lunch: mushrooms with tomato (0), poached egg (2),rice cakes with Philadelphia light (2),cheese (1): 5 pp

Snacks: apple,banana,mandarin

Dinner: chicken chow mein (9), Alpen bar (2)= 11 pp
Raisins: 2 pp

Total: 26 pp
No exercise done though...


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Found today really tough,was out and about for the day and even though I packed a salad for the picnic and lots of fruit and diet 7up I was pretty much starving all day!
Breakfast: porridge,raspberries,grapes,made with water 3

Lunch: salad leaves,cucumber,toms,sugarsnap peas(0), boiled egg (2),light Mayo (1),finger roll(3),low fat soft cheese (1),WW hula hoops (2)=. 9 pp

Dinner: chicken and bacon salad ( in a hotel so guessing pp....all advice appreciated!) = 11 pp

Veg 0 point soup- 0 pp
Rice cakes,lf cream cheese: 2 pp
Curly wurly- 3 pp
Milk allowance-2 pp=

30 pp
(1 bonus pp used)


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S: 9st8lb C: 8st13.5lb G: 7st9lb BMI: 24.5 Loss: 0st8.5lb(6.34%)
well done hun 4lbs is fab ..keep it up x
Had a god awful day yesterday,binge is the only word for it. Did sit down to worn out what points I used- 29 + 12 bonus pp....and most of that was microwave popcorn and chocolate!
But today was a brand new day and I tried to be extra good

Breakfast: fruit salad and 30g low fat yogurt- 1 pp

Lunch- tomato soup (WW recipe)- 1 pp
Finger roll (3 pp), ham (1 pp), low fat butter (1 pp), low fat Mayo (1),Alpen light bar (2 pp)= 9 pp

Dinner: 140g cooked pasta (4), roast veg, 1 tbsp creme fraiche (3), tsp pesto (2)= 9 pp

Snack- kit Kat (3 pp), options (1)
Milk for day 2 pp

Total: 25/29 pp
Too embarrassed to write my diary for yesterday- picked all day and ate a WHOLE bag of microwave popcorn to myself last night. Seriously.... do I have any clue at all?


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S: 13st0.5lb C: 12st1lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 28.1 Loss: 0st13.5lb(7.4%)
dont feel too bad, I had a full bag of popcorn, a chippy and a mcdonalds last week and still managed to lose. It wasnt a massive loss but it was a loss all the same. Just get back on track today and you'll be fine :)
Haven't filled in my diary in days as hadn'tbeen tracking (and was too embarrassed. All very well declaring to e world that I'm being good,am slower to admit the bingeing!) Was eating good meals and then going completely overboard on snacks. But had WI tonight and was down 2lbs ....yay!! So it's back to business tomorrow,all motivated again.
Back on track again today,and it was hard cos staying at my mom's....the house is always filled with lots of yummy stuff!
Breakfast: porridge,blueberries= 3 pp

Lunch: finger roll,ham,tomato,,Mayo,egg= 7 pp

Dinner: roast chicken,veg,1 potato,low fat butter: 8 pp

Snack: fruit,meringue,50g fruit yoghurt-2 pp
WW toffee bar: 2 pp
Minimarshmallows: 2 pp

Milk allowance: 2 pp

Total: 26pp

Picked up a packet of softmint type things to chew on,thought they wouldn't be too bad- nearly fell over when I pointed them- 5 pp!!
Hi there,Sonas? How are you getting on? Been having good enough days, but am STARVING all evening though....

Breakfast- Special k oats and honey 3 pp
Milk for day- 2 pp
Lunch: roll,chicken,tomato,Mayo- 8 pp
Dinner- 40g pasta,roast veg,Philadelphia light 5 pp
Rice crispie square- 4 pp
Meanies- 3 pp

Total: 25 pp

4 pp left to fill me up now for the evening!!


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S: 9st8lb C: 8st13.5lb G: 7st9lb BMI: 24.5 Loss: 0st8.5lb(6.34%)
what did you spend your 4pp's on Tras? x


Loves Minimins!
S: 20st5lb C: 19st1.5lb G: 9st4lb BMI: 45.2 Loss: 1st3.5lb(6.14%)
Here to follow :) xx

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