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Tryers diary start 14/11/2011


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Hi, guys and welcome to my diary on what I know will be interesting for me and possibly will take me on a roller coaster of highs and a couple of possible lows ( hopefully not any)

Starting with the ATTACK stage.

stats (cringe):eek:

height : 5ft 5inch
weight : as of today 13 stone 6 lbs
bust: 40
waist: 37 (arrrrrrrhhhhh)
hips: 48 ( this is soooooo not good IMO):(

anyway today is the start of a fresh new day and I hope to be 20 inches at least down, by the time i am in stage 4 of the diet. also would love to be 10 stone and take it from there.

motivation to keep me going ,

I have a Christmas party on the 2nd December, going to Mexico the week before Christmas this year, then next year holiday to Malta in June, then holiday to Sri Lanka in april 2013
so lots of dates where I need to be looking fab, and dates to spure me on to not be the fat one in the photo.

So, where am I upto now???,
I have the book on my iphone to always got a copy at hand:D
I have prepared some sweet galettes and some plain ones, cut them in half so I can use the plaine half as a wrap and the sweet half as a dessert.

Today my menu is

2 Ltrs of weak diet cordial, (throughout the day)

brekkie : 2 boiled eggs and 2 rashers of bacon,

lunch : at work was chicken 1 breast, I fromage fraise

dinner: at home will be spicey turkey meatballs, probably about 10 small to medium ones and half plain galette
( if hungry will have some prawns as well)

and sweet: will be half sweet galette with fromage fraise.

If anyone this that I should be adding more/ having less / or can suggest anything then I'm open to all changes, and suggestions.


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Ok so day one down and not too bad.
Realised that I did no exercise yesterday so will do some today,
I'll stick to moderate 20 mins as dukan says.

Not had brekkie yet as got up late and didn't set the alarm.
So question is what do you guys do if your in a rush and have no time for brekkie and are in work so can't
Just get up and leave and go asda, do you wait it out till lunch and fill up on water.
Think that's what I'm gonna have to do till 12. ( I think I've got to be more mentally prepared of thinking " if in rush and have no eggs and bacon for brekkie then I will need to start thinking what can I have on the go,) ANY IDEAS?


Slowly but surely!
Well done on surviving first day, I started today!
Our stats are basically the same so will be interested in seeing how you do, good luck :)
I never have time for breakfast before work so I always make a galette or muffins to eat on the commute or at my desk when I get in with a bowl of ff yoghurt which I keep in the fridge at work.

The first and most important thing I've learnt about Dukan is preparation is key. I now prepare several days worth of muffins at a time as well as lunches the night before.
Have small pots of Total 0% in the fridge and portions of oatbran in freezer bags - mix them together at work, it's really filling. Even tins of fish or packets of sliced meat will make emergency meals. Good luck.


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brilliant thanks guys, i'm gonna try and make some muffins and biscuits later on this week, as emergency. drooling at the idea of bran biscuits and fromage frais, ( as before this diet I loved a cake or biscuite with youghurt for my puddings at home) feeling like it would be naughty but with this way of eating it's not. wow!!!! LOVE IT !!!!!!

also I really like the idea of total 0% taking a few to work and will take some bran as well in the freezer bags, as yes the bran is very filling.


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ok here is my meals for today,

Day 2

Brekkie was a no no ( as not organised )

lunch I popped to asda and got a chicken ( whole ) I have ripped a breast off for lunch and took some in work as well as working till 8pm
so will be having the other chicken breast for dinner I think.

when I get home tonight i'm off out to darts ( and they always serve up some buffet food for the end of the night).
so gonna resist.

and when I get home i'm gonna have the chicken legs as well.
and half a galette.

I have had my 2ltrs of water, tell you what I have been up and down like a yo yo to the loo.


still feel really good and positive and when my dress comes for the Christmas party I'll be motivated even more, to make sure I fit in it.

not had an energy slump yet which I'm glad about.

quick question does anyone have a cut off time for when they stop eating eg no food after 8pm ???

will update tomorrow.
Well done for Day 2! I tend to only have a light snack in the evening - i.e some SF jelly or some yoghurt with some SF jelly crystals mixed in (just discovered this and it is amazing!), maybe some rhubarb and yoghurt. Good luck.


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Hi guys last night I got in about 12 am, I did have a low fat yoghurt. and went straight to bed I was tired, only thing was is that I have not done much exercise as I planned to do. so not very happy with myself about that.

Thanks Caledonia on the support.

Day 3

ok brekkie has been 2 yoghurts low fat. and 500mil water,

lunch is those chicken legs that I had left over from yesterday.

dinner is plain galette ( warmed ) with 2 whole eggs and 1 egg white chicken and bacon omlette.

and the rest of my water for the day.

if peckish I think I can have some sugar free jelly, I think I will nick the idea of the jelly crystals in the low fat yoghurt sounds delish.

and I will defo go on the wii or kinect today as finish work at 4 pm
Hi, I'd check how much yoghurt is max per day - I don't have my book as ;ent to sister-in-law but I know I've never had more than 1 per day! (Maybe I've been missing out and we can have more, I just don't want you to not lose as much as you could and get dispirited.) Check in the book or ask on here.


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Hello tryer

Dairy is unlimited in attack, but the yoghurt must be FAT FREE and not low fat. Total 0% is the recommended one.

I read elsewhere also that you're having low calorie NAS fruit squash - that really isn't recommended for Dukan diet I'm afraid... Many new people feel they can't drink water on its own, but most find it fine after a while, and now I can't do without it! Far better for our teeth too! :D

Keep posting menus - if you're hungry in the morning, perhaps move your oatbran galette to the morning for breakfast (delicious with smoked salmon and spoonful of quark :)). Bacon must be very lean (if at all as it's salty).

Good luck and feel free to ask questions!


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thanks caledinia & maintainer, looks like I need to get rid of the ww yogs and fromage fraise, I do have the total 0% in stock in my fridge though so that is ok. I think I can mix it with vanilla essence, ( what about a vanilla pod? is that classed as a herb/ flavouring ??? with some sweeteners) I have a very sweet tooth so if having something that I think should be sweet I wont be satisfied unless it's sweet).

ok so I guess my challenge from now on is the water challenge. (cry).

the bacon I use I cut the rind of, so just the meat.

You know what? you guys are GREAT !!!!
Try sparkling water - feels more like a treat than tap water. There's lots of ideas for drinks on threads in here. Thought yoghurts had to be FF, and bacon stalls some - including me - due to the salt (Joanne is an amazing font of wisdom!). Vanilla pod is fine. Well done for what you have achieved so far :)


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Update DAY 3

Ok to start off with I have bought some sparkling water and some coke zero. Am gonna try and stick to the water though but have the coke if I need a sugar fix. Also will try the vanilla pod and sweetener in the 0% yog. ( will let you guys know how it goes I didn't think I would be able to stomach the quark as I have a fear about soft things like that of that style ( from being a kid and being really I'll once) but once it's in the gallet you can't fast it - yippee!

Anyway today has been the temptation day more than the last 2 days.
I've not strayed and I'm in pub again as my boyfriend has darts tonight. So I'm out of the house away from kitchen. Just on water tonight.

Today I had ( and remember this is before I was corrected on the juice and yog)

Brekkie. Fromage frais with oats mixed in (was really nice, favourite brekkie so far)
Lunch egg and ham
Dinner chicken with spices

2 Ltrs of weak weak orange squash . When I found out that I can't have this then 1 ltr of water as well. Noticed that I get more sweaty doing exercise more of an effort.

Been watching the last 10 pounds on diva tv. And use the transformations on that to know that I can change my body shape, I've also nicked a few ideas of some workouts .

I feel still really positive and happy on this diet.



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ok not posted for 3 days sorry,

menue has been a repeat of the last 3 days so nothing new except that I was replaceing the fromage fraise and ww yoghurts, have been having total 0% with vanilla essence and sweetner, and it is actually quite nice to my surprise.

ok so what has happened this weekend? went shopping with OH and mum in law and and wanted to but a body warmer jacket, tried on medium tight fastening on boobs and on hips was inpossible ( feeling a bit embarrassed but hey can live with it) so go to get a large fits boobs great, but not the inch or so it over laps the hips.
getting more embarressed now going a little red as all of this is infront of mum in law, then to make it worse my OH pipes in, in a loud voice in the store " that aint fitting you!! your gonna have to go XXL " now i'm embarrassed and was to cry.
so in the end I said nah i'll leave the jacket and when I loose the weight i'll come back and get a medium. ( maybe i'm being emotional, but it's a position i have got my self into and i'm determined to get out of it).

moral of the story is sometimes the truth does hurt, but hey it sure has made me even more determined to get this weight off, I am so focused now that this situation will never happen again.

weighed myself this morning and I have lost 6lb whoop whopp really really happy !!! bring on next week, on to cruise phase !


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i'll leave the jacket and when I loose the weight i'll come back and get a medium.

moral of the story is sometimes the truth does hurt, but hey it sure has made me even more determined to get this weight off, I am so focused now that this situation will never happen again.

weighed myself this morning and I have lost 6lb whoop whopp really really happy !!! bring on next week, on to cruise phase !
Absolutely fabulous. We all have those cringeworthy stories in our memory, and gosh aren't they motivating!

You WILL have that medium jacket... :D


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I find that distraction often helps when one is feeling picky... (ie go for a walk; have a bath; paint your nails; ring a friend). Next time, offer yourself a chicken leg... and take your time pulling the meat off it!

When are you eating your oatbran? There are some delicious recipes you can make with it which would answer your call for something sweet!

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