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Hi, first let me introduce myself. I live in Ireland and have three primary school aged children and a husband.
I lost 4 stone 11 pounds with Weight Watchers 4 years ago. Since then I gained nearly 3 stone back. I have also done every diet under the sun in the last three years, Weight Watchers, Atkins, Scarsdale, and most recently Slimming World.
I have decided Slimming World is the way forward. I get to eat food and set a good example for my kids as I am eating plenty of fruit and veg and healthy grains and dairy products.
I started following Capricorn three weeks ago, and her diary progress has prompted me to start my own diary. Putting my food plans and feelings 'out there' will hopefully keep me motivated.
Here is my food plan from yesterday:
Breakfast 2 eggs made into omelette with red onion, mushrooms and 28g cheddar cheese (HEA), with beans and an orange
Snack Vitalinea peach yogurt
Lunch Tesco family stirfry veg with brown rice and 120g chicken (HEB) Mullerlight Banana and Custard Yogurt and a banana
Dinner 2 jacket potatoes extra light cream cheese (42g) (HEB) pear, peach vitalinea and couscous mixed together
Snack Galaxy Bubbles chocolate 31g (9.5 syns)
Drinks 3 coffees with milk (HEA)
5 pints of water (with either lime juice or dash sugar free dilute)
Exercise 20 minute brisk walk

I read about the cooked plain couscous mixed into the yogurt on the website yesterday, very filling and tasty. Will add today's food later, must go prepare food for my kids coming home from school soon.:)
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ooohhh ello :D -
I don't know, I try and get a sneaky peek and become a stalker and I get a mention -so i had to come out of the woodwork :p
Yesterdays food looks lovely -I really look forward to the green days when I turn my heBs into cheese -mmmmmmmm. Today I had your brekkie for my lunch.. its odd as I have never been a fan of eggs but they seem to feature quite a lot now :confused:.
Im looking forward to following your diary -Im always up for ideas to [STRIKE]steal[/STRIKE] -*ahem* I mean -borrow.
Hope you have had a good day,,,
will pop back soon :sign0151:


Onwards and downwards!
Well done for starting a diary. I find having one really helps keep me motivated and on plan. And your food from yesterday looks yummy :D
Here is today's food. Already eaten of course!
Green Day
Couscous, Small Pear, Small Apple and Vitalinea Blueberry mixed together
Three Ryvita Multigrain (HEB) with a banana sliced on top, Zesty Lemon Activia Intensely Creamy (2.5 syns)
'Egg Fried Rice' Stir fry vegetables, 2 scrambled eggs fried in frylight and all mixed with brown rice with Blue Dragon Chow Mein Sauce (60g) (2.5 syns)
'Cheesy Pasta Bake' cooked penne pasta baked in oven with Trattoria Verde Tomato and Herb Pasta sauce (125g) (2.5 syns) and 42g extra light garlic and herb cream cheese (HEB), pear and another Activia Intensely Creamy (2.5 syns)
4 coffees (one decaf) HEA
5 pints water
week two of Walk to Run program found in Slimming World Mag (I tore out the page so not sure what month!)

I seem to be drinking a lot of water last two days, feel better when I drink a lot of water. And I was very thirsty after that challenging walk/run. I started the Walk to Run program three weeks ago, today I moved up to one minute running and two minutes walking repeated 6 times. I decided to try this as it is cheap exercise and it is a ten week challenge to achieve something I have always wanted to do...run!
I actually had more food planned for this evening, but after the pasta I was full.
Thanks Capricorn and Emily87 for your words of encouragement.
Good morning, I had a fabulous sleep last night, exercise, eating the right food and drinking loads of water really help me sleep better. When I eat fatty foods, too much bread, or sweet foods I wake all night hot and bothered!
Here is my Green food plan for today:
1 pear
1 plum
Vitalinea peach
'Spicy Roast Veggies'
butternut squash
red onion
all cut into chunks and tossed with cayenne pepper, salt, pepper and Fry Light
8 tbsp gravy 2 syns
Activia Intensely Creamy Zesty Lemon 2.5 syns
2 slices (57g) McCambridge Stoneground bread HEB
28g cheddar cheese HEA
mash potato
green beans
71g cooked lean minced beef HEB
4 tbsp gravy 1 syn
Activia Intensely Cream Zesty Lemon 2.5 syns
Frozen Berries
3 coffees HEA
5 pints water

8 syns 2 HEA 2 HEB

I am keeping track of how much milk I am using as I don't think I use the full 250ml of semi skim, so I measured out 250 ml and will see how much is left at the end of the day. I might syn my milk for coffee and use my HEAs for more cheddar cheese!!

Not sure if I have too much food listed, yesterday I had more food planned but could not eat it in the end...not a bad thing really!!

Have a great day! :) Back later.
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Well I did not eat the dinner I had planned, i was too full after the bread and cheese, so I had an Activia mixed into frozen berries which I warmed up. I will have the dinner, which I had prepared in the morning, tomorrow.
Tomorrow morning will be a busy one so I am posting my food plan for tomorrow now.
I meet a friend for coffee and toasted special every wednesday morning, slimming world is great as the toasted works quite well into the plan.:)

Green Food Plan
Strawberry Vitalinea
Toasted Special
2 slices white bread (8 syns)
cheddar cheese (HEA)
ham (HEB)
1/2 small bag crisps (4 1/2 syns)
'Cottage Pie'
mashed potato
green beans
71g minced beef (HEB)
4 tbsp gravy (2 syns)
Mixed Berries
Vitalinea Peach
coffee (HEA)
5 pints of water
Run/Walk Programme 18 minutes

So that is 2 HEB, 2 HEA and 14 1/2 syns.

Three days feeling great, planning my food and eating lots of good food.
This morning I measured 250 mls of semi skimmed milk and after using it in three coffees and the mashed potatoes (which I did not even eat) I still have 125 mls of milk left. So in future I will syn my milk on days when I am not having a coffee date with a friend. Tomorrow will be a day of countless top-ups in the hotel bar so will definitely used the full 250 mls.
Up since 430!!
Fell asleep at ten pm so I guess I had enough sleep. Would go for my run/walk now but I can't find the flashlight!! :(
Waiting until after 7 when the sun come might out! Nothing too hectic on the agenda today so not too bothered that I am awake so early.

Have a great day! :)
What an evening. After a lovely day of spending time with a good friend and doing a bit of shopping and a bit of prep work for my Ladybird group (irish girl guides aged 5 to 7):)...... I collected my three lovely girls from school and things when from very good to very bad very quickly.

My youngest is having trouble coping with the volumes of homework she is getting now that she is in third class, and I am having trouble coping with the fact that I seem to be teaching her more than her teacher. We spend at least 2 hours every night doing homework! Drives me bonkers!! Well tonight my little one just lost it! She sat at the kitchen table with all her homework in front of her and started crying!:cry: I said just do one hour's work (which is what her teacher says the homework should take...not). She truly lost it then, I think she panicked that she would not have all the work done and would be in trouble at school tomorrow. So she let loose and threw all her books on the floor and had a mini tantrum. Being the youngest she is a little spoiled but this was not like her at all!! I felt like getting all the books and taking them outside and throwing them in the bin!! I am actually more fed up that she is....!!

Anyway after half an hour I filled the bathtub with lovely mango bath creme and she hopped in and relaxed. I put the books away, out of sight out of mind.

Now normally when these little stressful incidents happen I deal with it by heading to the cupboard, but today I just said to myself, 'you can't control the school, the teacher, the child, the school system, but you can control what you do to yourself!!' So I had my Activia Intensely Creamy and a really big banana and got through the day without sabataging myself!!:patback::patback::patback:

After a few hours my little one was relaxed and happy and we climbed onto my bed and went through the homework, picking and choosing what I thought was important and sending a note in her homework journal telling the teacher an hour and 15 minutes was enough time spent!:sigh:

So now I am in bed, I haven't planned my menu for tomorrow yet as I have no food in the house, other than breakfast food. So I will start the day with couscous, fruit and yogurt as usual!! Will go and shop after the school drop and might get a big pack of stir fry veg, soy sauce and have it with eggs and brown rice for my lunch...egg fried rice with veggies. Must plan a bit of chocolate for tomorrow evening, we have Ladybirds tomorrow night and we love a little treat afterwards. A Galaxy Bubble would be my choc of choice at the moment and at 9.5 syns it is well worth it.:)

Good night all, ...til tomorrow!!
Oh my god, just read my entry from last night...what a novel!!
Anyway still happy I did not break down and eat rubbish.
Shopped this morning and so here is my green plan for today:

Vitalinea Forest Fruits Yogurt
1 Slice Irish Brown Bread HEB
Stir Fry veggies
Brown Rice
143g Prawns HEB
Activia Vitalinea Vanilla 2.5 syns
Jacket Potato
42g low fat cheddar HEA
Galaxy Bubbles 9.5 syns
4 coffees 4 x 2 tbsp 2 syns
5 pints water
So that is 2 HEB 1 HEA and 14 syns

Time to cook dinner for kids and husband, then it is homework time and a mad rush up to the community hall for ladybird group. Will definitely burn a few calories at that meeting!!

Chat later, have a great day!:)
Home in bed and watching Shameless! Just ate my Galaxy Bubbles, so lovely. Had a very busy evening and definitely burned a few calories at Ladybirds!
Dinner this evening was gorgeous, lovely fluffy jacket potatoes, beans and 42g low fat cheddar, I added a big pile of sliced pickled beetroot to add some colour and increase my veggies for the day. My youngest daughter thought it looked lovely and asked for the same for herself...so another step in the right direction, part of my motivation to follow Slimming World is to set a good example and encourage my girls to eat more healthy food!

Here is my Green Menu for Tomorrow

Couscous, fruit and yogurt ...surprise surprise right? Just love that breakfast, something warm and filling and easy to prepare!

3 Multigrain Ryvita and a banana sliced on top or 57g McCambridge bread with 42g low fat cheddar HEB (HEA)

Pasta with chunky syn free tomato and veg sauce and 42g extra light garlic and herb cream cheese HEB
Activia Intensely Creamy-not sure what flavour, bought loads as on offer - buy one get one free - and eldest daughter loves them too! 2.5 syns

Jacket Potato with beans, beetroot and 42g low fat cheddar HEA

Activia Intensely Creamy 2.5 syns and some fruit

3 coffees 2 tbsp x 3 = 1.5 syns
5 pints water

18 minutes run/walk

So that is 2 HEB, 1 or 2 HEA and 6 1/2 syns. might buy a little treat to have while watching Corrie tomorrow night. We have stopped keeping rubbishy snack foods in the house, if we want something we go out and buy individual packs rather than multipacks with the week's shopping.

Good night all!:)
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Good evening Trixie
Thought I would catch up before I go to bed ...
I hope your daughter is feeling a bit better -poor soul, having THAT much homework..its crazy isn't it!!!

Im probably too late now, but I have noticed that you have only counted 1 activia today ;) -they are sooo scrummy aren't they :D
You are doing what I do.... "If you don't have it in the house, then you can't eat it can you!" ..I told myself from the start that as long as I can get out of the supemarket without any junk then I would be fine..and If I wanted something badly enough then I would be willing to walk and fetch it ;) -and so far I have never wanted anything:p
Anyway -I had better get off to bed...need to nip out early tomorrow for some more fruit and milk..
Hope you are having a good week..sounds like it :D
Thank you for spotting that oversight Capricorn, I think that is my menu for today so I have a chance to fix it before I go over my syns.

Well two of my girls are going on their end of year football (gaelic) outing tomorrow and need to take a picnic lunch....which means at the moment there are two packets of Walkers Salt and Vinegar and a small jar of Nutella for sandwiches in the house....love them both, so I put them away in a cupboard I don't use. I won't have time to pick them up this afternoon, which would have been a better idea!

Will have to readjust my syns saved for this evening,:sigh: although I just ate my breakfast so probably won't have the snack I had planned for this morning...might keep that for Corrie!!
Looking forward to my weigh in on Sunday believe it or not, and going to London six weeks today, would love the clothes I have to just fit a little better!!:)


Onwards and downwards!
I'm exactly the same, if its not in the house then I'm fine. Unfortunately hubby keeps bringing things in like biscuits etc and its a real test of my willpower not to help him munch through things!

Trixie, you did so so well dealing with the stressful time with your daughter. Well done for not giving in to temptations. I know for me, comfort eating is something that I have to work really hard on. I hope your daughter is feeling a bit better now and that she got a good nights sleep after that lovely bath. It does seem crazy that they have so much homework at that young age! Poor things.

Well done for staying strong hun. And I think I might have to give those Activia intenssly creamy a go :D
Thanks Emily for your comments!

So today was super hectic and super fun, girls all had friends over, so that means my three turned into seven!!

So busy I didn't get to eat all the food I planned. I only had 2 coffees so that brings milk syns down to 1, I didn't have the second Activia Intensely Cream so that is 2.5 less syns, but I did have a few tastes of a Red Velvet Cake my eldest and her friends made. It was lovely, but not lovely enough for me to have a big slice or two!! Still used all my remaining syns though!!

All extra kiddies have gone home so time to relax and watch a bit of telly, missed both episodes of Corrie :cry:with all the excitement but sky plus-ed them and will catch up tomorrow.

Have no idea what I am eating tomorrow, will give it a think and might be back later or in the morning!

Good night!!:)
Good morning, well I have decided today will be a Red Day for a change, so here is my Red Food Plan:

2 egg omelette with mushrooms, spring onion, ham and 20g low fat cheddar 1/2 HEA and fresh pineapple

Stirfry veggies, chicken breast, 28g wholemeal spaghetti HEB and Activia Intensely Creamy 2.5 syns and pineapple

Jacket potato 227g HEB with ham and 22g low fat cheddar 1/2 HEA, beetroot, carrot sticks and Activia Intensely Creamy 2.5 syns

Apple and Freddo Frog 5.5 syns

Coffee 3 milk 3 x 2tbsp = 1.5 syns
Water 5 pints

So total syns 12, 1 HEA and 2 HEB

Not so sure about red days, so I can have jacket potato and wholemeal pasta but no rice or noodles as HEB? Using the wholemeal spaghetti in stir fry rather than rice or noodles, hope it tastes okay!
Also am I okay splitting the HEA into two meals?
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Afternoon Trixie

Hope you are having a good weekend...
ooohh a red day ..... Im having another one of those today :p
I don't like wholewheat pasta :yuk: so on red days I seem to stick with spuddlies -home made wedges are great and go with most things -especially as you can make them taste so different with all the seasonings ;) and I only use 1/4tsp oil to do my 227g potato (so just 1heB and 0.5 syns).
The other thing I do sometimes is cook 28g(dry weight) of rice and egg fry it with loads of veggies to bulk it out:D (you will be amazed how much it makes).. I know its 5syns for the rice BUT it frees up that heB -for a fibre plus bar ;) -which can be used to replace your choccy bar ...saving 0.5syn :giggle:
oohh and I split healthy extras sometimes.. if its something that can be split equally I don't see why it should matter...
Well I had better go and post my meal plan for today..
Have a lovely day and keep up the great work!!
Thanks Capricorn,:):) I picked up that Freddo Frog bar yesterday to have while watching Corrie, didn't have it so I thought I better fit it into my plan today before I eat it and forget to syn it. I might slice up the apple and melt the bit of chocolate for a little fondue effect.
I must get some of those fibre bars, probably way better than the bit of chocolate for similar syns, less addictive and better for me.

Oh and the wholemeal pasta worked fine in the stir fry, I love my spuds but just can't have them with stir fry veggies :eek: . Wanted to have a carb with the stir fry so I wouldn't feel I was doing one of those crazy no carb diets I have done in the past!!

I have a quiet house here for a change, two kiddies have gone surfing!! Husband at work this morning and my youngest is happy she has full control of the remote on the telly for a change.

Must get out and walk a bit this afternoon, need to loosen up my muscles/bones after the run/walk yesterday.

Have a great Saturday everyone!!
Just found out Aldi Optifit yogurts are 2/2.5 syns each:cry::cry:!! I 'accidentally' bought them thinking I was picking up an 8 pack of fat free yogurts. I just checked on minimins to make sure the optifits were free...the pack does say 'virtually fat free'. I have loads of the Activia Intensely Creamy in the fridge that are 2.5 syns each...no contest!! Will pack the Optifits into kiddies and husband's lunches next week!!
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Didn't feel like having the jacket potato for dinner so I had three Ryvita multigrain crackers HEB and 22g low fat cheddar cheese 1/2 HEA and Activia Intensely Creamy 2.5 syns. :)

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