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  1. Triplestep720

    Triplestep720 Full Member

    The cupboards and fridge are finally getting back to normal levels now with the Christmas indulgences out of the way. I’m looking to get healthier by eating better and exercising more.

    There are many reasons why I want to start a healthy regime, one being that I only married 3 months ago and since then I have put on around 15 lbs!! :eek: another is I would like to start a family soon, so being a better weight will improve my chances and I felt sooo much better 15lbs lighter! so to return to my wedding day weight will be my 1st goal for now.

    I aim to use this thread to keep account of my exercise schedule and updates on food. I will also update calories burnt with my KiFit. I won’t be counting calories consumed as I find it too tedious, but I will keep a close eye on portion sizes and make better food choices, which I may also update.

    Weigh in is on Sundays :)
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  3. Triplestep720

    Triplestep720 Full Member

    Start of a New Year!

    I wanted to sort out some sort of exercise timetable for this coming week, I've not had time to sit and work it all out properly yet.

    I'll begin with tomorrow first (being the start of the New Year!) :p and I will take a 45-60mins walk and when I've come home from the walk, I'll do a little exercise of 20-30mins (probably using wii) as slightly easier than getting the kettlebells out for a session- need to work up to it! :p

    This weeks targets ends Midnight Saturday

    Total weekly step target 65,000
    Calorie burn each week day 2,800 or (14,000 for 5 days)
    Calorie burn for weekend 2,300 or (4,600
    for Sat/Sun)
    Total Calorie burn for 7 days = 18,600

    Oh, and
    :new_year: to all!!!
  4. babytreetrunk89

    babytreetrunk89 Gold Member

    hi is kifit? like a fitbit?? im thinking of getting one :) xx
  5. Triplestep720

    Triplestep720 Full Member

    I had to google Fitbit :)

    They both track steps, but the Kifit has loads of sensors, so it is supposed to track every calorie burnt what ever the activity (but it's not water proof). I got hold of mine (auctioned & used) on Ebay after seeing the contestants on the Biggest Loser having them, but they are called something else in the states; body bug. Downside it's quite noticeable worn on my arm; people ask what it is, some have asked me if it's a blood pressure monitor!! :p

    Another downside is you have to get a subscription, so it costs a lot to run :(
    My hubby did buy me a Nike Fuel Band for Xmas (he said it looked cute, and worked similar to the KiFit and no subscriptions) but I asked him to return it as I like looking at all the KiFit data- even if it is a pain that I have to plug it into my PC.
  6. babytreetrunk89

    babytreetrunk89 Gold Member

    hey i did a bit of googling and reading reviews and i got the fitbit :) just cant really afford to have another direct debit hehe
    hows your exercise been?? i ended up doing 45mins of zumba hoping to do an hour tomo :)
  7. Triplestep720

    Triplestep720 Full Member

    I didn't really leave the house today, except to go to the shop :eek: I managed some jogging and steps on the Wii Fit, so far 8289 steps taken today, so will need to do a bit more.

    I'm taking it slowly this week, plan to go to the gym on Thursday.. just to get use to the machines, not been for over 3 months.. not since the wedding!!!!
  8. babytreetrunk89

    babytreetrunk89 Gold Member

    go wii's lol my zumba was on the wii aswell only left the front door to put the bin out.... going to go to the gym tomo seeing as tho i am paying for it.... i did enjoy going but just couldnt be bothered (only ten min walk aswell)

    just take it sloww and you should be fine :D xx
  9. Triplestep720

    Triplestep720 Full Member

    I definitely think that pedometers and trackers help, when I didn't wear my KiFit I was a lazy bum... and I knew it!:)

    I weighed myself this morning and the scale added 4lbs to yesterday's weight!! Not sure how that happened I did have some nibbles last night and a couple of drinks, may have been an accumulation of the Christmas meals from previous days??!! :confused: So anyway, I've updated my stats. So instead of losing 1 stone, it's now 1 stone and 4lbs Yay me! :(

    I had a look at what I could do for the remainder of the week as well:

    Wed - Scheduled Walk
    Thurs - Gym, take it easy session before work or Badminton after work
    Fri - No plans made
    Sat - Badminton
  10. babytreetrunk89

    babytreetrunk89 Gold Member

    its maybe the water from the drinks? is today your weigh in day?
    i know ive put weight on put im not updating my stats until i go to the class tomo....
  11. Triplestep720

    Triplestep720 Full Member

    My usual weigh in is on Sunday figured best not to overeat for the weekend- doesn't always work! I also weigh myself on the 1st of every month, so I can see more of a progress when it's tracked on a ticker graph.

    I've just packed my bags for the gym tomorrow morning- dreading it as I'm trying to visualize what my routine is, but I can't remember what to do after my warm up!! I used to be so good as well! I think once I'm there in the gym I'll remember, I can think about it when I'm doing my warm up... I can remember doing leg lunges across the studio with weights- absolutely hated it, that's why I remember them I guess! :p

    I was annoyed earlier today; Partly to do with not wanting to go back to work tomorrow but also skipped breakfast because hubby wanted buy a new phone and was rushing me. Ended up having GBK burger and sharing the onion rings and chips with him!! Also annoyed for not walking as much as I planned to as I was running late and hubby had to drop me off to meet my friend :( One good thing about going back to work is I am on my feet all day and rush around, so maybe tomorrow will make up for my poor attempts today.
  12. Triplestep720

    Triplestep720 Full Member

    I made it to the gym this morning.
    Vario - 15mins Warm up
    Wave - Only 3mins!!! My thighs ached :eek:
    Treadmill - 26mins 24sec; completing 3km
    Average incline 0.6%

    I didn't feel up to do my usual core work just yet, but managed 2x45 seconds doing the Plank. Tricep dips only managed 2 sets, Low Row x 3sets, Chest Press x3 sets

    Burnt 462 calories in the session, 70mins.

    Total Calorie burn for the day is very good so far at 3103 and step count 19817.

    Felt shattered just after work coming home, but now I'm home and eaten my dinner I feel full of energy, shame I'm now sat in front of the sofa not doing much! :)
  13. babytreetrunk89

    babytreetrunk89 Gold Member

    well done on going the gym :D the wave will come in time :)
    i didnt go today i just went on the wii for an hour which is def not the same boo
  14. Triplestep720

    Triplestep720 Full Member

    Yesterday I played badminton, 110mins burning 541cals. I need to be more confident to jump onto the empty courts, missed the opportunity to play some more challenging games, when there are guys on the court I feel a bit anxious, although some of them I have a similar ability to, I'll work up to it.
    Next week I'll be attending another club, as the one I went to on Saturday won't be running it for a few weeks due to a private function.

    I'm back to work now, so I will increase my step and calorie burn targets for next week. I'm happy with my weight this week as before every week it had been going up, this week it didn't show a gain.

    Earlier today I didn't have much of a step count, so I got the Wii out. 5700 steps and burnt 487calories for the session of 64minutes, that's more of a calorie burn than what I achieve at the gym!!
    :eek: I didn't break out in a sweat or anything so I don't know how that happened! It looks like I don't work hard in the gym, but I do! :cry:

    Update for last week
    Total weekly step taken: 77818 Reached target and exceeded by 12,818 steps
    Total Calorie burn 19581 Reached target and exceeded by 981 calories
    Weight 176.2lbs, down 0.6lbs

    Next week's Target ends Midnight Saturday
    Total Calorie burn for 7 days; 20,000 up from first week's goal by 1,400 calories
    Total Step for 7 days; 85,000 up from last week's goal by 20,000 steps
  15. Triplestep720

    Triplestep720 Full Member

    Exercise Schedule for this week should look a bit like this:

    Mon - Badminton
    Tues - Lindy Hop Class
    Wed - No plans made
    Thurs - Badminton
    Fri - No plans made
    Sat - Badminton
  16. babytreetrunk89

    babytreetrunk89 Gold Member

    hiI looks good what's a Linda hop class?? x
  17. Triplestep720

    Triplestep720 Full Member

    Lindy Hop is swing dancing,1940's era. Think American Navy officers and women with lined stockings on flying and twirling about ;-) My beginner class is not glam though, just about spin on the spot without falling over and we don't dress up :-(
  18. babytreetrunk89

    babytreetrunk89 Gold Member

    still sounds like a lot of fun :) i wish we had something like that :)
  19. Triplestep720

    Triplestep720 Full Member

    Check online, they might hold a weekly class in a pub or community hall. Look up 'swing dance' it doesn't get you that sweaty, but you get to meet a mixture of people and get to feel all girly being twirled about -if you like that sort of thing ;-) I do the class with hubby, it's the only exercise he does, but we only get to go once every couple of months as we work different times to one another.
  20. Triplestep720

    Triplestep720 Full Member

    Hungry, on train home after badminton session. In 3 hour period I played 1hr 35mins. Calorie burn 757. Had a piece of cream cake; the organizer brought it in, hope it doesn't cancel out my calorie burn.
  21. Triplestep720

    Triplestep720 Full Member

    I didn't go to Lindy Hop Class :( A bit skint, so that means I won't be going badminton tomorrow evening. I will think of replacing my missed class or badminton with something 'free'

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