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Thought I'd better start a diary seeing as though I'm here for the long haul.

Well I'm all geared up for my week 4 WI tomorrow (Hopefully I will be in the 19's). Just been swimming, could only stay in for 30 mins though as lessons were starting at 4pm. Still managed 24 lengths though. I have missed my walking this week due to the weather, hence the swim instead. I haven't been swimming since the early summer. We stopped going when the swine flu started to spread.

Anybody doing anything this bonfire night?
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Goodluck for your wi tomorrow, fingers crossed it's the 19's x


Hiya Chucks!!
Hiya and welcome to mins..:)
Good luck for week 4..

My old labrador hates fireworks now so we are staying in with the music on full blast!!LOL...
All the best with your weightloss journey x


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we're staying in too now as it's raining, there's another bonfire on tomorrow night, so hope the weather bucks up a bit


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I can't see it. I'm not very good at using this site. Still learning the ropes. I didn't think you had group diaries


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I'm now into the 19's after a 3lbs loss this week. I'm wondering how long it will be before I drop down to a size 20


running strictly on fat!
Aww, it's such a good loss. You are doing exceptionaly well Tristar xx
Keep it up :)
Thank you. It got me motivated for another swim today. I did 24 lengths yesterday, and 14 today. Had to get out of the pool at 1pm as the schools were booked-in then. We have free swimming in this area, so it's silly not to take advantage of it I think. I was ravenous when I got home, I'm warming the cockles with a Sainsburys Spag Bol :eatdrink051:
A sunny day today at last. It's been raining cats and dogs all week, so will be nice to go out and get walking again. Have a nice weekend everyone. ps We didn't get to a Bonfire because of the weather, but there's a few on tonight, so hope the rain stays off
I might just be me seeing things, but it looks like my ticker has moved ever so slightly to the right lol
Really hope I lose 4lbs or more this week. That will be my 1st stone out of the way if I do. I won't get my hopes up though, as I haven't yet lost that much in a week (3lbs in 1 week is my biggest loss). I just want to lose a noticable amount before I see my Mum at Christmas
Well I managed 34 lengths today at swimming. Might even go again tomorrow


Up for the challenge
Well done on the swimming my dear. Keep up the good work. :) xxx


running strictly on fat!
34 lenghts??? After your last post of 24 I was trying to be as good as you :character00116:and did 20!!! and felt quite proud. And now it seems I have a long way to beat yours 34 hahaha - going tomorrow.
Good job Tristar - keep it up xxxxx:girlpower:
I went a bits nuts yesterday with what I was eating (I won't even say what I ate, because you'd all be horrified lol), but back firmly on the rails today
ok, I've got to go swimming again tomorrow, I need to lose lbs not gain them lol. Don't feel like I've lost anything this week so far

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