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I think I've just had what I can only describe as a trigger moment to lose weight. I've just seen some pictures of myself taken a week ago at a wedding reception, and I am basically appalled at how I look.

One word : Disgusting!!

I thought I looked moderately ok considering the fact that I'm "big" but the way I look in those pictures is just ridiculous!

So now I'm facing up to how I really look, I was wondering what your 'trigger moments' were?
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moments happen all the time - i think trigger moments for me have been when i have just started gaining confidence in myself again and i like the image in the mirror - only to see an angle of myself in a window as im walking or in a picture taken by someone else (and described as nice... ).

good luck with ur journey. how r u planning to get there?
Funny you should say photos from a wedding samprand....as that was exactly mine! I came home after years of living abroad for my cousins wedding, and when I saw the pictures I cried and cried and them cried some more. I was mortified at what I looked like to others...as that wasn't how I saw myself. I can totally relate to where you are..the way I thought of it was like this: this was my rock bottom, and I was never going to be here again. I kept those photos for when the going got tough, and they helped me remember why it was I had chosen to consciously move forward with my life.
I went on to lose 5 stone, and then unfortunately had a car accident last year that saw me, through a back injury gain four of those stones! It was tough to be back to that place again, so I still look bak to those first photos, and say that I'll never be back there again...and sure enough, I'm slowly losing again.

You have made a start, an that's the most powerful thing u can do. Good on you!! X
i feel ur pain guys trust me! thankyou both for ur kind words :)

marsipan, im just going to try to be sensible, i like the idea of the JUDDD diet (ever heard of it?) as me trying to be 'sensible' has had no effect so far, though to be fair my attempts have always been rather half-as*ed, but look where thats got me :( i tried JUDDD before and got down to 15st 8lbs but was exercising a lot too, its a horrible feeling to know i got to that stage but have put on over a stone of fat since. how despressing lol

sasser, well done on losing 5 stone, thats amazing! its a shame youve put 4 back on but at least thats not through you making bad choices as the accident was obviously out of ur hands. its a real inspiration that ur carrying on with losing weight despite ur injury :)

My was wedding pictures too!! I was bridesmaid for my friends wedding in America, the pictures of my fat arms fat everything! made me decide now was the time to lose some weight, have a healthy BMI & look nice on pictures!

So far I'm just over 2 1/2 stones lighter..6 pounds to my target & see how I feel at 11.6!


*reformed* sugar junkie
Kept hoping for one but it never really came! You read stories in magazines about 'I couldn't fit in the airplane seat' or 'I saw myself in wedding snaps' and all those things happened to me but still no trigger :p The prospect of turning 30 is the only one I could pinpoint - I don't want to wish my 30s away like I did my 20s ;)

Congrats on taking the first steps.
Sometimes the wedding or other party photos are upsetting but less so than - dum dum DUMMM - the video...

When the body we have tried so hard to hide, to squeeze into quiet corners, to drape in black and dark blue etc even in summer, is suddenly revealed in motion, it can be a real kick in the guts.

My mate watched herself on tape at a family wedding and was stunned. She said she suddenly realised how others actually saw her and how little her carefully chosen clothing - which she had agonised over - did to minimise her sheer size. She cried her eyes out at home for days. All she could see on that tape was a small head with a pretty face and nice hair, lovely eyes (beautifully made-up), and a very large body she honestly did not recognise as her own.

Yes it proved a trigger moment, and yes she immediately started to diet. She lost four stones and felt great. She had three or four more to go but no matter, she was so happy. Alas the nibbling started, then the full on meals off plan, then the day/days/week off. In short she regained the lot, plus another stone.

So now she is dieting again. This is a lifelong problem for all of us. It's not the losing so much as keeping it off! But she cannot ever again settle for being so heavily obese, so that tape did her good.
god these bloody photos are out to get all of us! lol thank god theres no videos of me waddling around (that i know of!) but one thing i couldnt help but think is that in one of the photos, you can only see the back of my head, but even my hair is fat lol
Mine is also a photo, but a photo taken when I was slim.

I am 10 years younger and my son is young, I am so slim but just didn't know it, I always thought I was fat. I look great. I want to be that slim again. I know I have aged 10 years but I want to be that confident person again.
i think i knew i had to do something after i got back on the scales after not bothering to eat healthily or excercise for over a year...

i was shocked and horrified to see that i had reached 20 stone 10 pounds!!!:eek:

i had convinced myself that i was still somewhere around the 18 stone mark...even though i had spent a year eating macdonalds, fish and chips, buckets of crisps and chocolate!

after the initial shock, i calmed down and joined a gym and started calorie counting...

i am now down to 16 stone 1 pounds, and i feel much better about myself..

it hasnt been easy and i have done lots of yo-yo dieting to get to where i am now...losing two stone then gaining a stone....losing three stone, gaining two stone etc.....

but now i am trying to look at this as a permanent change in lifestyle rather than a 'diet'....and it seems to be working....
Hamish's Mum, you can get there, it's achievable!

Wicked Witch, well done on the loss so far - you are doing amazingly well! I take my hat off to you for calming yourself down after finding out how much you weighed and actually doing something about it, it's far too easy to think oh god im massive whats the point and making a bad situation worse, so a big well done to you!
What a great thread. For me it was a health wake up call. Being told I was type 2 diabetic was such a shock and it motivated me to stop destroying my health. Too much sugar/fat/wine, you name it, just too much. So I have got on with it and am slowly getting there. Of course it will be great to fit into nice clothes again and feel good about myself but that is no longer the main reason.

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